Beer Beef Stew - Instant Pot

belgium beer beef stew

Beer Beef Stew - Instant Pot

A Belgium Stew for Winter

Pressure Cooker Belgium Beef and Beer Stew

Belgium is a country located in Western Europe; bordered between the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and France. It has 3 official languages: Dutch, French, and German. The capital is Brussels and it’s officially bilingual. But what does this country does best, it is food! Belgium is famous for its beer, chocolate, waffles and fries, and more. Did you know that even though fries are known as “French fries”, they are most likely to have originated in Belgium? Apparently, there’s a theory that says that some American soldiers, during World War I, by mistake believed that they were being served the dish in France. Now Belgium Beef Beer Stew is great with Belgium beer, but you can use any dark beer also - we actually used Guinness.
belgium beer beef stew
What is Belgium Beef and Beer Stew?
Belgian beef stew has an interesting flavor - kind of sweet and a little sour at the same time. It is somewhat similar to the French Beef Bourguignon but cooked with beer instead of wine. It is seasoned with thyme, bay leaves, and mustard and it is usually served with fries, bread, and accompanied by a beer.
It is a perfect Fall and winter dish. The recipe is really quite easy and the result is a unique tasting stew. And of course I like the fact it is often served with nice French fries!

Key Spices and Flavors for Belgium Beef and Beer Stew 


A dark Beer like Belgium beer  or stout brings out the flavors in everything especially in stews. It is what gives this stew its unique taste.

Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is a fermented liquid sauce created in the city of Worcester in Worcestershire, England during the first half of the 19th century. It is also known as Lea & Perrins.  Its flavor complements the beer an beef nicely.


Paprika in its basic form is made from ground sweet pepper pods and creates a bright red powder. Normal paprika has deep blood red color and a flavor of sweet and mild hot.
Prepare your ingredients for beer stew

Prepare all your ingredients first.

Assemble all your ingredients - it really helps you focus on the recipe. See the lovely dark beer above standing by to flavor the stew.

Step 4 - Turn on the Instant Pot

Get ready to saute - turn on the Instant Pot to high or more depending on the model that you have.
instant pot saute setting
melting butter instant pot

Melt the Butter

This is a rich stew - so using butter to sear the flavor into the beef just makes sense. You will also get the nice brown butter flavor throughout the stew.
Complete the Saute of the Beef and the Onions and Bacon

Flour the Beef

Now the next step is to flour the beef and then give it a good mix with a spoon to distribute the flour around evenly
flour the beef
spread the mustard on the bread

Spread the mustard on the Bread

We are at the last step- before the pressure cooking part. Spread the mustard on the bread liberally.

This is a complex flavored stew - and the mustard just adds some bite to the taste.

Place the Bread in the Pot

By now you have added all the ingredients into the instant pot - put in the flour and stirred the beef around. See here we have got the beef mainly covered with liquid which makes it better for cooking.

Take the bread and place it mustard side down in the instant pot and then put on the lid and start the cooking process.
bread in beef stew
belgium beer beef stew

Ready to Eat

As the instant pot was cooking we put some french fries on an oven tray and this is how we plated up the final dish.

It was really great.  I loved dipping the french fries in the beer stew.

Equally though you could serve this with mashed potatoes, or even pasta.. 

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