How Long Do Pickled Eggs Last

Are pickled eggs one of your favorite food to keep in your kitchen? You are probably wondering how long do pickled eggs last? If yes, we will give you the best tips and secrets on keeping this food for long. 

But before that, allow us first to give you enough details about this particular food. Do you know that if this is not stored properly, it can give a risk for botulism? While improper pickling can also cause food contamination or food poisoning. Read more below to know about keeping pickled eggs properly. 

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How Long Do Pickled Eggs Last

Pickled eggs have a shelf life of at least 3 to 4 months if stored properly. These are made with small hard-boiled egg halves or quarters that have been soaked in a pickling brine or white vinegar for several weeks inside a glass jar. This process helps them stay fresh longer than regular hard-boiled eggs. These pickled eggs come in different flavors like sweet, sour, spicy, salty, tangy, fruity, creamy, savory, etc. Some even add herbs and spices to their pickled eggs.

This is a good egg recipe if you have too many eggs stored in your pantry. Making one prevents the egg from bacterial growth. Know that pickles have been around since ancient times. They were used as a way to preserve foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc. But these days, they are mostly made from white vinegar with salt added. The most common type of pickle is called dill pickle and pickled eggs, which have become very popular among people all over the world.

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What Are the Signs of Spoiled Pickled Eggs

Pickled eggs can spoil a lot more than any type of food in your fridge. So when buying them, make sure that there are not any signs of mold growth. It should look clean and shiny without having any discoloration. Also, check whether the lid has an airtight seal. When opening the container, do not forget to remove the rubber band. Once opened, store the pickled eggs in the refrigerator within 2 hours. Keep away from sunlight because exposure to light causes deterioration of the product.

If you want to make sure that there is no spoilage at all, here is the list of signs of spoiled pickled eggs (or even egg salad):

  • Discolorations
  • Mold growth
  • Odor
  • Taste changes
  • Softening
  • Picking up a musty smell
  • Spoilage on top of other foods in your fridge 
  • Water leak from lid
  • Sticky cling to a glass jar
  • Soggy bottom
  • Extreme sourness
How long before pickled eggs go bad?
How long before pickled eggs go bad?

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How to Properly Store Pickled Eggs

The best place to store pickled eggs is on the fridge with a temperature at or below 40° F (4° C). If you want to do home-canned pickled eggs at home, here’s how you should do it:

1. Choose clean eggs with no visible cracks or breakage; otherwise, harmful bacteria may contaminate them. Also, pick those at least medium in size since they are easier to store for a long time. 

2. Choose a glass jar with no leaks. It must be able to close tightly and be used at least once only. Mason jars with self-sealing lids are the best option that you can have.

3. Thoroughly clean the jar with detergent soap and rinse well to prevent food poisoning, especially foodborne botulism. 

4. All kitchen utensils and kitchen tools used in the pickling process should be clean and dry after having contact with food. Make use of your paper towels!

5. Eggs should be cooked at the right temperature. 

a. Immerse the dozens of eggs in cold or warm water. Pour much of it until they are fully submerged. 

b. Bring the eggs to boil. Make sure to have hard-boiled eggs so that the egg whites are stable enough during the pickling process.

c. Put into low-medium heat and let it simmer for 15 minutes. 

d. Remove the eggs and run into cold water for fast cooling and easier peeling.

6. Peel the eggs and the shell membranes (thin cover). 

7. Prepare the pickling solution or pickling liquid. Take note that you have to be extra careful in doing this. For instance, you have to make sure that you only need small amounts of pickling spice and herbs. It is also best not to add any fattening liquid, such as butter or oil, as well as pasta, flour, and rice. This is because these food items can cause food contamination. Also, adding too much salt does not guarantee long shelf life.

How long do pickled eggs last in jar?
How long do pickled eggs last in a jar?

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How to Make Homemade Pickled Eggs (Homemade Pickled Eggs Recipe)

If you do not want to have store-bought pickled eggs, we got the best recipe for you!


  • 5 hard-boiled eggs, peeled
  • 2 garlic clove
  • 6 thin slices of onion
  • 1 sprig fresh dill
  • 2 sprigs fresh tarragon
  • 2/3 cups white vinegar
  • 1 cup red beet juice from canned beets
  • 1/2 teaspoon granulated sugar, brown sugar, or white sugar
  • 1/8 teaspoon black peppercorns
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/3 cup water


1. Place the peppercorns, fill, garlic, onion, and tarragon in a clean medium-sized Mason jar. 

2. Prepare a small saucepan and place all the remaining ingredients. 

3. Let it boil over medium heat. 

4. Remove and pour them (vinegar brine) into the jar. 

5. Tightly seal the jar with no room for moisture to get in or the pickling juices to leak. 

6. Refrigerate for at least three days before consuming. 

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Is it okay to freeze pickled eggs?

It is better not to freeze it because egg whites will have the tendency to have a rubbery and tough texture. However, if you insist on freezing it, just put some ice cubes inside the container first to start the cooling process. Then, after thawing, remove the ice cubes, or water from the container and discard it. The rest of the contents will still remain safe to eat.

What kind of containers should I choose when storing my homemade pickles?

You can use whatever type of storage containers you like but remember that there has to be space between each other. 

How long will pickled eggs last outside the fridge?

When stored at room temperature or at a danger zone of 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it can only last for at least 2 hours. After that, it may develop foodborne botulism due to improperly home-canned food. However, if you have a strong brine solution, it can last outside the fridge for a longer time since higher acidity will prevent the development of harmful bacteria.

Why are homemade pickled eggs prone to botulism?

This is because home-canned food and low pH foods like pickled eggs have the perfect environment for harmful pathogens like Clostridium botulinum. Clostridium botulinum causes the development of foodborne botulism, which can eventually cause you to have symptoms like difficulty in breathing, slurred speech, blurry vision, difficulty swallowing, etc. Thus, you should practice food safety all the time.

How long do pickled eggs last in the fridge once opened?

Once opened, it can still keep up to 3 weeks if kept refrigerated. If left out on the countertop, it can stay good for about 1 week.