How Many Egg Rolls Per Person

How Many Egg Rolls per Person for A Large Group

The number of egg rolls needed depends on the size of the party and the type of food being served with them. For example, if you’re serving a buffet then you will need more than if you put them on a plate. At a buffet, people will tend to take extra eggrolls. If you’re serving appetizers at a sit-down dinner, you may want to serve a little less, but still, have enough that people who want seconds can get them.

When serving a large group then you should serve two egg rolls per person. Plus some side dishes.

Cocktail Receptions Guests from per person

A typical cocktail party has anywhere from 50 to 100 people attending. Less than that it is often better to have a buffet serving.

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Can You Serve Eggrolls at A Superbowl Party

Eggrolls tend to be “in trend” these days, as seen by their inclusion at Super Bowl parties. I was at a party this past Super Bowl when one of the attendees brought freshly made eggrolls from a restaurant – they were OK, but nothing beats handmade, made from scratch, mix your own filling, fry them up blistering hot, and tasty.

They’re a great deal of fun to make as a group.  

This may be a terrific idea at your upcoming Super Bowl party; practice now so you’ll be ready next year.

How Many Southwest Egg Rolls Purpose
How Many Southwest Egg Rolls Per Person

What Does an Egg Roll Contain?

The stuffing of an egg roll, like that of spring rolls, is mostly up to the chef’s discretion, however, there are a few restrictions. Because egg rolls have a thicker covering, you’ll want to fill it with something that can withstand the texture and taste. Egg rolls, unlike spring rolls, usually have cooked contents and nearly always include meat. Vegetable egg rolls, on the other hand, may be just as filling, thanks to a cooked mixture of savory vegetables like cabbage, celery, and onion, as well as lots of flavor.

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What Is the Average Size of An Egg roll.

A typical East Coast egg roll is 6 inches long. They are around 2.5 inches round and one provides a good snack, but most people buy more than one.

How Many Eggrolls per Person for a Big Group

If you want to feed a large group of people, you should plan to cook enough food for each person to eat at least two egg rolls, but some people will have 3. In addition, you need to allow for seconds.  Therefore when you calculate how many eggrolls per person you need 2.5 eggrolls per person. 

A Table of How Many Eggroll per person 

These quantities are based on Eggroll being the main dish and allows for some people to have seconds. It also assumes you will be serving one or two sides. For example rice (see how much rice for a big group), or a salad (what are the most popular salads to serve at a party)  at least.

How Many Eggroll Per Person for 10 People

  • For 10 people you should serve 25 Eggrolls

How Many Egg Rolls Per Person for 20 People

  • For 20 people you should serve 50 Eggrolls

How Many Egg Rolls Per Person for 40 People

  • For 40 people you should serve 100 Egg Rolls

How Many Eggrolls Per Person for 50 People

  • For 50 people you should serve 125 Eggrolls

How Many Eggrolls Per Person for 80 People

  • For 80 people you should serve 200 Eggrolls

How Many Eggrolls Per Person for 100 People

  • For 100 people you should serve 250 Eggrolls
How Many Egg Rolls in A Serving
How Many Egg Rolls in A Serving For A Large Group – Budget on serving 2.5 egg rolls per person for a crowd of people

How Big Should Egg Roll Be for a Large Group

The best size when serving a crowd of people is to make a standard sized egg roll of around 5-6 inches long. Plus, You could even add in other ingredients to give your eggrolls a bit more flavor and filling.

Can I Make Eggrolls Ahead of Time and Reheat?

Yes, you can prepare eggrolls ahead of time, but it is better if you can deep fry them on the day of the party.

I prepare my own filling by combining ingredients that I enjoy in my eggrolls: pork, cabbage, onions, carrots, celery, onions, and beans, which are rapidly cooked and then stuffed into the eggrolls. 
It’s not a “typical” eggroll in any sense of the word. However, it’s a tasty filling that’s simple to prepare.

I usually pre-chop all of my ingredients before the eggroll party, usually the night before. Store them in containers (or a zip lock plastic bag) ready to be fried the following day. .

What Sides To Serve With Eggroll?

  • Rice
  • Cobb Salad
  • Quinoa 
  • Salad
  • Veggies
  • Sauces
  • Toppings
  • Caramelized Onions
  • Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Mustard
  • Ketchup

Is an Eggroll a Meal

Depending on the filing they can actually be a meal – you can have savory Eggroll loaded with your favorite fillings, make them a bit bigger and they’re really yummy.