You Love Bacon; I Love Bacon – It is one of the most widely used meats in the world. 

Our team went out and explored the world of bacon. We talked to experts and asked ourselves questions all about bacon and we have 49 bacon Information snippets for you,

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To learn everything there is to know about the origin of bacon, how we eat and use it today, and the trends to watch out for in the near and distant future, we have scoured the internet and government organizations to bring you this comprehensive “background on bacon”

Here Are 49 Surprising Facts, Statistics, Downright Strange Info-Bytes About Bacon;   

Bacon is popular salt-cured pork meat, we all know that – but maybe here are some facts and statistics on bacon you did not know.

Pork is defined as the most widely consumed meat in the world by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the USDA.

  • 36% of all meat consumed is pork, followed by poultry at 33% and beef at 24%.

Pork and its main derivative, bacon, is an interesting subject both historically and culturally, tying together the evolution of meat preservation and meat-eaters across the world and across centuries. When having a party or catering for a crowd – Big Bacon Servings are one of the most common recipes made.

In fact – Bacon is served at 50% of all catered events or big family events.

Bacon Catering Meter
Bacon Catering Meter

What Is the Most Versatile Meat in The World

It just has to be Bacon. It can be used for 

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Supper, Snacks, AND DESSERT!  Yes, Bacon desserts; read on we give some examples that may amaze you.

There really is not any other meat with the versatilely of bacon.

What Was One Of The Earliest Uses Of Bacon?

Salt-cured pork has been known for centuries. The earliest record of bacon comes from the Roman Empire around 1500BC.  In ancient Rome, it was common to eat cured pork as part of a meal.

Pork was salted and then hung up to dry. This process preserved the meat and allowed it to be stored over the winter months. See how to store bacon properly and safely today.

Bacon History

What Country Did Bacon Originate From?

Bacon has been around for thousands of years, but its origins date back to further than 2000 BC when the Chinese cured pork bellys with sea salts.

Early signs of bacon were seen In Europe around 1500 B.C from the Roman and Greek empires. Salt Pork vs Bacon was much later.

It’s speculated that the Romans and Greeks may have acquired knowledge of bacon production and curing from their Middle Eastern conquers.  They soon set about improving the breadline of pigs and mastered early forms of bacon all throughout their empire.

Where Did the Word Bacon Come From?

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Further, it is thought that the origins of the word Bacon began in an old germanic language and was first called “Bakkon”.

Another theory is the word bacon came from the Old English words lards and salo and a slang baecen or bacum all related to meaning pig fat.

Over time, however, the two meanings merged together, and now we call both pork fat and the meat itself bacon.

Bacons Real History
When Was Bacon First Made?

Bacon Eating

Is your mouth watering for a taste of bacon yet?

Bacon Influence on Gustatory, Salivation, and Flavor Anticipation

Did you know that bacon has one of the highest Salivay responses in humans – that’s right – thinking of your favorite bacon dish – or just imagining crunching on a crispy slice of bacon will start your mouth watering almost more than any other food. In a study and the Institute of Culinary Arts – 75% of people reported that of all their favorite foods, bacon elicited the fastest and most intense mouth-watering response!

What Makes Bacon Taste So Good.

Today, bacon is one of America’s favorite foods.

People love its salty flavor and smoky aroma. Of all the bacon made. almost 75% is sold in the form of rashers.

So, what makes bacon taste so delicious? Here are five things that make bacon taste amazing:


Saltiness is one of the most popular flavors in bacon. If you don’t add salt to your bacon, it won’t taste right.


Smoking meat adds an incredible amount of flavor to bacon. Smoking bacon gives it a unique flavor that no other food can match.


Bacon fat is delicious, but – Bacon fat contains cholesterol, saturated fats, and sodium,  which, if you eat too much, is not good for you.

So next time you eat bacon, remember that in moderation, it is ok, but too much might not be doing you any good.


Color is another characteristic that makes bacon taste great. Because bacon is cured, it turns gold red- brown after cooking. This color change enhances the flavor of the meat, at least in the eyes of the guest. For example, see our bacon banana brunch recipe for a really colorful bacon breakfast.


The texture is another thing that makes bacon taste great!  Crunchy bacon tastes great with eggs, pancakes, omelets, sandwiches, salads, soups, and even desserts. It’s also delicious as a snack by itself.

But making crispy bacon can be tricky – see how chefs make perfect crunchy bacon.

Think of these five bacon characteristics when you eat your next batch of bacon.

Makin Bacon!

How is Bacon Made?

So, how does it go from fresh pork to preserved meat?

The traditional or old-style method for bacon curing is called dry curing. Pork belly is seasoned and prepped with salt, special pepper, plus other spices, which gives it a unique flavor. It is cured for up to 2 weeks.

