How Many Bags of Chips to Buy for any Group Size

How many bags of chips for 100 people

So you have 100 people coming and all will have at least some potato chip bag(s) – just how many people will a regular chip bag serve? – The answer is a regular chip bag should serve 2-3 people (not teenagers or kids – maybe increase by 50% for them.

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Do you know that the United States ranks first in the list of countries that eat the most chips? And do you know that that there are about 20-25 chips in average chip bags?

Also, consider serving with popcorn – it will make the chips go further – how much popcorn per person for a kids party?

Preparing food to take to a potluck during a gathering of a large group may be a difficult task for some. For sure, you do not want to bring too much or too little food, snacks or treats to the table, right?

So, in this article, we will give you a detailed description of how to calculate the right amount of potato chips, tortilla chips or corn chips bags you need to bring for any group size. We also give you insight into how many sodas should you buy for a party of 100 people?

What is the regular size for a chip bag?

When preparing your party pack, eight ounces is the regular size for a bag of chips. However, the serving recommendation of one ounce is rarely followed by many. Most of the time, a regular-sized bag of chips can only feed one person when snacking. It always depends on how much a person can take or likes that flavor of chip. Your gathering will need to surely have more than one serving per individual, especially if your group is composed of children and young individuals.

A regular-sized bag has eight ounces and a single serving is one ounce, meaning, a regular bag of chips can serve eight people in a group – but this is just not reality – drink some beer or wine and chip consumption goes up dramatically.

Average Chip Bag Size
Average Chip Bag Size

Below is a chart that guides you in determining the serving size of chips in a large group, assuming that two servings will be consumed per guest.

  • 5 guests for 2 regular-sized bags of chips
  • 10 guests for 3 regular-sized bag of chips
  • 20 guests for 5 regular-sized bag of chips
  • 50 guests for 13 regular-sized bag of chips
  • 100 guests for 20 regular-sized bag of chips

Take note that this guide is estimating that each guest will eat two servings, which is up to 36 chips.

Moreover, this suggested serving size is only limited by the number of people and their appetite. It is best to be informed beforehand of the exact number of guests to determine how much you should prepare. And If in doubt just get an extra bag or two – One unique flavored chip is sour cream and onions or nacho cheese is a far more common potato crisp flavor.

How many bags of potato chips should be purchased for a party of 100 people?

It may be convenient to just serve individual bags of chips for your guests. Besides, it is also common because most hosts assume that every guest will just take one bag for himself when snacking. But as usual, individual bags of chips have recommended serving sizes as well.

Here are the serving suggestion that you can follow:

  • 5 guests for 10 bags of chips
  • 10 guests for 20 bags of chips
  • 20 guests for 400 bags of chips
  • 50 guests for 100 bags of chips
  • 100 guests for 200 bags of chips

The recommendation is made given that every individual in the group will take more than one regular-sized bag of chips during the gathering, especially if it will take several hours.

How many party-sized bags of chips to buy for large group sizes?

Usually, a party-sized bag or family-size chips carry thirteen ounces. Meaning, the recommended serving size for each bag is good for thirteen people in a group but as always, we expect that the serving recommendation will not be followed. Who knows how much chips a guest can eat, right?

But anyway, with the number of guests you have in mind, the sample serving below is for two servings of chips for each guest.

  • 5 guests for 1 party-sized bag of chips
  • 10 guests for 2 party-sized bags of chips
  • 20 guests for 3 party-sized bags of chips
  • 50 guests for 7 party-sized bags of chips
  • 100 guests for 17 party-sized bags of chips

Assuming that a party-sized bag of chips you purchased can serve seven and a half guests each.

Pop Corners Chips
Pop Corners Chips

What is the best size of bags of chips for a group?

It actually depends on how big your group is. Also, let us assume that your guests eat a standard amount of chips to precisely determine the best size of the pack for your gathering. (of course in reality some people eat more – imagine if Bart Simpson came to your party – just how many would he eat – maybe two party bags- and you can assume you will have at least one or two Bart Simspons in every gathering of 100 guests.

A regular-sized bags are the most suitable when serving a small group of guests since it helps the host by not having any leftover chips after the party. However, a regular-sized bag provides a little variety of chips for the group. If you have a group of more or less 10 people, only three bags of chips are needed. On the other hand, individual-sized bags will give more variety yet more leftovers.

Note that the size of bags of chips will vary based on what kind of event you have. Usually, potlucks will require a fewer amount of chips since it is already expected that you will have several dishes served by every guest. Also, chips are less likely to be eaten in volume at a potluck considering that it is more about bringing meals and different recipes.

A party box of chips is more likely to be brought on high school reunion or during a pool party for the reason that there is likely not going to be a different option of food available and little variety to choose from. Also, chips are the best partner for beers at a party!

What are the healthiest chips to eat?

It’s no surprise that most chips are labeled as unhealthy but it is also not impossible to indulge in healthy chips from different brands that support a healthier lifestyle. Below is the list of the healthiest chips that you can serve to your guests.

