How Many Cabbage Rolls per Person for A Crowd

How Many Cabbage Rolls per Person For A Party

The number of cabbage rolls you need to serve depends on the size of the party and the type of food being served with them.

You also need to remember that cabbage rolls are an acquired taste, unlike egg rolls which almost everybody likes. So you will need to take that into account in your guest list with just how many you are going to serve. Clearly, if you know all your guests love cabbage rolls, then ensure you serve the maximum amount listed below.

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When serving a big family gathering or a crowd then you should serve two cabbage rolls per person. 

Cabbage Rolls Can Be A Crowd Pleaser

Cabbage rolls are delicious and nutritious. They also make great party food. But most people hate making them. In fact, many people will tell you that they “hate” cooking.

Fast Cabbage Rolls

Well, I’m here to change that. I’ve made hundreds of cabbage rolls over the years, and I can guarantee you that they’re not as bad as you think. In fact, they’re pretty darn tasty. And with just a few simple tips, anyone can learn how to make a perfect cabbage roll..

If you have any leftover see how to reheat cabbage rolls.

Top Tips when Making Cabbage Rolls for A Crowd.

1. Make sure you have enough cabbage! You’ll need at least one large cabbage head per 10-12 people.

If you’re making them ahead, ensure they stay fresh by wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap or storing them in the fridge until ready to use.

2. Don’t over-stuff! When rolling out the dough, don’t pack it down too much; leave some room between each leaf.

3. Use a sharp knife to cut off the thick stem end of the cabbage before cutting the rest of the head into quarters. Remove any tough outer leaves first, then slice away the core of the cabbage using a paring knife. Cut the cabbages crosswise into halves or thirds (depending on how many people you’re feeding).

4. Slice the ridges off the cabbage thinly. Start with a mandolin if you have one; otherwise, just slice with a sharp knife.

5. Mix together the filling ingredients in a bowl. Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary

6. Choose side dishes that pair well with cabbage rolls.

What Is the Average Size of An Cabbage Roll?

A typical cabbage roll is 3 inches long

How Many Cabbage Rolls per Person for A Big Group
How Many Cabbage Rolls per Person for A Big Group

How Many Cabbage Rolls per Person for A Big Group

One cabbage roll will be enough as a snack, but if you’re planning to serve it with a meal, you might want to double the serving size to two cabbage rolls per person.

What about Second Helpings For Guests?

Do you want to be able to serve second helpings of cabbage rolls, guests asking for seconds then that probably is a good sign that they find your cabbage rolls really delicious. If you’re going to budget on serving second helpings, you will need to allow for 2.5 cabbage rolls per person when making them first. You can always reheat them after the main course is finished if people like them really hot.

How To Make Cabbage Rolls Appealing To A Wide Range of Guests Coming To Dinner.

You’ll need to find a way to make them even more delicious. You do it by adding some spices and herbs to your recipe. I have chosen three different types of herbs: thyme, rosemary, and sage. These are common herbs that provide a balanced taste to cabbage rolls.

A Table of How Many Cabbage Rolls per Person

These quantities are based on cabbageroll being the main dish and allows for some people to have seconds. It also assumes you will be serving one or two sides. For example rice (see how much rice for a big group), or a salad (what are the most popular salads to serve at a party) at least.

How Many Cabbage Rolls  per Person for 10 People

  • For ten people, you should serve 25 cabbage rolls.

How Many Cabbage Rolls  per Person for 20 People

  • For ten people, you should serve 50 cabbage rolls.

How Many Cabbage Rolls  per Person for 50 People

  • For ten people, you should serve 125 cabbage rolls.

How Many Cabbage Rolls  per Person for 100 People

  • For ten people, you should serve 250 cabbage rolls.

How Many Cabbage Heads Do I Need for 10 People or 25 Cabbable Rolls

You will need two large cabbage heads of good quality.

Can I Make Cabbage Rolls Ahead of Time

You can make cabbage rolls easily in advance of your big party.

Put them in a casserole dish and cover them well with plastic wrap. Remove them from the fridge for at least 30 to 45 minutes before you bake them in the oven. This allows them to warm towards room temperature and will make the baking time similar to if you were making them from scratch.

See about storing cooked cabbage in the fridge.

If you bake them in a casserole dish, then add about 20 minutes to the baking time to ensure that they are all cooked through into the center. A good way to check that they are done is to use a probe thermometer, inserting it into the middle of one of the center roles and ensuring it reads above 165°F.

How Long Can Uncooked Cabbage Rolls Stay in The Fridge?

Cabbage rolls that are cooked and prepared in advance can remain in the fridge for up to 3 or even a maximum of four days. It is important that you can store them in an airtight container to stop the cabbage from drying out.

Can You Freeze Cabbage Rolls In Advance

You can actually freeze them for up to one month if you really want to be organized for your big event. See further detail on freezing cabbage.

Is It Best Practice to Freeze Cabbage Rolls that Are Cooked or Is It Better to Freeze Them Cooked?

When it comes to serving cabbage rolls for a party or a big event, it is much better to freeze them when they have not been cooked. That way, by taking them out one day in advance, storing them in the fridge, and then baking them as per normal, they will appear as if they have been freshly made. Whereas, if you cook them before freezing, they will taste not as fresh.

What Sides To Serve With cabbage roll?

  • Brown Rice
  • Cobb or Garden Salad
  • Tuna Salad
  • Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Garlic Bread