Sometimes, sugar is added to the dry rub for taste. Dry cure is when you don’t add any liquid during the drying stage.

After becoming cured, the premade bacon is usually cleaned and dried. The next step for flavor is to place it in a smoker, which also helps preserve it.

The smoking step is typically done at rather low heat, just enough to add flavor to the bacon without any cooking or frying it.

The kind of wood chips used in the smoker is often applewood, cheery wood, hickory, or your own favorite wood combination.

Dry-cured bacon is usually left to air dry in the cool for several weeks or even months if it is not smoked.

Old Worlde Bacon

We’ve been making bacon for centuries now. But it wasn’t until we started applying our creative thinking skills to the whole process that we could really make it better. 

Dry-cured bacon has a stronger taste than wet-cured bacon, as we’ll explore next. Because dry curing is the traditional or old worlde-honored process of curing bacon, most traditional forms of bacon are dry-cured.

However, since this method takes more time, it is becoming more unusual in the United States today. Traditional dry-cured bacon is readily available from artisanal meat producers.

The meat can also be mixed with nitrates for preservation.

Cuts Of Bacon

The type of bacon you eat depends on the primal cut of meat from which it is made.

Side Bacon – this is the fattiest part of the pig. Side Bacon is also known as streaky bacon and actually comes from the pork belly.

This is the most loved bacon worldwide and is the biggest-selling bacon type in the United States of America.

Back Bacon -This style is made from pork loin, is leaner, and cooks faster than pork belly.

Other types of bacon are Jowl and collar bacon which are less common.

Another special bacon design is Cottage bacon which is more symmetrical and oval in shape; it is taken from the lean part of a boneless pork shoulder.

Bacon is often cooked until crisp, but it’s also possible to smoke it, bake it, grill it, fry it, broil it, or even poach it.

What Are The Most Popular Cuts Of Bacon Around The World

Canadian Bacon

If you live in Canada and say bacon, normally you will be served side bacon. You can ask for it to be made crispy which is the most popular way to cook it. Plus, it is not uncommon to serve a little maple syrup on the top of your bacon in Canada.

When I lived in Edmonton, it was common practice to have a drizzle of maple syrup on bacon, especially if it was with pancakes.  It is also often used on pizza with pepperoni.

United States Bacon

Let’s coin a new phrase – the United States of Bacon

When people in the United States just say – bacon or “side of bacon”, they usually mean side bacon. It is often pre-cooked and served crispily.

Breaking it up and adding it to make a bacon potato salad in summer is also popular.

Another common term in the United States is  – Canadian Bacon – you often see this in the hotel breakfast buffet. It is thick-sliced back bacon going under the name “Canadian bacon”.

It is also popular for American bacon to be smoked with woods like hickory or mesquite. Further taste enhancements come from maple syrup, honey, dark brown sugar or molasses.

It is worth noting that it is only after being treated with artificial nitrites or nitrates that bacon may legally be called “cured” in accordance with USDA standards.

Irish Bacon

Unlike its American counterpart, which typically utilizes pork belly, Irish bacon is generally prepared using the pig’s back. In this regard, it is more like Canadian bacon. However, both types of bacon are often referred to as “back bacon,” with the Irish variant being distinguished by its higher fat content and its customary rounder slices.

Australian Bacon

Australian middle bacon is mostly made from pork belly fat, but it also contains a small amount of lean pork loin. Unlike US slices of bacon, Australian bacon has a longer cut, giving it a “tail-like appearance.”

German Bacon

“Bauchspeck” refers to bacon in its culinary form in Germany. The most common form is air dried. However, there a literally hundreds of provincial styles of bacon in Germany – each hailed as the best!

Japan Bacon

Bacon in Japan is processed, pre-cooked, and has a consistency similar to ham when cooked, making it distinct from American bacon.

The Top 5 Bacon Markets in The US

  • New York 
  • Los Angeles
  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • Washington DC

Top Types Of Bacon Sold Around The World

  • Canadian Bacon 
  • Irish Bacon
  • Slab Bacon
  • English Bacon
  • Center Cut Bacon
  • Streaky Bacon (American)
  • Bacon Shoulder

Top 5 Bacon Labels In The US

  • Oscar Mayer
  • Hormel
  • Farmland
  • Wright
  • Tyson

Bacon Creations – Bacon Mania

Bacon’s popularity seems to continue to increase each year; in my view, it is because of the taste, both the taste of eating bacon “straight-up” and also bacon-related creative recipes – often termed “bacon mania.”

