Can You Freeze Cooked Lobster

Want to take your seafood culinary experience to a whole new level? The tender and delectable meat of lobster dipped in a lemon garlic butter sauce is the way to go.

These sea critters are extremely popular and highly demanded, making it expensive but oh so totally worth it. 

See the different types of shellfish for a group.

In some states like Maine, lobsters are harvested at any time of the year. However, they’re best enjoyed during the summer when it’s their peak season.

Get the most out of your vacation by stopping by restaurants that serve lobster and savor every morsel out of the red shell. You can also store shrimp in similar ways.

How Freeze Lobster Tails

When you’re in the mood to experiment in the kitchen, you can even try cooking lobster at home! Don’t worry about leftovers that you need to keep fresh because you can definitely freeze cooked lobster long enough until you want to use it again for your next meals. 

How, you ask? Read more of this article to find out:

How To Freeze Cooked Lobster?

The best and most recommended way to safely store lobster when you can’t finish it all in one sitting or when you wish to preserve it for future special occasions would be freezing the costly shellfish. To make sure you keep it fresh as long as possible, you must follow the proper storage procedures. 

Check out this guide on how to properly freeze cooked lobster without risking damage, perishing, or contamination:

How To Handle Frozen Lobster Tails

What Is The Best Way To Freeze Cooked Lobster?

First and foremost, you have to steam it using a large pot big enough to fit all the lobsters you plan to freeze later. Sprinkle 2 to 3 inches of salt until it sinks to the bottom of the pot, turn the heat on, and make sure the water is at a rolling boil. Steam thoroughly for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Afterwards, you have to remove the meat of the lobster and leave it completely cooled, then place it in a tightly sealed bag or container. You can also opt to use vacuum bags. Don’t cram too much meat in one bag and instead use a lot of them so that each one could fit a single layer of meat. 

Store them in the freezer properly by not crowding them together with each other and any frozen items you have. Make sure the temperature is at 0°F or even colder. 

Freeze Cooked Lobster And Have It Stay Fresh
Freeze Cooked Lobster And Have It Stay Fresh

What Is The Best Way To Freeze Leftover Lobster?

Don’t worry, this is a simple and fast task to do. You will need the following materials: 

  • Ziploc or freezer bag/container
  • Cream or milk
  • Newspaper sheet/s
  • Tape or tie

Put the leftover lobster inside a Ziploc or a freezer bag and pour cream or milk all over the lobster meat. Make sure all of the meat is well-covered. Seal the bag air tight, wrap it using a newspaper sheet or two, and tape or tie it securely so that the entire thing doesn’t come undone. 

Remember that the ideal temperature would be 0°F or lower for optimum storing inside the freezer. 

What you will also find when you insulate frozen lobster with wrapped frozen newspaper is that you can easily transport it to your picnic, holiday home or another place and it will remain frozen even without putting it inside a cooler in the car.

Frozen Lobster In The Shell vs  Deshelled Meat
Frozen Lobster In The Shell vs Deshelled Meat

Should I Freeze Lobster In The Shell?

It is ideal to freeze lobster in the shell to avoid allowing the meat to dry out in the freezer. To do this, make sure no meat is left on any part outside of the shell, not even a tiny bit or else you’ll end up spoiling all of your lobsters. 

What About Blue Lobster – can it be frozen the same way – yes it can, just handle it in the same way you would a normal lobster.

Freeze the claws separately before freezing them together with the main lobster bodies. After combining them together, wrap the entire lobster using a moisture-resistant wrapper and then place it inside the freezer. Don’t forget to put it away from other frozen items inside the freezer. 

However, freezing lobster in the shell might not be a good idea if you want to serve the meat on its own since the fat could solidify, making it harder to chew than normal. Otherwise, you can use this method for other dishes such as soups, chowders, stuffed mushrooms, and bisques. 

Can You Freeze Cooked Lobster Tails?

Yes, but you must do it as soon as possible if you plan to use it again in your recipes in a few days’ time. Generally, any part of the lobster can be frozen as long as you know the proper way of storing them inside the freezer. 

To freeze cooked lobster tails, you must blanch them in a half cup salt and 2 quarts water brine mixture. Deeply soak the tails into the water for about 1 minute, take them out and transfer into a bowl of ice water. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before drying them off. 

Place the lobster tails in freezer bags or containers and make sure they’re shut air tight before putting it inside the freezer. You can add another layer of bag if you want it to be extra protected. 

How Long Does Lobster Last In The Freezer?

Lobsters can last for 3 to 12 months in the freezer depending on how effective your storage method is. Freezing lobster in the shell would definitely last longer as the shells offer insurance to the meat. 

However, the quality and texture will not be the same so it’s best to consume again before a year passes by. For best results, make sure the freezer bags or containers you use are clean and vacuum-sealed. Don’t use a try as it might expose your lobsters to moisture and you would risk spoilage. 

How To Defrost Cooked Lobster?

Just simply place them in the refrigerator, allow it to thaw overnight, and by morning it will be completely defrosted. Whole lobsters will take 24 hours to thaw so make sure you give yourself ample time before wanting to consume it again. 

Once the lobsters are completely thawed, plunge them into boiling water for 15 minutes to cook them thoroughly and get rid of bad bacteria. However, you must double check if the lobster is still good enough to eat. When you’re doubting its state, throw them out immediately. 

When thawing leftover lobster, don’t forget to rinse the milk or cream off before allowing it to sit for about 30 minutes.