Can You Eat Guava Seeds

Guavas are superfruits that everyone needs. When they are ripe, the sweet and sometimes tangy flavor hits the right spots of our palate. However, there is a debate going around about whether the seeds are edible or not. In this article, we’ll discuss them and teach you how to separate the seeds when you don’t want to ingest them.

Can You Eat Guava Seeds?

Are Guava seeds edible – You can eat guava seeds.

Guavas together with other fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, ladyfingers, and eggplants, can be eaten as a whole. This means that every part of them can be eaten when cooked or sometimes raw. The seeds of guavas act like a laxative for people who eat them so their stomachs are free from toxic food and waste. Aside from being a fiber-like food, guava seeds have the power to control the acid in your stomach making your day-to-day life easier.

How do you ripen a Guava

Do Guava Seeds Cause Kidney Stones?

Accidentally or intentionally eating guava seeds will not increase the probability of having kidney stones. So it is safe for you and your kids to eat guavas as a whole without keenly removing the seeds inside them. Just wash the guavas after buying them from the supermarket or farmer’s market and you can cut them in quarters. Make sure that you eat them when they are ripe so you will not experience eating difficulty in chewing the fruit. You can sprinkle some salt or other seasonings you want on the guavas to emphasize their flavors.

Guava Seeds May Promote Weight Loss

The seeds contain high amounts of fiber, which makes them a great option for those who are trying to lose weight, the high amount of fiber helps with regularity. Further, the chemical makeup of guava seeds contains compounds that promote a higher metabolism.

Guava Seeds May Relieve Constipation

The seeds contain fiber, which helps keep things moving along. 

Can You Eat Guava Seeds
Can You Eat Guava Seeds

Are Guava Seeds Meant to Be Hard?

A lot of people don’t like how the seeds in guavas feel. It’s normal for people to say that the seeds are too hard, which makes them not want to eat guava at all. However, this could be a sign that the guavas you’re getting aren’t as decent as they should be.

Because guava seeds are hard, it just doesn’t imply they should be over the top tough. People don’t want the seeds in guava to be soft like those in raspberry for example. But they must not be tough like the seeds in a plum, for example! A soft guava seed should be like apple seeds at most. Once it comes to guavas that are especially sweet, the seeds don’t have to be as hard as their flesh.

Because guava seeds are hard, there’s a very good chance that perhaps the fruit is not that fresh. They become easier to eat as the fruit gets bigger and riper. So when seeds are too strong, it usually means that the fruit was obtained before it was supposed to.
The hard seeds are a nuisance, but the real problem with this is with hard seeds you do not get a lot the taste. You can get more flavor out of the fruit when it’s properly ripe. They should be picked at this point in the process. If you find that the seeds in ones buying are too hard, then you might want to look for a new supplier.

Guava Seeds Are Tasty
Guava Seeds Are Tasty

How Do You Separate Guava Seeds?

Guava seeds are edible but they can cause problems if you have gaps in your teeth. They will get inside any crevices so you better floss after eating a handful of this fruit. 

So if you want to separate guavas seeds from the good stuff, you can do so by simmering guavas with water and honey or maple syrup. The goal here is for the guavas to be pureed so putting them in the blender after they cool down from simmering is a must. Lastly, you have to strain the guava puree to make sure that the seeds are separated from the guavas themselves. You can use this on your milkshakes or smoothies or even in your baked goods.

Do Guava Seeds Have Protein?

Yes, guava seeds have protein. However, it is just a fraction (less than ten percent) of its nutritional value. Dietary fiber eats up the nutritional characteristics of guavas making them one of the superfruits that can be eaten every day even by kids. Aside from the two, there are also starch, fat, aromatic oil, and ash inside guavas. When you’re looking for some help with your bowel movement, guavas are the ones you should eat. But if you’re looking for a protein source, you only can squeeze so much from them.