1. Terra Sweet Potato Vegetable Chips

Terra real vegetable chips only contain healthy ingredients like sweet potatoes, expeller pressed canola oil and/or safflower oil, and/or sunflower oil. This is excellent for your diet because the chips are made with real, non-GMO vegetables for a treat that’s gluten-free. You can snack without guilt because the chips contain 0mg of cholesterol and 0g of trans fat per serving and no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. This is a vegan snack that is Kosher certified and made with less sodium yet very tasty, crunchy, has bigger chips.

2. Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips

These wavy chips from Sensible Portions’ Garden Veggie have no artificial flavors and no artificial preservatives that risk your health. The veggie chips are made with potatoes and vegetables grown in a sun-splashed garden, for a veggie snack that has 30% less fat than the leading brand of potato chips. Moreover, this is also Kosher certified, gluten-free, free of genetically modified ingredients, have 0mg cholesterol, and 0g trans fat per serving. This is great for everyone in the group, whether children, young adults, and adults because it keeps you satisfied without having the guilt of indulgence of bad or fat filled chips. The ingredients only have canola oil, safflower oil, sea salt, turmeric, beetroot powder, potato flour, potato starch, tomato paste, spinach powder, salt, sugar, and potassium chloride.

3. Popcorners Snacks Gluten-Free Chips

Popcorners are one of the favorite convenient chips for most people. This is perfect for a large group since you can serve this with salads or soups for mealtime or dips and sauces for snacking. This gives you a healthy choice to munch on and assuring you that it is certified gluten-free, never fried, and no artificial colors mixed. These chips give you a combination of sunflower oil, cane sugar, and salt. It’s a sweet and salty experience. A variety pack is also available with different flavors for your gathering with family or friends.

4. Miss Vickie’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chip Pack

Looking for a variety pack of chips that are healthy and contains several flavors for the group? Miss Vickie’s is the perfect choice for you! The chips have thick cuts and extra crunchy that are made with specially selected farm-grown potatoes. The individual bags are also great for kids and teens since the quantity of individual bags is just enough to fill them during snack time. Also, every single flavor is amazing. The variety pack includes jalapeno, sea salt & vinegar, sea salt, lime & cracked pepper, and smokehouse bbq.

Miss Vickies

5. Mission Rounds Tortilla Chips

Mission Rounds Tortilla Chips are made to enjoy with your loved ones. Whether eaten directly or mixed with sauces, it is a sure hit to any gathering because of its taste and healthy ingredients that are only made with corn masa flour, water, vegetable oil, and sea salt. It also has no artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors. The tortilla chips are also certified gluten-free and Kosher. Plus, the sturdy texture of the chips makes it perfect for a classic nacho platter that everyone will love.

Related Questions

How much does it cost for a bag of chips?

An average bag of chips costs between $1.50 and $2.50, depends on where you buy it though $2.50 is already quite high. A small or regular bag even costs only $0.50 to about $4.50 for hand crafted chips – yes I have seen a bag at this price. Those chips that are priced at this level $6 are already super expensive, except if it comes from high-end, Insta-worthy brands!

What is the number 1 selling chips?

The leading and best-selling chips come from Lays. According to a published statistic result, Lays rise to the number one best-selling brand in the United States in 2017. It sells potato chips that are known for their crinkle-cut. The brand is owned by Frito Lay North America, which is one of PepsiCo’s subsidiaries.

What is the most popular flavor of chips?

A published U.S Census data from Statista and from Simmon National Consumer Survey stated that plain potato chips are the most popular flavor of chips consumed by 191.9 million Americans in 2020. The second favorite flavor, which is barbecue, has a number of 86.95 million Americans consuming it.

Can you still eat chips on a diet?

Nope! When you are trying to lose weight, it is never recommended to eat junk foods like chips. It may be fulfilling in the mouth but not the body. Chips contain very high calories and are easy to eat a handful of them.

How do you figure out how much food for a party?

Always take note of the “one pound rule.” Meaning, you must provide one pound of food (excluding the desserts and drinks) for each guest. For the drinks, measure up two drinks during the first four and an additional drink every hour at the party.

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At the same time, you need to plan how many drinks or sodas you need to serve with your chip, they are thirsty work!

How many Oz is a large bag of chips?

A large bag of chips usually contains 8 ounces per pack.

How many bags of chips come in a variety pack?

There are 20 bags of chips from over 40 options in a variety pack. The options include chips from different brands such as Doritos, Lay’s, Ruffles, Cheetos, SunChips, Fritos, and more. A variety pack is a perfect pick if you serve it for a large group size during your party or gathering.

Is it really air in your bag of chips?

The factual answer is no. What many of us think is air in our chip bag is actually nitrogen. Without this inert gas – nitrogen the oxygen in the air would cause the chips to go stale quickly and the oils to become rancid.