How Long Can Grilled Steak Sit Out

How Long Can Grilled Steak Sit Out

How Long Can Cooked Steak Sit Out

Grilled steaks that are left outside too long will spoil. The rule of thumb is 2 hours but see the table below for a more detailed analysis.

You also need to be aware that cooked steaks that are left to sit in sunlight or a warm location will not only lose flavor but will start to deteriorate in food quality.

However, the most serious side effect of this is the growth of bacteria a lot quicker than those kept in cool or dark places.

Also, see, can you leave hamburgers out in the sun – for how long.

How Long Can Grilled steaks Sit Out

Keeping food away from heat sources such as heaters or ovens and storage in hot cars will extend shelf life even further.

If you are at all concerned, always check the steak with a good food thermometer to prevent food poisoning.

How Long Is It Safe to Leave Grilled steaks Out?

The warmer the temperature, the less time you can leave grilled steak meat out

  • Hotter than 95 F for about 45 mins
  • Hotter than 90 F, not more than 60 minutes
  • Hotter than 75 F, leave grilled steaks no longer than 90 minutes
  • Below 74 F for a maximum of 2 hours
Steaks On a Picnic Table
Steaks On a Picnic Table

Cooked Steaks Have a Two-Hour Food Safe Window

  • Raw steak meats shouldn’t sit out for more than two hours before cooking.
  • Cooked steaks do not leave out for more than 2 hours; if the temperatures are hot, then the beef is exposed to the growth of bacteria.
  • Cooked steaks can not be left out for more than 120 minutes

Other Tips in Leaving Grilled steaks out In 2024

  • Don’t let the sun stream onto your steaks
  • Keep vegetables away from raw steaks to prevent food cross-contamination.
  • Separate any ciabatta or other bread plus any cheese
  • Store fruit away from raw steaks or grilled steaks

Are Steak Sauces Ok To Leave Out

  • Most steak sauces are safe to leave out, but once the bottle is opened it is best practice to store it in the fridge.  It is also best not to put them in direct sunlight.
  • Fresh Pickles put away after 2 hours and avoid the sun

Can You Eat a steak That’s Been Left Out Overnight?

Is steak safe to eat if left out overnight: A steak that’s been left out overnight becomes dangerous to eat.

There are three main types of steaks: ground steak-beef, and sliced steak meat and all will go bad overnight when not stored in the fridge or if left out.

You Can’t Save steak Left Out All Night

No, throw it out – it is not worth the risk of a trip to the ED with food poisoning.

In conclusion, if you’re planning on not eating your steak within 2 hours store it in the fridge for up to 4-5 days or in the freezer for up to 6 months.