How Many Crepes per Person For a Big Group

How many crepes per person for a large family gathering, New Year’s breakfast, or a memorial day lunch with savory ones is a hard task.  However, we have the answers for you below and some really helpful tips on how to make your crêpes successful.

Plus we have a handy table with the exact amount crepes you will need to serve for between 10 to 100 people.

Crepes are quite a popular food in buffets and feasts with big groups of people. There is a surprise in each crepe that they get because of the endless variety of fillings that you can put inside. In this article, we’ll tackle the suggested crepe servings per person at a party and the size and different kinds of fillings that you can do.

What is the difference between Crepes and Pancakes?

The key distinction is then recipe ingredients. Namely is pancakes contain a leavening or raising ingredient, whereas crêpes do not. Crepes are also typically made much thinner than pancakes is the other main difference. When making a sweet variation, such as the famed Crêpes Suzette, the French often employ white flour.

Crepes are different than pancakes – they are thinner – See our article on how many pancakes per person for a large group.

How Many Crepes per Person for a Big Group

To answer the question straight out, a crepes singe serving size is you should serve three (3) crepes per person for a big group.

This assumes that crepes are the main dish for breakfast or dessert. If you have waffles as well then the quantity will be less.

Another factor that makes this decision is the filling of the crepes themselves. People tend to eat less when they know that the crepes contain savory dishes. This kind of food is very versatile but its consumption will depend on the likings of the guests.

Pancakes Are Thicker Than Crepes
Pancakes Are Thicker Than Crepes

A Table of How Many Crepes per Person 10 to 100 Guests

These quantities are based on crepes being the main dish serves and allow for some people to have seconds.

How Many Crepes Per Person for 10 People

  • For 10 people you should serve 30 crepes

How Many Crepes Per Person for 20 People

  • For 20 people you should serve 60 crepes

How Many Crepes Per Person for 40 People

  • For 40 people you should serve 120 crepes

How Many Crepes Per Person for 50 People

  • For 50 people you should serve 150 crepes

How Many Crepes Per Person for 80 People

  • For 80 people you should serve 240 crepes

How Many Crepes Per Person for 100 People

  • For 100 people you should serve 300 crepes

How Big Should Crepes Be for a Large Group

The best size when serving a crowd of crapes at an event is 10 inches. Not only will it make them go further but more importantly the fillings will go further.

Crepes are easy to make even if you are a beginner but to make them perfectly on your first try, you need to stick with the suggested size, ten (10) to twelve (12) inches in diameter. This means that you will use a non-stick pan that is the same size and spread out the batter thinly then put the fillings afterward.

Even if, let’s say, you only plan to put lesser filling the usual, you can still do so and just stack 2-3 crepes when plating. Stacking crepes with different fillings that pair well with each other are heavenly.

Crepes Are Usually Sweet but They Also Can Be a Lunch or Dinner with Savory Fillings
Crepes Are Usually Sweet but They Also Can Be a Lunch or Dinner with Savory Fillings

Can I Make Crepes Ahead of Time and Reheat?

Absolutely! It is recommended to make crepes ahead of time so you will not go insane trying to cook more than 30 in an hour or so. To do this, cook the crepes and refrigerate them afterward and you can store stack them with parchment paper in between.

On the day of serving your premade crepes, just melt butter on a pan and cook each side of the crepes for 30 seconds each then you can serve them warm to your guests. Or if you have a large amount you can warm then in the oven.

What Sides To Serve With Crepes?

Even if the crepes themselves are enough to fill your stomach, pairing it with side dishes is not too bad of an idea. When you will serve the dessert ones, better pair them with something sweet like

  • ice cream
  • fruit salad
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • whipped heavy cream
  • plain yogurt

The same with main dish crepes, you can pair them with savory food like sausages, bacon, roasted potatoes, and some caramelized onions for an additional kick.

You also need to choose a beverage that goes well with crepes that is light and will not burden the stomachs of your guests.

Ihop Crepes - Build your Own
Ihop Crepes – Build your Own

Ihop Crepes Serving Size

Ihop advertises their crepes at between 760-1000 cals per serving. However, Ihop has a create your own combo serving size so it is really up to you how much you load onto it. Typically you get two or three which you can then customize with your own fillings of sweet or savory depending on the time of the day.

How Big Should Crepes Be

Crepes should be 10 inches when serving a lot of people – they are big enough to fit a reasonable amount of filling in.

Are Crepes More Fattening than Pancakes

On their own crates are not more affecting them pancakes because they are thinner, however, it depends on how many you eat. Crepes are quite a common food item for parties and feasts with large groups of people. They are usually served as appetizers or snacks. We cover the suggested serving sizes of crepes per person at a party or a buffet and the different types of fillings that you could use above.

Is a Crepe a Meal

Depending on the filing they can actually be a meal – you can have savory crêpes and they’re really yummy.

Crepes are usually served as desserts, but they can also be enjoyed for breakfasts. 

What Are Dennys Crepes

Dennys crepes are a full range for really nice crepes – I have tried the banana berry caramel and it is really nice. They have other varieties of crepes like Banana Chocolate hazelnut.

How Do I Prevent My Crepes from Being so Patchy and Bubbly

There are two ways to prevent crepes from being patchy and bubbly the first is to have a good skillet that is evenly heated and well greased in the second is to have a perfect batter.

Crepe batter can be tricky. It’s easy to put in too much flour, which results in a thick, heavy batter that doesn’t rise properly. Or, it’s easy to add too much liquid, which results in a thin, runny batter that won’t hold together well. The best way to avoid either problem is to use a digital scale to measure out your ingredients.