Can Pizza Dough Stay Out Overnight?

So let us explore how long can you leave pizza dough out?

Pizza is one of the best foods that one can ever have, especially during stressful moments. Moreover, it is best to make it in advance crafting according to your own flavor and taste. It is even better when it is freshly hot from the oven!

So, what would happen to the pizza dough when you left them out overnight – can you store pizza dough overnight, should pizza dough be refrigerated?

In this article, we don’t just answer your question but also give you tips on how to make your own overnight pizza dough recipe.

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Can Pizza Dough Be Left Out Overnight?

Yes. Pizza dough can be left out overnight given that it is a lean dough. (You might ask – what is a lean dough – a lean dough is a mix that contains only 4 ingredients – flour, salt, water, and yeast) However, it is more likely to overproof if it is left out for 8 to 10 hours. That is it is safe to leave out, but it might continue to rise and expand except if you leave it in a cool, dry place. This is typically different from bread dough or sourdough or sourdough starter. If it expands too much then getting a nice pizza crust will be difficult even on a pizza stone at 450 F or a baking tray. Do not cook pizza in the cardboard box it came in, or even reheat.

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How To Store Pizza Dough Overnight?

What is best practice is not to leave it on the counter, but to put it in a fridge and make sure it is covered with plastic wrap. The refrigerated dough works fine and storing it as a dough ball is the best way.

Pizza Dough

So Should Pizza Dough be refrigerated?

Yes, it should be covered and placed in a cool place or a fridge. If you are afraid the dough is going to rise too much – spray a bit of olive oil on the plastic wrap.

Here’s an important note to remember:

If you would like your pizza dough to remain out overnight without being spoiled, it should have only cold water, salt, bread flour, yeast, and a small amount of dough.

You cannot leave the dough out for more than 1 to 2 hours if it contains any ingredient like eggs or milk, or any food that can spoil quickly at room temperature. By spoiling I mean there is a risk that the dough can develop bad bacteria. Enriched doughs (doughs that have milk and eggs) should go in the fridge if it is not going to be baked within an hour.

How Will This Affect the Taste?

The pizza dough may result in a sour taste if left out in the open and unrefrigerated. This is because of the yeast within the dough. It won’t be as good as the fresh dough that you made but it will still taste good as it is. After all, it is still a pizza.

Will the Pizza Dough Cook the Same?

It depends. If you leave it out unrefrigerated for several hours, it could be ruined and dried out and as a risen dough its texture may no longer be right. But what comes next if the dough dries out? When

If you leave the unrefrigerated dough out at a temperature, it will result in drying that will eventually form a skin around it. Moreover, it will not just form the skin around it but can also cause moisture within the dough when exposed for a long time in the air because of the evaporation of water from the dough. The drying of dough can also happen when left inside in the refrigerator for a long time. And if not sealed, the same crust can start to form again.

Another way of making your dough look so bad is by leaving it out overnight without refrigeration. It can produce a very dry crust around the dough, which is very difficult to cook evenly.

How to prevent the pizza dough from drying?

Though the formation of skin on your pizza dough will not affect the taste, it will, however, affect its appearance.

So, here are the steps on how to prevent the skin from appearing.

1. Create more moisture on the dough’s surface. To do this, try to add water to the outer layer of the dough. Make sure that there is enough moisture in the middle, as well as the crust.

2. Seal the dough in a tight container that will surely allow the dough to set in with enough moisture.

3. Make sure to remove the dry crust by letting the dough sit or rest for over an average time of one hour. There is no exact time for this so just check your dough regularly.

4. You will know that your dough is already when it is already edible enough.

Take note: Because of the yeast mixture in your dough, it will be more likely to ferment especially if left at a warm temperature for a long time. The fermentation process is important in creating your own pizza dough since it provides a better taste and consistency. It also uses yeast to make the dough rise according to your preference. If the fermentation process is not done properly, it also affects the pizza dough.

Does it depend on the type of dough you use?

Yes, the type of dough affects its fermentation process. As mentioned above, the enriched dough is more likely to spoil when left out overnight. But a pizza dough that has yeast and sugar can be set out for a longer time than other types.

For the New York-style dough, it can be left out unrefrigerated for several hours. As recommended, it will stay safe overnight without having it spoiled or getting dry.

The other type of pizza dough is the whole wheat pizza, which can be left in a shorter amount of time than other types. This type of dough is safe out in the refrigerator for three hours only.

On the other hand, gluten-free pizza dough has the shortest shelf life. This can be left on the outside for an average of only one hour to sit out.

Other types of dough can be left for only a short time while others will require it to be left out for several hours. However, the average time for the dough to be left out is three hours. Also, there are pizza doughs that can be left out only once and there are types that can be left out multiple times.

How to store the pizza dough overnight?

Store it at two degrees Celsius and four degrees Celsius since it is the ideal temperature for the dough overnight. According to food experts, it would be best if you leave it on a refrigerator that is not too warm or too cold.

An oven is also an ideal place for rising. An environment that has a higher temperature is most likely to kill the year and keeping the dough from rising. On the other hand, a lower temperature will slow the yeast activity, which will increase the rise time.

Leaving the dough in a sealed, refrigerated container for twenty-four hours is also better according to food experts. If it fits your preference, allow it to rest according to the suggested time and temperature to approve the texture and taste of the pizza.

Another tip is to use less yeast in your pizza dough. The lesser yeast used, the faster it will rise. So, if you want your dough to be thin, make sure to measure the right amount of yeats.

Using more yeast means that it will take a lesser time for your dough to consume all starches and sugars (overproof).

How to properly make a pizza dough recipe?

Here is a recipe for homemade pizza dough for beginners:


  • 1 tsp. (5 ml) instant yeast
  • 1 tsp (5 ml) sugar
  • 1 tsp. (5 ml) salt
  • 2 cups (300 g) all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup (250 ml) warm water


1. Combine the sugar, yeast, and water in a bowl and let it sit for 5 minutes, making sure that the mixture foams on top.

2. Combine the salt and flour in a food processor that has a sharp plastic blade or dough hook. Add the yeast mixture (sugar, yeast, water) and increase the speed to medium until soft ball forms.

3. To prevent sticking, take out the dough from the bowl and knead it thoroughly for a few minutes on an even, floured table.

4.Transfer the dough to a lightly oiled bowl and seal it with a thin plastic cover or thin cloth.

5. Let it rise for about 30 minutes on a draft-free and warm surface.

6. Cut the pizza dough in half.

7. If you will not use the pizza doughs immediately, refrigerate it for less than 48 hours or place it in an airtight bag and freeze it.

Pizza Dough Storage FAQ

How long can pizza dough be left out at room temperature?

Pizza dough can sit out easily for 2-3 hours ok

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