Do Cinnamon Sticks Go Bad

Cinnamon is one of everyone’s favorite spices, and it’s great in baked goods like muffins or scones. It also makes an excellent addition to tea. But did you know that cinnamon is also used to make an excellent natural insect repellent? Moreover, this kind of popular spice also has a long shelf life but it goes bad if not stored properly.

The best way to store cinnamon sticks is in the cool, dark cupboard. This is because when cinnamon is exposed to air, moisture evaporates from its surface. With that, we will be sharing tips on how to store cinnamon sticks below.

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Do Cinnamon Sticks Go Off

Yes, Cinnamon sticks go off just like other spices. Do store cinnamon sticks in an airtight container or they will dry out. If you find pantry insects, apparent mold, a strange odor, or anything wrong with their appearance, put them away. They should be secure to use, as well.

Cinnamon, like many spices, does not go rancid but does lose its pleasant scent and taste. If you can barely smell cinnamon powder or cinnamon sticks in a dish or a beverage, it’s probably time to purchase new cinnamon.

Giving Cinnamon as A Holiday Gift Along with Other Spices Is a Really Good Idea
Giving Cinnamon as A Holiday Gift Along with Other Spices Is a Really Good Idea

Cinnamon sticks have a finite shelf life if not kept correctly. So, if your cinnamon has gone rancid, you shouldn’t use it in your meals or beverages. It’s time to call it quits if you find mold, discoloration, or insects in your cinnamon. It’s also time to toss out your cinnamon if it has lost its flavor.

Moreover, here is the list of the thing that you should watch out for:

  • Mold – Mold is a sign that your cinnamon has spoiled. You need to discard it immediately.
  • Insects – These little creatures love moist places like the inside of your pantry. To avoid having these pests living in your kitchen
  • Rancidity – This is another indication that your cinnamon has spoiled and needs to be discarded.
  • Discoloration – This means that your cinnamon has turned brown or black. It doesn’t mean that it’s rotten so don’t throw it out yet.
  • Flavor loss – As mentioned above, cinnamon loses its flavors over time. If you notice that your cinnamon no longer tastes good, then it’s time to buy some more.

What Is the Shelf Life of Cinnamon Sticks

Ground cinnamon or true cinnamon sticks are the two types of cinnamon available. If properly stored, unopened cinnamon sticks can remain viable for up to four years. If you’ve opened your cinnamon sticks, they will keep fresh for up to two years. Cinnamon sticks are preferred by individuals who enjoy the strong flavor of cinnamon since they tend to be more flavorful than powdered cinnamon.

Both of these, if kept correctly, will keep for an incredibly long time. Likewise, ground cinnamon can last up to two years if kept unopened. It won’t go bad if you leave your cinnamon unopened, but its flavor and quality will deteriorate.

If you discover bugs or mold in your cinnamon, it’s time to trash it. If the flavor or smell of your ground cinnamon or cinnamon sticks is strange, stop using them. Rub a tiny amount of it between your fingers and smell it to tell if your cinnamon sticks are still good. If you detect the normal cinnamon scent, your cinnamon stalks are still viable.

My cinnamon sticks don't smell of cinnamon what's wrong
My cinnamon sticks don’t smell of cinnamon what’s wrong – the easy way to bring cinnamon back to life is to put it in warm water for approximately two minutes the water should be around 80°F

How To Store Cinnamon

Store your cinnamon sticks in a cool, dark place like other common spices. The ideal temperature for storing cinnamon sticks is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a warm climate, you may want to refrigerate your cinnamon sticks. However, this isn’t necessary. Just make sure that your cinnamon stays at room temperature.

When storing cinnamon sticks, you’ll want to make sure that there aren’t any moisture sources nearby. Moisture attracts insects and molds. Also, try to keep your fresh cinnamon sticks upright. Here are more tips for storing cinnamon sticks:

  • Keep your cinnamon sticks away from sunlight and other heat sources. Heat causes cinnamon to lose its aroma and flavor. Therefore, you should store your cinnamon sticks away from heat sources such as ovens, spice cabinets, microwaves, airtight containers, and dishwashers.
  • Store it away from excess moisture or water content. It can affect the original flavor and texture.
  • Avoid exposing cinnamon sticks to extreme temperatures. Extreme temperatures can cause your cinnamon sticks to become brittle and dry.

Can Cinnamon Sticks Get Moldy

Cinnamon has a high sugar content, which makes it susceptible to mold growth. This means that cinnamon sticks can get moldy very quickly. If you find mold growing on your cinnamon sticks, discard them immediately.

Mold grows on cinnamon because it likes the high sugar content found in cinnamon. As a result, cinnamon sticks are one of the most likely foods to become infected with mold.

How to Use Leftover Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks are perfect to add flavor and aroma to your morning coffee or tea, but they can also go bad if not stored properly. If you’re looking for ways to use the leftover, here are some of them:

  • Add them to baked goods.

You can use cinnamon sticks to enhance the taste of cookies, cakes, muffins, bread, and pastries. Simply chop them into small pieces and sprinkle them over your favorite recipes.

  • Make cinnamon syrup.

To make cinnamon syrup, simply combine 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of honey with a few cinnamon sticks. Let the mixture simmer until the liquid reduces by half. Remove the cinnamon sticks before serving.

  • Sprinkle cinnamon on top of pancakes.

If you’re making pancakes, sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top of each pancake. You can also mix cinnamon sticks into pancake batter.

  • Use cinnamon sticks to season meat dishes.

Cooking with cinnamon sticks adds an extra layer of flavor to meats and poultry. Add a couple of cinnamon sticks to your next stir-fry, barbecue, or stew recipe.

  • Mix cinnamon sticks into your favorite salad dressing.

If you love adding spices to salads, why not add a pinch of cinnamon? Mix it into your favorite vinaigrette or Greek yogurt dressing.

  • Add cinnamon sticks to your homemade granola.

Adding cinnamon sticks to granola will give it a nice crunch and a hint of sweetness.

  • Don’t use old cinnamon sticks. Old cinnamon sticks have lost their flavor and sweet aroma. They also attract insects and molds.
  • Don’t reuse cinnamon sticks. When you purchase cinnamon sticks, always check the expiration date on the package. If it says “Best Used By” or “Use By,” then you shouldn’t use those cinnamon sticks again.
  • Don’t use cinnamon sticks that look damaged. You should never use cinnamon sticks with cracks or holes because they could harbor bacteria and cause food poisoning.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Refresh Cinnamon Sticks?

Refresh your cinnamon sticks by placing them in a bowl of hot water for about 10 minutes. The heat from the water will help release the oils and sugars inside the cinnamon stick.

How Long Is a Cinnamon Stick Good For?

If kept properly, cinnamon sticks will generally stay in the best form for about three to four years. To improve the shelf life of bulk-purchased cinnamon sticks and to better retain flavor and potency, store them in containers with tight-fitting lids or airtight containers.

Should Cinnamon Sticks Smell Like Cinnamon?

Yes! That’s how cinnamon smells when fresh. It becomes more pungent as it ages.

What to Do with Old Cinnamon Sticks

Old cinnamon sticks can be used in a number of ways, one of the most common ways is to use them in flavoring for drinks. For example, you can use it to add a little bit of aromatic flavor to your coffee.

  • At a party use leftover cinnamon sticks as drink stirrerss they will add spice to your holiday season punch or eggnog.
  • Use cinnamon sticks to season meat by putting them inside the slow roast.
  • Warm cinnamon sticks gently in the oven and you will get a lovely aroma in your house.