Can You Freeze Half and Half

Can You Freeze Half and Half

What Is Half-and-Half?

Half-and-half is made of half whole milk, and half-light cream giving it the favorite name.

Half-and half is a popular milk drink that many people enjoy drinking, they like it as it appeals to the sense that you are drinking a more healthy product than full cream milk. 

Half and half come in many different overall percentages of total fat depending on which manufacturer makes it. Typically however the percentage of fat in the milk ranges between 9 and 12%.

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Can you Freeze Half and Half

Yes, you can freeze half and half simply by putting it in the freezer, as long as it is before the expiration date.

We have all found ourselves with an unused carton of milk cream or half and half but the best before or use by date is almost due.  Nobody wants to just tip out dairy products and of course, you can’t drink a whole container so the good news is that you can put it in the freezer

 you have found yourself with a full carton, and the use by date is fast approaching. You don’t want to waste it, nor do you want to chug the whole carton in one go. So what are your options? 

How long will Half and Half Last in the Freezer

Half and half will have last or have a shelf life in the freezer for up to 3 months.

To have no degradation in the taste or the texture of half and half it is best to use that within the first 12 weeks.

What exactly is half-and-half?
What exactly is half-and-half?

Does the Texture of Half and Half Change in The Freezer

If the half and half is frozen quickly which typically means freezing it in smaller quantities you do not get the separation or ice crystals forming in the freezing process. So doing it this way when it is thawed the texture will be very similar to the original product.

Does the Taste of Half and Half Change in The Freezer

The taste of half and half if frozen correctly does not change much if at all. This means having a good freezer that operates at an optimum temperature below 0 degrees F.

Furthermore do not store the frozen half and half near the front of the freezer because if the door is opened regulatory then part of the frozen half and half product will start to thaw. Then when the door is closed again it will refreeze, this means ice crystals will start to fall in at least some of the product. Therefore the taste is likely to be a little bit different certainly you might get a separation of cream from some of the other liquids.

Freezing Half-And-Half Tips

The best tip for freezing half and half is to freeze it in single portion servings. I often will freeze it in ice cube containers and once it is frozen transfer the small cubes to a Ziploc bag. Then I can simply take one cube out and drop it into my coffee therefore not wasting any of the product.

Let’s say you wanted to freeze the half and half for making ice cream in the future.  In this case, you are better to freeze a pre-portioned amount for the ice cream making. Put it in a Ziploc bag but lie the Ziploc bag flat so that the milk is not as evenly and thinly spread. The milk will freeze quicker and also for quicker given you a better product overall.

What happens when you freeze half and half cream
What happens when you freeze half and half cream

What happens when you freeze half and half

When you freeze half and half cream the water component has a tendency to form ice crystals if the fat content separates from it. That is why it is best to freeze half and half quickly and in small sizes. Freezing it quickly and in small sizes stops or reduces the separation and gives you a much better frozen product and final product when you take it out of the freezer to defrost.

How to Freeze Half-And-Half for Coffee?

Freezing half and half for coffee is a great idea and a very convenient way for a single person not to waste a full container of half and half.

Here is the method I use to freeze half and half for my coffee in the future.

1. I pour the half and half into containers for ice cubes but I only fill them about halfway. This equals approximately a teaspoon which is the right amount for me to add to my coffee. If you like more half and half of your coffee simply put more into the ice cube container.

2. Immediately transfer the tray to your freezer and leave it there until the half and half is solid. Also make sure the tray is placed in a flat part of your freezer not on top of something so that the half and half he’s not on an angle and does not spill out.

3. When the cubes are completely solid place them inside a Ziploc bag and squeeze the air out as you seal the bag and put it back into the freezer.

4. Lastly don’t forget to put a date on the frozen half and half because it only lasts for 12 weeks.

Can You Freeze Fat-Free Half-and-Half?

You can freeze low-fat half and half however depending on the manufacturer there may be some additional product in there that can separate upon freezing so test first before you settle on what manufacturer you will buy for the long term.

Can You Freeze Half-and-Half In the Carton?

The cardboard containers that half and half is manufactured in has not been designed for freezing but rather for protecting the product in the fridge. 

Furthermore, if you have opened the container you definitely do not want to freeze the half and half in an open container. It’s likely that there are some bacteria present that can multiply upon thawing the product.

I have found that the cartons are not freezer safe and can become quite soft when you for the half and half. In addition, all liquids that freeze also expand during the freezing process and this will put pressure on the container which is not designed or a freezer-safe container.

Can You Refreeze Half and Half?

Do not re-freeze half and half not only will the taste and the texture be quite different you actually open yourself up to having a food poisoning episode. That’s why it’s better to freeze your milk products in portion controlled packages so that you use all of it up when you thaw it.

Can you freeze Land O'Lakes half and half
Can you freeze Land O’Lakes half and half

Can you freeze Land O’Lakes half and half

Yes, Land o Lakes half and half freezes very well following the method above.

CAN expired half-and-half make you sick

Yes, the manufacturers put a use by date for a reason firstly the product will start to degrade in quality after that date and secondly if it has been open it is very easy to get cross contamination and have bacteria or other pathogens growing which can make you sick.

How to preserve half and half

The best way to preserve half and half is to freeze it in small portion sizes so that the freezing process is rapid and that way the texture and taste will be very similar to the original product.