How Many Hamburgers to Buy for a Big Group

How Many Hamburgers Per Pound

Grilling burgers for a party, Cookout crowd, tailgate party, a Superbowl or memorial day weekend is an ideal way to make your guests happy and satisfied with good food, especially if served with coolers, special sauces, and side dishes.

The key to serving hamburger food for large groups is using the right kind of ingredients that can deliver amazing taste, and one of the best foods for this is the humble beef burger patty served with the right bun and condiments they can take your event to a new food level.

I say – go that extra mile and make a great hamburger patty or buy the best hamburger patties from your gourmet store.

But How many do you need for a big group – how do you calculate or work out how many to purchase, or how many pounds of ground meat or pulled pork (see our instant pot – pull pork burger recipe) to get for 10,20 50 or more people.

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Homemade Burger Patty For 10 People
Homemade Burger Patty For 10 People

How Many Burgers for 10 People

  • 22 1/4 lb Homemade Hamburgers
  • 25 1/3 lb Costco Hamburgers
  • 1.4 bags of Costco Beef Patties will feed 10 people.
How To Prepare Burgers For A Crowd
How To Prepare Burgers For A Crowd

How Many Burgers for 20 People

  • 44 1/4 lb Homemade Hamburgers to feed 20 guests
  • 25 1/3 lb Costco Hamburgers to feed 20 people
  • 1.4 bags of Costco Beef Patties will feed 10 people.
Homemade Burgers For 12 People
Homemade Burgers For 50 People

How Many Burgers for 50 People

  • 130 1/4 lb Homemade Hamburgers to feed 50 guests
  • 125 1/3 lb Costco Hamburgers to feed 50 people
  • 7.5 bags of Costco Beef Patties will feed 50 people.
Best Burgers For a crowd
Best Burgers For a crowd of 75 Guests

How Many Burgers for 75 People

  • 165 1/4 lb Homemade Hamburgers to feed 75 guests
  • 188 1/3 lb Costco Hamburgers to feed 75 people
  • 10.5 bags of Costco Beef Patties will feed 75 people.
Juicy Burger
Juicy Burger – For 100 Guests

How Many Burgers for 100 People

  • 220 1/4 lb Homemade Hamburgers to feed 100 guests
  • 250 1/3 lb Costco Hamburgers to feed 100 people
  • 14 bags of Costco Beef Patties will feed 100 people.
How To Prepare Burgers For A Crowd
How To Prepare Burgers For A Crowd

How Many Burgers for 120 People

  • 264 1/4 lb Homemade Hamburgers to feed 120 guests
  • 300 1/3 lb Costco Hamburgers to feed 120 people
  • 17 bags of Costco Beef Patties will feed 120 people.

How many burgers do you need per person? – I use two and a quarter burgers per person

How Many Burgers Do You Need Per Person – Guest Demographics

The number of burgers you will prepare will also depend on what kind of event you are going into. As previously mentioned, there are several factors that can affect the capacity of a person to consume food.

We have a great article on the top 20 budget recipes when cooking for a large group.

It is always a good idea to cook ahead of time, especially if you are cooking hamburgers for a crowd – see our top tips and methods for making burgers for 100 people.

How Many Burgers Do You Need For Teenagers and Men – Per Person

It is common knowledge for everyone that men eat way more than women. This is mostly the case, especially for teenage and adult men. If you only have teenage and adult men during the event, you will definitely have to prepare 3 hamburgers per person. Especially if you are at an outdoor event and have physically draining activities, your guests will probably eat all three hamburgers. 

How Many Burgers Do You Need For A Mixed Family Gathering – Per Person

During a family gathering, it is expected that it is a mixed demographics of guests attending. There will be a mixed group of adult men and women, teenage boys and girls, little kids, and oldies. With that, the serving size of food would also differ from what is stated previously. Little kids would probably consume one burger only. Teenagers can eat around two to three; adults may consume at least 3; while grandmas and grandpas would probably have at least one burger only. I would use 1.75 burgers per person for a family reunion.

School events are kind of large events that are very hard to predict how much of the actual serving size is really needed. It is better to prepare three hamburgers per person and adjust as you go. Means, you do not have to prepare or cook all the hamburgers at once.  Feeding a middle school crowd also can be challenging – my best advice is to cook 1.5 burgers per person and watch the consumption – and be standing by to cook more if needed.

How to Keep Hamburgers Warm for a Crowd

One of the common mistakes in serving burgers is not making them warm enough. And because you can only keep so many burgers on the grill at once, it is essential that you cover them to keep them warm until served. 

You can also keep them warm by using an oven heated to 200°F. Do not worry, it will not cause the burger to be overcooked. Rather, the heat is just enough to keep them warm. If you want to be extra careful not to overcook the burgers, you can open the oven door a little to release the heat, plus cover the burgers with tin foil to stop any moisture from escaping.

Whether in metal or foil, using warming trays is also a good idea in keeping the burger warm for a crowd.  This is a common harming method since it holds the heat better and is way cheaper than crock pots or slow cookers.

Juicy Burger
Juicy Burger

How Side Dishes Affect the Number of Hamburgers to Buy

Side dishes such as french fries, potato chips, onion rings, and coleslaw are essential in serving burgers during an event. They will surely add satisfaction to everyone, especially children. The more food available on the table, the happier everyone will be. You may not serve several kinds of sides but serve at least one for each serving. 

