Can You Freeze a Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Papa Murphys also say they use 100% whole milk mozzarella and fresh vegetables, and this is important if you have the need to freeze one of their really good pizzas or if you have leftover pizza – which is not likely as they taste really good.

But more seriously, freezing one for eating outside the hours of purchasing their fresh pizza is a good pizza tip and do it right so you do not have pizza grease.

Can You Freeze a Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

Papa Murphy’s pizzas are an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to traditional pizzas. The company offers various pizzas, including gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

They are also a good choice for those looking for a lower-calorie and fat pizza.

Papa Murphy’s pizzas are designed to be baked at home, (use a baking sheet) so you might wonder if you can freeze them. The answer is yes! You can freeze Papa Murphy’s pizzas, and we’ll tell you how.

You can always add a little bit more shredded mozzarella cheese.

Pizza is a comfort prep ahead food, just like cottage pie which can be frozen also.

Furthermore, you can freeze all their unbaked pizza styles, including PLANT-BASED PIZZAS, STUFFED CRUST PIZZAS, and CRUSTLESS PIZZAS, to name a few.

let them thaw for several minutes before backing and enjoy their Classic and Supreme just as their advertising line says, “Our famous Take ‘N’ Bake Pizzas” (uncooked pizza ) are the top way to enjoy our pizza.

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Background Information on Papa Murphys

Papa Murphy’s is a chain of order-and-bake pizzerias. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. There are more than 1500 Papa Murphy’s areas across the United States.

Frozen papa Murphys pizza will last 90 days
Frozen papa Murphys pizza will last 90 days

Papa Murphy’s pizzas are made fresh and can be stored in your freezer for about two months. Freezing the pizzas allows you to enjoy them at your convenience.

Can you eat papa Murphys pizza if left out overnight?

Does Freezing Change the Taste of Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

You can freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza, but there may be a slight change in taste. The dough plus sauce may not be as fresh, but the overall flavor will remain. If you desire the best possible taste, we recommend eating your pizza within two days of purchase. However, freezing it will still give you a good slice of pizza.

Can I use a spaghetti sauce to add more flavor to papa Murphys pizza.

How Long Will it Last in Your Freezer?

Papa Murphy’s pizzas are slightly different from other take and bake pizzas because they use fresh, never frozen, ingredients. This results in a tastier pizza, which also means that the pizza doesn’t last as long in your freezer. What length of time can you store a Papa Murphy’s pizza in a freezer?

Papa Murphy’s pizzas will last for three to six weeks in your freezer easily. This is assuming that you wrap the pizza properly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. If you don’t wrap the pizza properly, it will not last and gain ice crystals or freezer burn and will not turn golden brown even if you follow the baking instructions.

Is It Possible To Freeze a Papa Murphy’s Pizza That Is Baked?

You can freeze a cooked Papa Murphy’s pizza, but it will not be as good as a fresh one. The best or top way to freeze it is to put it in an airtight container or wrap it in foil before placing it in your freezer. Storing it free from air will largely stop the pizza from drying out.

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Freezing Method For Papa Murphy’s Pizza Before Baking or Cooking

Papa Murphy’s frozen pizza is a delicious and convenient option for a quick meal. However, sometimes you may not have a moment to cook it immediately. In this case, it is possible to freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza before baking or cooking. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  1. Purchase your Papa Murphy’s pizza from the store.
  2. Place your pizza in a freezer bag and seal it tightly.
  3. Freeze the pizza.
  4. When ready to eat the pizza, remove it from the freezer and let it thaw for about an hour.
  5. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Cook your pizza according to the instructions on the package.
Freezing Method For Papa Murphy’s Pizza
Freezing Method For Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Following these simple steps, you can enjoy delicious Papa Murphy’s pizza even if you don’t have some minutes to cook it right away.

What oven rack position do you use to get the perfect crust – use the middle rack position.

How To Freeze Papa Murphy’s Pie After Cooking

If you are one of those who like to cook their Papa Murphy’s pizza right before eating it, here is a guide for you on how to freeze it after cooking.

1: Allow the Pizza Pie To Fully Cool

If you have cooked pizza, It’s essential to allow Papa Murphy’s Pizza to cool before freezing it entirely. Otherwise, the reheated pizza may be soggy.

2: Package or Wrap the Pizza

The most acceptable way to package the pizza for freezing is to wrap it in foil or plastic, then place it in a freezer bag. Label the bag with its date and style of pizza, then store it in your freezer.

How to Thaw a Papa Murphy’s Pizza

There are a few ways to go about thawing pizza if you have frozen pizza.

The best way is to plan ahead by thawing it for 24 hours inside the fridge and setting it out on the bench for about sixty minutes before you want to heat and eat.

If you forgot to do that, or if two hours isn’t enough, you can always pop it in the oven or microwave for a few minutes on the “defrost” setting. Just be sure to watch it closely so it doesn’t start cooking!

