How Long Does Buttercream Lasts In The Fridge

Buttercream is not new to us, especially if you are a professional baker. It is one of the most popular frostings in cakes and cupcakes because it can be made ahead and stored for up to two weeks at room temperature without losing its shine or flavor.

But what about buttercream that has been refrigerated? How long does buttercream last in your refrigerator before turning into an unappetizing mess? And how do you know when it is time to throw out old buttercream? Read on to find answers to these questions and more!

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How Long Does Buttercream Last In The Fridge

Buttercream can last for one month in the fridge only if you store it properly. If you do not keep it tightly sealed, there will be moisture loss from the air inside the airtight container. This means that after just three days, the texture of the icing may become grainy and crumbly. You should also avoid storing buttercream in containers with plastic lids as they tend to leak over time. Instead, use glass jars, Mason jars, or other types of food-safe storage containers.

How to Store Buttercream in the Fridge

If you want to refrigerate buttercream, follow this simple method:

1. Make sure all ingredients have cooled completely.

2. Place the bowl containing the buttercream in the freezer for 15 minutes so that the mixture becomes firm enough to scoop easily.

3. Scoop the desired amount onto parchment paper or waxed paper. Wrap well and place in a zip-top bag or sealable container.

4. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Make sure to place your buttercream, buttercream frosting, or cake with buttercream icing away from fragrant foods in the fridge.

4. To remove hardened bits of buttercream, simply run warm water through the piping tip.

Tip: French buttercream should be immediately stored in the fridge since it is entirely and of egg yolks; thus, it tends to separate over time if stored at room temperature during the day. 

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How long can homemade frosting last in the fridge?
How long can homemade buttercream frosting last in the fridge? Homemade buttercream frosting can last up to a week in the fridge.

How to Soften Refrigerated Buttercream

Refrigerated buttercream tends to harden, especially when stored for a long time. To soften it, simply do these steps:

1. Microwave it briefly or heat it gently for at least 1 minute by placing it in a saucepan filled halfway with hot tap water.

2. Do not let the buttercream boil; instead, stir frequently while heating.

3. Once softened, transfer the buttercream back to the original container and allow it to cool down completely.

How Long Does Buttercream Last in Room Temperature

The ideal temperature for storing buttercream is between 60°F and 70°F. If you live in colder climates, make sure to check the temperature of your kitchen regularly and adjust accordingly. In addition, if you notice any signs of mold growth, discard immediately. Leaving buttercream at room temperature only has a shelf life of around two days.

How to Store Buttercream in Room Temperature

To store buttercream at room temperature, follow these steps:

1. Prepare the leftover buttercream.

2. Transfer the finished buttercream to a clean airtight container or sealed plastic container.

3. Seal the sir-tight container and place it somewhere where it will stay at room temperature.

4. Check the buttercream every day and discard any that has turned brown or looks like it has spoiled.

5. When the buttercream is still good, and you do not have any plans to use it within 2 days, store it in the refrigerator for longer shelf life.

How Long Does Buttercream Last in the Freezer

Buttercream can last longer in the freezer, with an approximate time of 2-3 months if stored properly. Also, it can last within that time if it contains milk and butter, even when placed on any type of cake. Store it in the freezer using a plastic Ziploc bag or airtight container to maintain its flavor and texture. 

Freezing leftover buttercream does not affect its taste or quality, but it can cause some issues. For example, when freezing buttercream, you need to ensure that the buttercream stays totally frozen throughout the entire process. Otherwise, it could thaw out before you are done decorating your cakes. Also, make sure to freeze the buttercream in an airtight container. It is best to wrap the buttercream in plastic wrap first and then cover it with foil. This prevents ice crystals or air bubbles from forming on the surface of the buttercream.

How to Store Buttercream in the Freezer

To keep buttercream in the freezer for a long time, follow these steps:

1. Place the buttercream into a sealable plastic Ziploc bag or airtight container.

2. Press out as much air as possible from the bag before sealing it.

3. Label the bag with the date and write “frozen” on it.

4. Freeze the buttercream for at least 6 hours and more.

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How do you make buttercream thicker?

How to Store Buttercream Frosting

If you want to save your leftover homemade buttercream frosting for later use or you have made it days in advance, better ensure its quality by storing it properly. 

To store homemade frostings in the fridge, follow these steps:

1. Remove the frosting from the original packaging and transfer it into an airtight container. 

2. Cover the container tightly, so there are no air pockets inside.

3. Refrigerate the frosting for up to 7 days or 1 week.

4. Keep it away from odorous or fragrant food while inside the fridge. 

5. Once you use it again, remove it from the fridge and let it sit at room temperature until it regains its original consistency.  

How to Soften Buttercream Frosting

You can soften your extra buttercream frosting for use on cupcakes, cakes, or cookies. Here are the best two ways to do this:

1. Let it sit at room temperature

Letting your buttercream frosting at room temperature for at least 30 minutes is the most common way to soften it. However, this may take a while, especially if you are in a cold, chilly area. But doing this will help the leftover frosting to reach the right temperature and consistency gradually. When it reaches your desired texture, mix it with a wooden spoon to help you achieve a perfect frosted cake later on. 

2. Warm Water Bath

A warm water bath is not what you think it is! This process will help the buttercream frosting soften by just placing it in a stainless steel bowl above a pot of boiling water. Leave for a couple of minutes or until it reaches the desired consistency and temperature. Do not forget to stir continuously to get rid of the air bubbles. 

Does buttercream frosting go bad?

Buttercream frosting or cakes with buttercream icing can go bad if it is contaminated through poor storage. To prevent this, avoid using ingredients that can go bad easily, like milk and butter. If discoloration and sour smell happen, discard the buttercream immediately. 

Does buttercream frosting with heavy cream need to be refrigerated?

The answer to this question depends on how you plan to serve the buttercream. If you are going to eat it straight off the plate, then yes, it needs to be refrigerated. However, if you plan to put it on top of another dessert immediately, such as cake, pie, or cheesecake, it is fine to leave it outside the refrigerator. 

How far in advance can I make a cake with buttercream icing?

Cake recipes usually require a lot of time to prepare. So, here are some tips on when to start making your cake. You should start preparing the cake batter 2-3 days before baking. As for the frosting, you can start mixing it 24 hours ahead of time. Make sure you keep it covered with plastic wrap or aluminum foil to prevent any contamination.