Best Tomatoes for Burgers

The best tomatoes for a burger are those that have been picked when they are ripe. They are usually red, round, and full of flavor. It helps with flavor if they have also been grown in the sun.

Whether your burger is prepared with beef or chicken or turkey, you would rather have a tomato which is the proper size and taste to go with it. So, unless you don’t mind cherry tomatoes coming out of the bread, you shouldn’t use them to top your burger.

Tomatoes come in a variety of tastes, including sweet, salty, and sour. So you’ll want to choose a tomato which will offer you the taste you want to round out that fantastic burger.

Here, we’ll discuss a range of tomato types to help you figure out which ones are ideal for burgers.

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What Tomatoes are Best for Burgers?

The most common type of tomato used for burgers is the Beefsteak tomato.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

The most common type of tomato used in hamburgers is called a beefsteak. These are large in size and taste. They have a meaty texture and vibrant red color. This makes the whole burger look very appetizing.

Red Beefsteaks are similar to a traditional huge tomato. This popular type has a vivid red color and a moderate, well-balanced flavor. They are quite firm when sliced and don’t overshadow meat or other ingredients, they’re a favorite choice for burgers. Beef burgers, chicken burgers, and turkey burgers all benefit from the addition of red beefsteaks, which go well with a range of tastes.

Beefsteak Tomatoes Are Good In Burgers
Beefsteak Tomatoes Are Good In Burgers

Beefmaster Tomato

The Beefmaster tomato has thick skin and a meaty texture. The Beefmaster is sharper in taste than the Beefsteak. This variety is great for adding flavor to burgers because it doesn’t break down easily. However, because of the tart taste, it is good for pairing with chicken breast burgers. It is often used to make sauces and soups.

Purple Cherokee Tomato

Cherokee tomatoes have a purple outer color.  They are exciting tomatoes and add a flare of color yo your burger. The taste is slightly tart and therefore goes with sweet-tasting meat like chicken burgers really well.

 Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes work well with all meat types for hamburgers.  They also hold up well when cooked on skewers or a BBQ and can be a good cooked option for a tomato to put on a hamburger.

Cherry tomatoes, nicknamed for their smaller size and shape. These small tomatoes are amongst the most flexible tomatoes and are readily available. They come in sizes ranging from a little smaller than a cherry to almost double the size of a cherry and can be sold on or off the vine. They’re ideal for adding to fresh summer salads because of their tiny size and variety of hues, which include red, orange, green, yellow, and purple. 

What Is the Best Tomato for The Roasted Tomatoes on A Burger

Sweet cherry tomatoes are great for burgers because they retain their shape after roasting. They have a mild flavor and are not too acidic. They can be served on all burger styles.

What Are the Best Homegrowns Tomato for A Burger

Roma tomatoes are the best choice for a homegrown tomato to use with a burger. Roma tomatoes are widely available in stores, but they’re also a great choice for growing in a home garden as they’re easy to cultivate and generate a large crop.

These delectable, oval-shaped fruits, also known as plum tomatoes, have a powerful, acidic, and balanced flavor with few seeds, making them great for producing tomato sauce, or paste.

How to Prepare Tomatoes for A Burger

Tomatoes are a delicious burger topping, but they’re so liquid that they often cause the whole thing to fall apart.

There is, however, a simple approach which not only enhances the flavor of the tomatoes on a burger but also helps it remain together much better. 

Season The Tomatoes For a Burger
Season The Tomatoes For a Burger

By seasoning, the tomatoes with salt and pepper then place them on absorbent paper towels. This reduces the water content of the tomatoes while maintaining their flavor, making them ideal for use in burgers.

How to Make a Tomato Bun Low Carb Burger

Love burgers but want to reduce your carbs, then try tomato bun burgers, replace the hamburger roll with a juicy tomato!

Tomato Bun Burger
Tomato Bun Burger

If I can get beefsteak tomatoes, I prefer them because of their taste and texture.

Is It Possible to Prepare the Tomatoes Ahead of Time?

You certainly can! To absorb some of the liquid, slice them up and place them on a platter lined with paper towels. You should utilize them that day. they can handle cutting up just a few hours in advance of the purger cooking. 

Swap out the hamburger roll for a juicy tomato with this fun and easy recipe for delicious tomato bun burgers!

This idea for tomato bun burgers was born during one of my summer rounds of the Whole 30 I was already completely accomplished in the whole idea of using lettuce instead of regular hamburger rolls with my burgers, but because I can never leave well enough alone, I was always on the lookout for healthy hamburger roll alternatives.

And then one day while strolling by a display of particularly lovely local tomatoes at our farm market , a giant lightbulb went off in my head.

Tomatoes. Burgers. Who doesn’t love a slice or two of juicy sweet tomato on their burger…but what if those slices were the BUN? Could it work?

What Tomatoes Do You Use for Hamburgers?

The best tomatoes you should use for hamburgers a beefsteak, they are firm, tasty and you can cut them nice and thick so that the burgers have a rich tomato taste.

How Many Tomatoes Do You Need for Hamburgers for A Big Group?

Working out how many tomatoes to fill burgers is important to have tasty and also nice-looking burgers.

How many tomatoes do you need for hamburgers for 10 people?

For 10 people you will need 3 medium to large tomatoes.

How many tomatoes do you need for hamburgers for 20 people?

For 10 people you will need 6 medium to large tomatoes.

How many tomatoes do you need for hamburgers for 50 people?

For 10 people you will need 15 medium to large tomatoes.

How many tomatoes do you need for hamburgers for 100 people?

For 100 people you will need 30 medium to large tomatoes.

Can I prep the tomatoes ahead of time?

Cut them up ahead of time, but keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. Keep fresh tomatoes that have been sliced in an airtight vessel (glass jar, zip lock back or plastic container) and store in the fridge. Keep them there until you’re ready to cook or serve on a burger.  In general, it is best to them within a day or two days maximum. Otherwise, they can go soft and watery.

Can I Use Roma Tomatoes on Burgers

Yes, Roma tomatoes are one of the most common tomatoes sliced and served on burgers.