Moreover, serving multiple sides for everyone means fewer burgers to be consumed. This will give you a chance to have a cheaper option, so you will not end up buying tons of ingredients and having them stored in your fridge. 

Here are some sides that you can choose to serve long with the hamburgers:

Homemade Burger Patty For 10 People
Homemade Burger Patty For 10 People

What is the Best Sauce for Hamburgers

Using the right and the best kind of sauce for your hamburgers will greatly improve the taste of it. If you have noticed, burger joints such as Big Mac and Burger King have their own special burger sauce, which makes it special and addicting. That is because the hamburger sauce plays a huge role in the taste and texture.  

Which cheese is best for burgers when Served to lots of People?

here we list what cheese is best for burgers

  • Cheddar cheese
  • American cheese
  • Monterey Jack
  • Provolone
  • Smoked Gouda

Which Types Of Beef Or Meat is best when Serving Hamburgers to lots and lots of People

What beef is best for burgers – To make a delicious burger not only do you need delicious toppings but the choice of meat is important for taste and juiciness lean ground beef mixed with egg is a classic, other cuts can be used and even mince at home

  • Ground Brisket is a classic for this homemade beef.
  • Ground Rump steak

also, add in some chopped ground bacon with diced onion and a small number of bread crumbs. Cooking a perfect burger full of flavor on the griddle is very satisfying. Do not forget to season it with salt, pepper, and even some garlic powder.

Also, see our online calculator for How Much Prime Rib Per Person and Mac and Cheese Per Person table and calculator

How Many Burgers Does a pound make?

For each pound of ground beef, you can make 4 burgers. If cost is a concern then you can add some cheaper fillers like bread crumbs and diced onion and by doing this you can get 30% more burgers.

  • How much meat do I need for 12 burgers? – You will need 3 pounds of beef.
  • How much meat do I need for 4 burgers – one (1) pound of ground beef
  • How much beef do I need for 8 burgers – 2 pounds of burger meat

What is a good size burger – a good-sized burger patty is 1/4 pound as this allows for a bit of weight loss when cooking.

How many burgers can you make with 3 lbs. of beef – 12 burgers

Best Frozen Hamburger Patties

See Other Catering Tips For a Big Group including how to reheat French Fries which go great with burgers.

How Many Costco Chicken Patties Per Person

After a long day at work, you usually look forward to having a warm, filling meal at home. However, you might be too tired to cook a large dinner as it takes time and energy. 

In these scenarios, you might find that the chicken patties you’ve bought earlier from Costco are lifesavers! The question is, though, how many Costco chicken patties per person? 

Recommended Serving Sizes

According to the DGA (Dietary Guidelines for Americans), the recommended daily intake of chicken is around 99 grams (3.5 ounces). 

How Many Costco Burgers per Person
How Many Costco Burgers per Person – Budget On 1.5 Costco Patties Per Person

As for Costco’s chicken patties, it’s mentioned that a single patty weighs around 114 grams (4 ounces). With that in mind, the recommended amount of chicken patties per person would be about 1.5 patties a day. 

  • For 4 People Serve 6 Costco Chicken Patties
  • For 10 Guests Serve 16 Costco Chicken Patties
  • For 20 Guests Serve 32 Costco Chicken Patties.

This will allow for some people to eat extra or have seconds.

Can You Eat More Than One Patty?

Although there isn’t a set maximum amount as far as the daily intake of chicken patties, and you technically can eat more than one patty per person, it’s still better to eat it in moderation to avoid health issues. 

Try to keep your daily chicken intake to under 170 grams (6 ounces).

Can Young Children Eat Costco Chicken Patties?

The answer is yes, they can. But like we mentioned before, it’s best to keep it in moderation. Even though fresh chicken would be the better option when it comes to a toddler’s or young child’s meals, eating a chicken patty every once in a while won’t cause any big issues. 

Also, chicken patty contains around 15 grams of protein, which can be considered good for the day, as the maximum amount for kids aged 4-9 years old is around 19 grams.

Costco Chicken Patties Serve 6 oz Per Person for a Crowd
How Many Costco Burgers per Person

As for kids at the start of their teenage years, their recommended intake would be 34 grams. In which case, they’ll need to have other meals with their chicken patty to get their recommended daily intake.

Are Costco Chicken Patties Healthy?

If we’re speaking from a health point of view, chicken burgers would be healthier than normal meat burgers. 

This is due to them having a lower amount of saturated fat and calories than beef patties. So, even though to some of us they aren’t as good, taste-wise, they’re the healthier of the two. 

This doesn’t mean that chicken burgers are super healthy, per se. It just means that they’re the better option. 

Note, however, that chicken patties tend to have a large amount of sodium. 

Costco’s chicken patties contain around 450 milligrams per patty, while the daily recommended sodium intake is around 2,300 milligrams. This number might differ from one person to another.

This suggests that a single chicken patty would contain a considerable amount of your advised daily sodium intake. 

That’s why it’s better to eat it in moderation as consuming too much sodium can cause several health issues. High blood pressure, which might lead to heart disease, is one example.