How Many Cranberries per Person For A Crowd

How Many Cranberries per Person for A Big Group

If you’re currently planning to serve cranberries (whatever form it is), you need to make sure that what you’ll prepare is enough for the whole crowd. Also bear in mind that this fruit has a very sharp taste and is seldom served raw so think of how you can soften its taste so the people will love it.

Cranberries are one of the fruits right now that are well-loved not just by health-conscious persons but mainly by those who attend and organize events and parties. They can be served fresh with other fruits or as a sauce, juice, and more!

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Also if you are catering for a large group knowing how many raspberries to buy for 50 people or the exact amount of blueberries you need for 100 people will be helpful because often they are served with cranberries.

How Many Cranberries per Person for a Crowd?

First, determine whether you want to serve the crowd with raw cranberries or a cranberry sauce. When you’re doing the former, one half (1/2) cup is enough for each person. Largely because they are more a berry that can be used to cleanse the mount between dishes or perhaps with a cheeseboard.

A Handy Table of How Many Cranberries to Serve for 10 to 100 People

Therefore for a big group here are some amounts of cranberries.

  • For 10 People serve 5 cups or 20 oz of fresh cranberries
  • For 20 People serve 10 cups or 40 oz of fresh cranberries
  • For 50 People serve 25 cups or 6 lbs of fresh cranberries
  • For 100 People serve 50 cups or 12 lbs of fresh cranberries

Cranberries are not meant, just like any other fruits, to be eaten excessively. This is true especially when you turn them into an overly concentrated sauce. You can absorb its nutrition by eating just the suggested servings per person.

Can I Do With a Bag of Cranberries?

If you’ve bought fresh cranberries, a bag of them to be exact, what you can do is to portion them into different containers that you will use to cook different kinds of cranberry recipes.

  • Cranberry Sorbet. If you have an ice cream machine at home or if you have a functional freezer, you can mix milk with cranberry juice or even cranberry sauce. This is perfect, especially in the summer season.
  • Apple and Cranberry Pie. Sometimes, two are better than one so to enhance the flavor of your pie, add cranberries to your apple pie. Your family and friends will surely love it.
  • Cranberry Guacamole. This is a very simple recipe because all you have to do is to either buy or make guacamole and dip or mix the cranberries right away.
  • Cranberry Cocktail. If you’re going to host a party and would love to serve something to the adults, cranberry cocktails specifically the cosmopolitan one, is the best way to go.
Can you eat whole cranberries raw?
Can you eat whole cranberries raw?

Can You Eat Whole Cranberries Raw

Cranberries, whether cooked or uncooked, are usually regarded as safe.

Most people, however, avoid eating them raw or uncooked due to their harsh, strong flavor.

Cranberries have a high tannin content, which contributes to their bitterness. Tannins are a plant chemical that may also be found in large quantities in red wine, freshly ground coffee. While it is okay to consume fresh cranberries, too many might induce gastrointestinal discomfort.

What Is the Best Way to Eat Cranberries

There are several types of cranberries available nowadays. These include:

• Raw cranberries.

• Dried cranberries.

• Frozen cranberries.

• Juiced

Everyone has their own favorite, but mine is cranberry pie with some baked apples.