Once it is thawed, you can heat it up in the oven (on regular bake) for about five minutes or until it’s nice and hot. And that’s it! Now you can enjoy your delicious Papa Murphy’s pizza.

FAQ About Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Can You Freeze Leftover Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

It’s safe to say that we’ve all been there before. You order a large pizza from Papa Murphy’s, intending to eat half of it for dinner and save the rest for later. But then you eat the whole thing, leaving you with no leftovers. Or maybe you do have leftovers, but they’re not as good as they were the night before. If only you could freeze them and enjoy that fresh-baked Papa Murphy’s taste whenever you want!

The answer is that you are able to freeze leftover Papa Murphy’s pizza. The bad news is that it won’t taste as good as when it was first made.

How to Freeze Leftover Papa Murphy’s Pizza

If you have leftover Papa Murphy’s pizza, you can freeze it for later. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Wrap the pizza tightly in plastic wrap: Make sure to wrap it tightly so air doesn’t get in and dry out the pizza.
  2. Label the pizza date: It’s essential to write a tag on it, so you know how long it’s been in your freezer.
  3. Put the pizza in your freezer: But only after it’s wrapped up tightly, put the pizza in your freezer.

Should I Thaw a Frozen Pizza Before Baking

If you forgot to take your pizza out from the freezer, don’t worry. You may cook a frozen pizza without thawing it first. The key is to increase the baking time so the crust has time to crisp up. Remember that preheating your oven is important before putting the pizza in.

Can You Bake a Papa Murphy’s Pizza After 24 Hours

You can bake a Papa Murphy’s pizza after 24 hours, but it is not highly recommended since the suggested baking is within 24 hours. The dough will be too dried out, and the crust will be hard. If you like to bake a Papa Murphy’s pizza, you’ll need to do it within the day of purchase.

However, you can extend the life of your Papa Murphy’s pizza dough by refrigerating it. Doing so will give you an extra day to bake your pizza.

Can You Eat 2-Day Old Papa Murphy’s Pizza if It’s Been Refrigerated?

You can eat Papa Murphy’s pizza that is two days old, but it is not recommended. The pizza will not be as fresh, and the crust may be harder than when it was first made. If you eat cold Papa Murphy’s pizza, reheat it in the oven at 350 degrees for about ten minutes. This will help make the crust softer and the pizza more warm and fresh. Enjoy!

Can You Freeze a Mini Murph pizza?

This is probably the best pizza for one-person meals, and they can be frozen. Seal in an air-tight manner.

How Long Can You Keep a Papa Murphy’s Pizza Before Baking or  Cooking It

A pizza is a very versatile food. If you make it right, it can be eaten hot out of the oven or cold for lunch the next day. It can even be frozen, reheated, or served cold again.

The way to keep a frozen pizza fresh is to cook it right away after it has finished thawing – at least 60 minutes before baking. For a stuffed pappa Murphys pizza, then keep it for 90 minutes before cooking as the stuffing takes slightly longer to thaw.

Use a pizza stone for the perfect pizza from papa murphy.

How Long Can You Keep Uncooked or Unbaked Papa Murphy’s Pizza in The Refridgerator

To prevent yourself from eating unhealthy pizza, you can keep a papa Murphys pizza inside the fridge up to 3-5 days to preserve the nutrients in the food and fresh vegetables before cooking it.

It takes about three days for a pizza to start to deteriorate in quality – keep it in the coldest part of the fridge.

Should I Thaw a Frozen Pappa Murphys Pizza Before Baking

Yes! It should be thawed before baking.

The way to bake frozen pizza is to let the pizza rest at room or ambient temperature (about 70 degrees F) for 1 hour before adding toppings and then putting on the oven rake, I like to use a pizza stone.

Can You Eat 2-Day Old Papa Murphy’s Pizza if It’s Been Refrigerated

Yes, you can eat two day old pappa Murphys old pizza. But there are some things you should keep in mind when eating two day old pizza.

What Temperature Do You Bake Papa Murphy’s Pizzas


How long can you freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza – Can you freeze Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza

It’s also perfect for parties because it’s easy to handle and transport. But the most important reason why pizzas are such a great choice for any occasion is because there are endless combinations of toppings to choose from.

You can add as much or as little cheese, pepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms, peppers, olives, anchovies, sun-dried tomatoes or whatever else sounds good to you.

Pizza is an inexpensive way to feed a crowd without having to go overboard. All you really need is a large pan, a few ingredients and a recipe.

But if you do decide to experiment with more elaborate toppings, it’s best to keep them light. Adding too heavy a topping could cause the crust to become soggy and lead to a loss of flavor.

The key to making a delicious pizza is in the dough. For example, adding lots of garlic to the dough gives it a distinctive taste.

Another trick is to roll the dough thinner so that it cooks faster. This way, you may cook more pizzas at once.