Can You Use Milk Instead of Water in Brownie Mix

Can You Substitute Milk Instead of Water in Brownie Mix

You don’t always have to follow the exact instructions on your brownie mix. You can jazz it up to make it ten times better. 

“Can you use milk instead of water in brownie mix?” The short answer is yes, you can substitute the water in your brownie mix for milk. It’ll make your brownie more gooey, moist, and flavourful since milk contains more fat and flavor.

Read on to know the detailed answer to your question plus tips on how to jazz up your brownie mix!

Can I Use Milk Instead of Water in My Brownie Mix?

Water is used in baking mainly to hydrate dry ingredients while activating the gluten in the flour. It also helps to dissolve sugar. 

Milk does the same thing. This is why it’s a popular ingredient in baking. In fact, it does the job even better than water. 

It activates the gluten in the flour and dissolves sugar faster. Not to mention it’s packed with several nutrients and minerals that add nutritional value to your baking goods. 

Using milk instead of water in brownie makes the brownie richer in texture and taste
Using milk instead of water in brownies makes the brownie richer in texture and taste

Using milk instead of water in brownie mix provides an instant upgrade. It adds more flavor and improves the texture of your brownies. 

Your brownie mix will taste more like homemade with just this simple switch. Substitute 1 cup of milk for 1 cup of water. 

If you’re lactose intolerant and you still want to get the results of using milk in your brownies, you can use almond milk. Almond milk pairs nicely with chocolate. 

Please bear in mind that almond milk contains more water than dairy milk. This can cause the batter to rise faster so keep an eye on it while in the oven.

You can substitute one cup of almond milk for one cup of water.  

What About Powdered Milk Instead of Water?

Yes, you can dilute powdered milk with lukewarm water and use it instead of water in your brownie mix. It’ll give you the same results as regular milk. 

Add diluted powder milk to your brownie mix with the same amount called for water in the instructions. 

You can also substitute the water for buttermilk. Buttermilk actually makes fudgier brownies and enhances the chocolaty taste. 

When substituting buttermilk for water, add half the amount needed. This is because buttermilk has a thicker viscosity. 

Brownie Tips
Brownie Tips

Tips to Elevate Your Brownie Mix Game

The first tip is to use milk instead of water. You can also add simple ingredients that will make your brownie mix taste just like homemade. 

  • Use a coffee milk mixture. Coffee intensifies the chocolate flavor. You can mix half a cup of coffee with half a cup of milk to substitute for one cup of water. 
  • Use unsalted, melted butter instead of oil. Butter is used to make homemade brownies, but most brownie mix brands call for oil. Butter gives a richer taste and texture. 

Top your brownie batter with Maldon sea salt flakes before you pop it in the oven. This provides simple salinity with a bit of crunch that pairs perfectly with the chocolaty flavor.