Do Capers Go Bad

Cappers are edible flowers that come from the caper bush. Aside from being eaten, you can eat them as it is or use them in several dishes.

Do Capers Go Bad

If you have an unused container of capers in your home, they will probably go bad in less than six months.

However, if they are correctly kept refrigerated, they will last for a year. 

When a caper’s expiration date is over, it will gradually turn into a dark color. Then, it will start to smell bad.

How Long Do Capers Last?

Capers can last years beyond their expiration dates. For long-term storage, keep a container of capers in the pantry. When it comes to their expiration date, they usually last one year after making them.

It’s not ideal to consume expired food. But, it’s still good to eat preserved and fresh capers if they don’t become old and rotten. They’re still good because they have antimicrobial agents and long shelf life.

After opening a jar of capers, store them in the refrigerator for one year. This method ensures that they remain fresh and taste great. However, it’s essential to eat them in their first few months to prevent spoiling.

Fresh Capers Look Green - Bad Capers Look Darker
Fresh Capers Look Green – Bad Capers Look Darker

How to Know if Capers Are Spoiled?

The packaging is the first thing to look for when buying or preparing fresh or frozen capers. If the cap is not intact, the buds inside the bottle may have already spoiled.

The next thing that you must check is the color of the buds. Good-quality capers are usually green in color, so if you notice that they have a bit of a green tint, it’s time to get rid of them.

If there are white or fungus-like spots on the surface of the capers, it’s time to discard them. The smell of the caper is also a good sign that something is not right with the food. If the scent lingers after the bottle has opened, the food has already gone bad.

The product is fresh if the popping sound persists after opening the bottle. However, it’s important to note that the container may have broken, allowing the bacteria to enter the mix.

How Long Are Capers Good for in the Fridge Once You Open Them?

One year is when you can enjoy your capers once you open and refrigerate them. Another great way to prepare them is by freezing them. You will need to strain the brine first, then put them in an air-tight bag.

Ideally, you should store capers in small portions to quickly defrost them when needed. It will help keep their quality and prevent exposure to temperature changes.

How Long Do Capers Last Once the Jar Is Opened?

Once you open the jar, capers can last for one year when you correctly place them inside the fridge. They are very satisfying to eat and are great for snacking.

It is still ideal for storing an unused bottle of capers for a couple of years, and it’s usually safe to eat as long as molds are not present. It’s best to inspect them once in a while your store them.

Can You Store Capers To Stop Them Going Bad
Can You Store Capers To Stop Them Going Bad

How to Store Capers?

Capers can only last for a more extended amount of time. You can also use them for a more extended period if stored properly. Below are ways how to keep them properly. Follow these steps to extend their shelf life.

In the Pantry

For open cans and jars, store them in a calm and dark place that doesn’t have high humidity. This method will prevent bacteria and fungi from growing inside the caper.

In the Refrigerator

Ensure they’re kept in the refrigerator to prevent them from getting damaged. You can also submerge the capers in brine or vinegar for optimal results. Your salted-packed capers will last for at least two years when you do this method.