Bacon Bits

This product is often credited with bringing bacon to the home of almost every American home and is one of the original trademarks for Bacon mania products.  Bacon bits (bakon bits) was patented back in 1956 – it was filed on Feb 20, 1956 under the banner of fried bacon rinds. 

Did you know when Bacon Bits first came out in some local stores, people were waiting in line to get them it was so popular.

This Was Also Followed by Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam is a delicious spread made from bacon bits mixed with mayonnaise. It tastes great on sandwiches, as a dip for veggies, or even on crackers.
Bacon jam has become popular recently because it’s, tasty, and chances many bland foods.

But why do we call it “bacon jam”? Well, it was originally called “Bacon Mayonnaise” until someone decided to change the name. Nowadays, most people just refer to it as “bacon jam.”

But why should you care? Because bacon jam is a perfect example of how naming something can make a big difference. When you see the word “jam,” you automatically assume that it’s sweet. And since bacon jam is savory, you might not realize that it’s also able to be added to sandwiches like peanut butter and bacon jelly sandwiches.

Wild and Wacky Uses Of Bacon
Wild and Wacky Uses Of Bacon

Top 3 Bacon Creatives in 2024

Bacon Milkshakes

Many bacon lovers would consider this their limit on experimental menus. Bacon milkshakes may make you question the existence of sweet milkshakes in the very place beginning. Bacon milkshakes are not just bacon strips combined with a lot of milk, despite popular belief.

Bacon milkshakes often include a sweetener, such as maple syrup or vanilla ice cream, to balance out the savory bacon taste.  We’ve come up with a recipe that we hope will do the trick for you.

Bacon Icecream – Is It Real

A common method for making bacon ice cream, also known as bacon-and-egg ice cream, is folding cooked bacon into a custard base and then placing the resulting dessert in the freezer.


The idea for bacon ice cream was first joked about in a 1973 episode of the British comedy series The Two Ronnies; in 1982, a New York ice cream shop made it for April Fool’s Day.

In the 2000s, English chef Heston Blumenthal created one of his trademark dishes by combining ice cream with scrambled eggs and bacon. It has now made its way into the dessert menus of numerous eateries.

In 1992, Aldrich’s Beef and Ice Cream Parlor in Fredonia, New York, tried making bacon-and-egg ice cream for April Fool’s Day.

Ten years previously, in 1982, co-owner Scott Aldrich made beef gravy ice cream after being dared to do so by a gravy seller on April Fools’ Day.

In 2003, a shop called “Udder Delight” debuted in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and they specialize in “outlandish” ice cream flavors. One of their creations is a bacon ice cream that has the texture and flavor of butter pecan.

Bacon Butter

Using Bacon butter makes thanksgiving dinner better than last year – just make a big batch of this. This isn’t meant to be eaten on its own but used to enhance the flavor of almost everything from turkey to mashed potato to the gravy and not to mention being spread over toast. Exactly what it sounds like: butter infused with bacon.

The ingredients are simple and don’t take long to gather: some cooked bacon, some butter, and a food processor.

You can make a homemade butter spread that can keep for weeks in less than a half-hour. Please visit this bacon butter link for the full recipe.  

Local Bacon Phases

  • To Fry One’s Bacon – To annoy other people and burn your bridges
  • Get the bacon bad – in the united states – mainly northern eastern – it is slang for being very obese.

Bacon Takeaways 

Famous Fast Food Bacon Recipes

Bacon is delicious! And it’s easy to make too. There are many different ways to cook bacon, but some of these fast food chains have capitalized on the recent popularity of bacon.

Here are some famous fast food bacon creative you can consider trying. 

Baconator - Artists Painting
Baconator – Artists Painting


Wendy’s restaurants produce a sandwich known as the Baconator. It is comprised of two beef patties, two pieces of American cheese, and six slices of bacon, coupled with mayonnaise and ketchup served on a bun. It first appeared in April of 2007. In 2009, Wendy’s introduced the Baconator Single (with only one burger) and the Baconator Triple (with three patties). The original is now known as the Baconator Double. There are additional siblings like Baconator Fries, a full Baconator Breakfast, and Son of Baconator ( a smaller-sized sandwich) 

Bacon Egg and Cheese Mcgriddle

McDonald’s McGriddles® are made with thick slices of Applewood smoked bacon, a folded egg, and a piece of melty American cheese. There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in McGriddles® cakes.

Just Bacon Burger Chili’s

Do not be fooled by the name. Layers of bacon, meat, cheddar, lettuce, pickles, red onion, sliced tomato, and mayonnaise make up this classic.

Pork Bacon Alternatives

Bacon has become a staple food item around the world. It’s delicious, nutritious, and affordable.

However, many people find themselves cutting back on meat due to health concerns.

There are tons of great meat and bacon substitutes available these days.