Can You Make Mac and Cheese without Milk

Can You Make Mac and Cheese without Milk – What About No Dairy.


Deciding on a meatless dinner? Do you want a mushy, cheesy, and creamy pasta dish on your table?

Macaroni and cheese will be the best meal for your cravings. You can even make it either baked or no baked. This food is so versatile, that it can adapt to almost any alternative ingredient. Are you lactose intolerant or your pantry can’t provide the milk you need? Worry not, because here’s a list to take care of the situation.  


If you’re running out of milk, still enjoy your mac and cheese with these non-dairy substitutes. You won’t even catch a sight of the missing liquid. 


Are you a turophile? Do you fancy cheese so much? Then it would be better to pick cheese instead. Melted cheese and cream will make the needed sauce consistency and prevent oiliness when reheated.  Combine it with any of the variants that complimented each other. With cheese and other dairy products do not leave mac and cheese out of the fridge.


Cream cheese has a relatively neutral flavor, so its taste will remain just like the typical mac and cheese. It may appear lushy/soft due to its softness and smoothness. Expected to be thicker and creamier, but not in an overpowering way. 


Mixing shreds of cheese has no tendency to make a difference, it will only make your dish thicker than usual. Combining it with another kind of cheese will create a good quality mac and cheese. 


Having nutty and fruity bursts is better than regular flavor. Parmesan is firm and semi-hard, melt or grate it well with the sauce to avoid grainy texture with the macaroni.


Mozzarella is extracted from cows’ or buffalo’s milk. It is known to have probiotics and contains less fat and calories, making it a healthier cheese option than others. You can match it with a little olive oil and it will be a great replacement for milk.  


This semi-hard cheese needs a good melting before pouring it with the other sauce ingredients. It may be high in fat, calories, and sodium yet it’s Vitamin K is good for your heart. 


A widely used milk and cream substitute for any food or baking alternative. It contributes moisture and thickness to the dish. Use plain yogurt to balance the sweetness.

Lower your heat setting when using yogurt and reheating the sauce as it might split, or you can already heat the yogurt prior to mixing it with the flour and butter.


This will provide the preferred consistency, thick and runny enough for the sauce with a slight tanginess. Sour cream is a perfect base for different kinds of sauce and dips. Unlike yogurt, this won’t cause any cracks when reheated.


Simply mix the flour and butter with the other spices to make a thick and rich dressing. It does not cause any modification to the flavor. Make sure to achieve the right ratio of ingredients to avoid greasiness. 


Add and whisk the heavy cream with other ingredients on a heated mixture to make the mac and cheese sauce. Its volume and richness make the meal smooth and flavorful.


Let’s not get too far, the one you’re looking for is just right in front of you. Use the water from boiling the pasta as a milk. It melts the cheese more, making the dish a bit soupy. Take note to use the right amount of this solvent to thins out your other ingredients. 


Resorting to plant-based milk is a good choice. These sustainable ingredients are available in any version. Non-dairy products are always ready to cater to your dietary demands and environmental interests.  

Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk

Make a quick vegetarian mac and cheese with coconut milk. Its consistency is identical to cream cheese and yogurt but with extra thickness and creaminess. Put the same amount of the milk to the sauce to maintain the cheesy flavor. This will incorporate some Asian flavor into the food. 


It also has a neutral flavor, so it will not largely affect the sweet and creamy balance of the pasta sauce. Oat milk is mild and it blends well with the other dairy ingredients. If lactose is bad for you but still want to stick with the traditional mac and cheese, then using oat milk is an excellent decision. 


Do you want a nut-based baked macaroni and cheese? Customize the meal by swapping almond milk with the milk. Adjust the right sugar intake using the unsweetened flavor. Compared to cow’s milk, this is lower in fat and cholesterol.  


Take advantage of the soybean’s protein and “healthy” fat by utilizing its milk as an alternative. It may be sweeter than ordinary milk but it participates with the creamy and cheesy recipe. Soy Milk Substitutes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to