How Many Plates Do I Need For A Party

How Many Plates Do I Need For A Party

Can We Talk all about Plates for a big group or party?

If you’ve got a big crowd, consider investing in some extra plates and bowls. It may seem like a waste of money when you’re planning for just 30 people, but trust us – once you start cooking, you won’t know what hit you! And don’t forget to buy plenty of knives forks and glasses.

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  • plates non disposable
    • The best rule to use is to multiply by 1.5 the number of guests that are coming for non disposable

With normal plates, folks will tend to re-use them when they go back for seconds.

  • disposable plates
    • The best rule to use if you do not want to get too complex is to work out how many guests are coming and multiply the number of plates by three times.
    • You can use paper or bamboo disposable plates that are biodegradable plates.
    • You can also easily buy dinnerware biodegradable options of all sizes
    • dessert plate, buffet table plates, salad plate and hors D’oeuvres plates, soup bowl, and flatware.

With throwaway plates, people will often just bin them on the way to get seconds, especially if they see a stack of new plates sitting on the table. That is why for each type of disposable plate you need to have about 3 times the plates as the number of guests attending.

  • dinner plate
    • If you are only calculating dinner pates then use 1.5 x the number of guests. This is because not everyone will go back for seconds.
  • extra plates
    • If you want to have extra plates as an emergency supply for unexpected guests then buy 1 plate type per guest. The plates are relatively inexpensive and do not go off. So they will not be wasted.

I would not tend to use melamine plates – as they are not really disposable and you can get online real china, porcelain, or ceramic plates in bulk for only a little more. And they just feel so much better. So my preference for plates for a party is either disposable, bio-degradable plates or the real McCoy plates. Not plastic.

How Many Plates for a Wedding Reception?
How Many Plates for a Wedding Reception?

How many plates do you need for a wedding?

If you’re planning a wedding reception, you should aim to provide enough plates for every guest and then some. It’s also worth noting that if you’re serving alcohol, you’ll need to provide more plates (and glasses) because people tend to eat more when there are drinks freely available.

You can use these guidelines to calculate how many plates you’ll need for your wedding reception.

How Many Disposable Plates for Outdoor Weddings

Ceramic and/or china plates cost more than disposable plates. Buying extra than you need is hard when weddings are expensive as it is. 

If you want to make it easier for your wedding reception, disposable plates are a great idea. They are not quite as formal. However, it is much cheaper to buy extra paper plates for your wedding.

Plus, you don’t need to clean used paper plates. Just put them into plastic trash bins.

If you are planning to invite 100 people, friends or guests to your wedding, prepare at least two plates- each guest for dinner plates and for side dish and dessert plates 3 times the amount of guests.

If you are having 150 guests on your wedding event, you will want to buy about 300 dinner paper plates and 450 smaller dessert or side dish plates. This will let people put a piece of cake, donut hole, or cookies to have with tea or coffee.

Couples who are having 300 people on their wedding list will need to have around 900 disposable plates – paper- to be sure that all have sufficient plates for food and desserts.

How Many Plates for a Picnic of 50 People
How Many Plates for a Picnic of 50 People

How many plates do you need for a Picnic?

If you’re planning a picnic for a large group, plate planning, including any platter plates is important because you can not just go back to the pantry and get more.

Also, people will eat something and then go and play ball or with the kids and come back and look to snack or have seconds so having enough plates is key to a successful picnic.

You can use these guidelines to calculate how many plates you’ll need for your wedding reception.

How Many Disposable Plates for Outdoor Picnics or Family Gatherings

Most of the time disposable plates are the go-to for picnics. Plastic, melamine, or corelle dinnerware are sometimes used but if you have a big group you often do not have enough.

If you want to for an easy picnic paper plate or disposable plates are the best.

At a picnic, you do not have to worry about being formal and it is much cheaper to get an extra 100 paper plates than another corelle set.

If you are planning 50 friends and family to your event, prepare three plates for each guest.

If you are having dessert, or mini cupcakes then get three dimes the number of dessert or bread plate.

How Many Plates do you need for 50 guests?

You need 100 plates for 50 guests – as a starting point.

How many disposable plates do I need for a Party?

The answer is – 3 times the amount of plates and number of guests. So for example, if you have a party of 20 people you will need 60 plates

Christmas party plates how many do I need for a big group.

You will need three times the amount of plates as guests.

Kids party plates How many do I need for 20 kids?

You will need 60 plates for 20 kids.

So wrapping up plates for party

If you’re hosting a party, you’ll want to make sure you have enough dishes and utensils to accommodate everyone. If you’re planning on serving food, you’ll also want to make sure you’ve got enough serving platters, bowls, cups, and other items to serve your guests.

You’ll also want to make certain you have plenty of napkins, paper towels, and trash bags on hand.