Best Ways To Serve Potato Salad For A Big Group

Best Ways To Serve Potato Salad for a Big Group

You have a big event to plan. Maybe it’s a family reunion, maybe the ladies bingo group is meeting for a year-end event, it could be a church function, graduation party, or it could be for a group of friends coming over. 

In either case, you have large amounts of food to prepare and that includes potato salad. The question you face is how you will serve your potato salad side dish for the large crowd.

Should you serve it as a family style dish on the table and refill the bowl from time to time? Would it be better to serve the potato salad buffet style? What to do?

There are many things to consider when serving potato salad to a large crowd. The last thing you want is your potato salad sitting out for extended periods of time, especially on hot days.

Serving a large crowd or big group will depend on the size of the group. For medium to large groups it is best to serve the potato salad family style on the main table. Alternatively, a big crowd can be served using a buffet style technique. Consideration should be given to where the potato salad is placed, indoors or outdoors. 

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Things to consider

One of the first things you need to consider is speed. The goal is to move as many people through the line as possible. If it is a larger group, it would be best to serve the potato salad from two sides and at two different buffet tables.

Also, consider how many other side dishes will be served and what the main course will be. If more than one side dish will be served, it is best to set aside just one area for the potato salad.

Make sure that the tables are set up so that a line can be formed on both sides of the table. You should be able to move four rows in record time.

can you freeze potato salad with mayo
Consider how To Pre Plate Potato Salad to Make It Go Further when You Have a Big Group

Space and location

Another consideration is how much space is available and where the food will be served. The last thing you want is a group of people forming at the front of the buffet line with little to no movement.

Consider the layout of the room. Ideally, there should be enough space on both sides of the buffet tables to move easily from side to side.

The buffet should be near the entrance and have enough space at the top where guests will be lining up. Make sure there is a clear starting and ending point so guests know which way to go.

Also, consider where in the buffet line you want the potato salad to be. Does it stand at the beginning, in the middle or at the end.

Food staging area

If you are serving a large group of guests, keep in mind that not all the food will be on the table at first.

You should allow space for the storage area. This is where the refilled food will be stored and removed. It is better if the storage area and the buffet line are close to each other.

Also, who will be refilling the potato salad? Do it yourself or hire someone to keep an eye on when the potato salad supply gets dangerously low. 

Keeping it cool

Ideally, potato salad should be kept cool. How do you accomplish this at a buffet? There is a simple trick. Take a larger container and fill it with ice. Place the salad bowl in the ice and push it down until it forms a depression.

Then sprinkle coarse salt generously over the ice, making sure all the corners are covered. This way the ice will not melt as quickly and you can keep the salad cool.

What to Eat with Potato Salad 

If you want to serve potato salad at a party, you should keep it simple. A few slices of cheese, some bacon bits, maybe a little mayonnaise — but nothing too fancy. The key is not to overwhelm people with too many ingredients.

All these food types pair well with potato salad.

Mini burgers Or Big Burgers For A Crowd?
Mini burgers Or Big Burgers Are Both Great With Potato Salad


There’s a lot of debate around whether burgers should contain beef or veal. Some say they taste better made from ground beef; others prefer veal because it has less fat. However both pair really well with Potato Salad. See how many hamburgers to prepare per person when catering for a big event.


The most common way to prepare chicken breast is simply to bake or cook it until done. This method will not give you any added flavor. If you want to add some additional taste, try marinating it first. Marinated chicken breasts tend to be much more popular, they look nicer due to to color gained from the marinating. Other ways to boost the nutritional content include using skinless chicken breasts, adding vegetables like broccoli or spinach, or using bone broth instead of water.


A steak is served with potato salad is a classic summer party fare.

Barbecue Ribs

The ribs will are just amazing with potato salad, you can mix in the BBQ sauce and the who dish is just yum. Once cooked, the ribs are also great served with barbecue sauce and coleslaw.

Baked Ham

This recipe calls for a ham bone, which has a lot of flavor but isn’t really necessary. A boneless ham usually works just fine with potato salad.

Grilled Shrimp

While grilling shrimp is simple enough, it does require some advance planning, but if you serve with potato salad and some chopped chives you will be onto a winner with your guests.

small sized shrimp for 75 - buy 15 lb
Shrimp goes with potato salad

Baked Beans

If you’re looking for a quick snack, baked beans are a great choice. They take just 15 minutes to prepare, and you can enjoy them straight from the oven. See how many baked beans you need to feed a crowd.

Corn on the Cob

The corn on the cob may not sound like it belongs on this list, but it’s actually one of our favorite snacks! It’s delicious and filling, and it takes only 5 minutes to cook. Plus, corn on the cob is surprisingly healthy – it contains lots of fiber and vitamin C.


If you’re looking for something crunchy and refreshing, coleslaw is the perfect side dish. This recipe uses cabbage instead of iceberg lettuce, which gives it a bit more flavor. See how much coleslaw you need to feed a big group.