How Many Crab Cakes Per Person

How Many Crab Cakes Per Person For A Crowd of People in 2024

When you are going to serve crab cakes for a crowd you have two choices to buy a good crab cake online or from a bulk merchant like Costco. The other option you have is to serve homemade crab cakes.

I will not go into which is best as there are many variables, time and cost being two important ones, and when truly analyzed that often leads to buying them.

The advantage of serving store-bought crab cakes is that they are all the same size and therefore cook evenly. Not to mention time and cost-saving.

The Ultimate Homemade Crab Cake

However, they may not be as meaty as a DIY crab cake.

How Do You Calculate Crab Cakes per Person?

The first thing to look at is what size are the crab cakes.  For example, Costco Crab Cakes are sold in a 5 lb bag of 20 and weigh about 4 oz each

Therefore we going to use the standard weight of 4 ounces for one crab cake in our calculations of how many you will need to feed a  person.

How many ounces is a normal crab cake?

A normal crabcake typically made at home will have an average weight of 3 ounces for each crabcake.

However a storebought crab cake will typically be 4 ounces that way they can deliver an attractive size, you can get away with a lower weight with DIY or homestyle crab cake because it will have much more real fresh crab meat inside than a store-bought one.

Both will taste will have a similar taste, but not the same amount of crab meat.

Are crab cakes a main dish
Are Crab Cakes a Main Dish – Yes, Serve 2 Crab Cakes with Sides and It Is a Main Dish

What is a serving size for a crab cake

The serving size for a crab cake is two 4-ounce crabcakes.

If you are serving homemade crab cakes then you may want to serve 3 especially if your crab cakes are visually a little small. It also depends on how many and what side dishes you are serving your guests.

How Many Crab Cakes for A Single-Serve?

There are two crab cakes in a single-serve.  This assumes that you are also serving side dishes, french fries, or salads with your meal and not just eating crab cakes alone.

Will People need seconds

When catering with crabcakes for a crowd they are the sort of meal where it is easy for somebody to pop an extra crab cake on their plate either because they really love them, or just because they think they might like it. So in summary yes I believe you need to cater for people needing seconds when you are serving crabcakes.

How Many Crab Cakes For 4 People

4 People will require you to serve 8 Crab Cakes, for example, 8 of the Costco Crab Cakes.

How Many Crab Cakes For 10 People

10 People will require you to serve 20 Crab Cakes

To make your crab cake party a success remember to have a selection of really good tasting sauces
To make your crab cake party a success remember to have a selection of really good-tasting sauces

How Many Crab Cakes For 20 People

20 People will require you serve 40 Crab Cakes

How Many Crab Cakes For 50 People

50 People will require you serve 100 Crab Cakes

How Many Crab Cakes for Different Events and Occasions

I know a lot of people who have a Superbowl tradition of serving crab cakes with a sweet chili sauce.

In this situation where you have people eating and drinking over an extended period of time I believe you would need to budget for three crabcakes per person unless you had lots of fries chicken nuggets chicken wings or side salads which would also be alternatives for them to eat.

For Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding Reception and BBQ 2 crab cakes per person should be enough.

Serve 2 Crab Cakes Per Person For a BBQ
Serve 2 Crab Cakes Per Person For a BBQ

What to Serve with Crab Cakes

What Kind Of Sauce Can I Serve With Crab Cakes?

There are many different kinds of sauces that go well with crab cakes. Some people prefer ketchup while others enjoy mustard or mayonnaise. For example, if you’re serving crab cakes at a party, you could serve them with tartar sauce.

– Tartar sauce is a popular condiment served with seafood dishes.

– Other options include cocktail sauce, horseradish, and sweet chili.

– If you are serving salads you can also use the salad dressings on the crab cakes. Creamy-style dressings such as blue cheese salad dressing or Caesar salad dressing work really well with crab cakes and it saves you having to double up on the number of different sources that you will need to serve.