How Many Roasted Potatoes Per Person For a Crowd

How Many Roast Potatoes Per Person For A Big Family Gathering

Potatoes are a favorite staple of any meal. Baked, fried, and roasted–it doesn’t matter how you cook them. The only problem you will have is ensuring you have enough roasted potatoes to serve everyone. Word of advice when determining how many roast potatoes per person for a big group– always consider seconds and thirds! 

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How Many Roasted Potatoes Per Person?

When serving a group of people roasted potatoes you need to figure a little over half a pound per person. Therefore, if you are serving a group of 50 people, you will need to roast around 30 pounds of potatoes. This amount will ensure a little extra for second and third servings.  

To account for a little shrinkage and weight loss with peeling, soaking and cooking I would go with 10-12 oz of uncooked potatoes per person. (this accounts for a few people having seconds) They are relatively cheap to buy compared to protein.

I would also serve 4 medium to large-sized roast potatoes per person at a Christmas Dinner or similar.

A Handy Table with Exact Amounts of Potatoes to Serve a Crowd

  • For a small group of 4 people serve 3 lbs or 16 medium sized roast potatoes
  • 10 people serve 40 cut roasted potatoes. Purchase 6.5 lbs of raw potatoes
  • 20 people serve 80 cut roasted potatoes. Purchase 13 lbs of raw potatoes
  • 50 people serve 200 cut roasted potatoes. Purchase 35lbs of raw potatoes
  • 100 people serve 400 cut roasted potatoes. Purchase 65-70 lbs of raw potatoes

How to Calculate the Number of Roasted Potatoes Per Person

An average serving of roasted potato is between 8 and 12 ounces. When determining how many roast potatoes per person for a big group average 10 ounces per person. Instead of having to worry about how much each potato weighs, just purchase them by the pound. For a group of 50 people, you will need approximately 32 pounds of baked potatoes. This will also be enough to account for those who want second or third servings. 

How Can I Keep Roasted Potatoes Warm?

How do you keep fully cooked potatoes warm? Once you ensure the internal temperature is at least 185 Fahrenheit, remove from the oven and wrap it individually in foil. The best way to store baked potatoes is in the drawer of a heated bread warmer. This way you can ensure the potatoes are nice and toasty when your guests are prepared to eat. 

How Do I Roast Potatoes for a Large Group?

How many roast potatoes is a serving?
How Many Roast Potatoes Is a Serving?

 When planning a dinner or luncheon for a big group it takes a lot of planning and thought. Besides ensuring plenty of food, you want the food to be ready to eat all at once.

The way to do this when roasting potatoes is by placing all the potatoes individually onto the oven rack. Cook the potatoes until the internal temperature is at least 185 Fahrenheit and then wrap each in foil.

The foil will retain the potatoes heat, so they are toasty warm when your guest unwraps them. 

How Long Does it Take to Roast Potatoes for 50 Guests?

 It usually takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes to bake 50 potatoes in an oven heated to 400 Fahrenheit.

This is taking into consideration the potatoes are average size, between 8 and 10 ounces each, and your oven heats at a true temperature. When planning a dinner for 50 guests, roast the potatoes two hours in advance. This allows for time to plan and prepare other side dishes and the main course. 

See the top 3 roast potato recipes for thanksgiving and large events in 2024.

Can I Roast Potatoes Before the Party and Reheat to Serve?

Yes. Potatoes can be baked/roasted prior to the event and kept warm for as long as six hours. It’s easy once you learn how to prepare roasted potatoes for a big group. In addition, you can reheat potatoes that have been baked before the party. Just put in an oven preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes. The potatoes will be just as warm and tasty as they were when you first baked them! 

How many Roasties do I need per person?
How many Roasties do I need per person?

Does Wrapping Potatoes in Foil Make them Cook Faster?

Although wrapping the potatoes in foil does make them bake faster, this method alters the potatoes’ consistency. When baking without wrapping in foil first the skin will be slightly more crispy. If your guests prefer a boiled or steamed potato consistency, then wrap in foil prior to baking. 

Can Roasted Potatoes be Frozen and Thawed Prior to the Event?

You can absolutely freeze the potatoes you have baked prior to your catering event. Individually wrap aluminum foil around each potato once baking is finished. Then put them in the freezer until completely frozen. To ensure freshness, put a second layer of aluminum foil over each frozen potato. Next, put all the foil-wrapped potatoes into a zip-lock plastic bag and store them in the freezer until needed. To reheat frozen potatoes place in 350 degrees Fahrenheit, preheated oven for 45 minutes to an hour. This will ensure all potatoes are completely heated and ready to serve! 

How Big Do I Cut The Potato Chunks or Cubes for Roast Potatoes

If you want to roast potatoes, then cut them into cubes rather than chunks. This way they cook faster and don’t dry out. However, if you like your potatoes to be fluffy, then cut them into large chunks.

What Does Baking Soda Do to Roast Potatoes?

Baking soda will help break down the potato “pectin” plus it will also tend to draw the component “starch” to the top or surface of the potato. What this does is enhance the golden brown color you get on the surface of the potato and tends to make them more crispy which we all like.

Also when roasting use a little unsalted butter it will also give a lovely golden brown color and flavor to your roast potatoes just brush it on.

How To Add Baking Soda To Roast Potatoes

Add a pinch of baking soda or even soak them in a water bath for 15 minutes.

How Many Small Roasties Potatoes per Person
How Many Small Roasties Potatoes per Person

What Type of Potatoes to Use for The Best Roast Potatoes

To make the best roast potatoes, use russet potatoes. They are not too starchy, which means they absorb moisture well and hold the shape you have cut them in. This makes them perfect for roasting. Russets also have a high sugar content, which helps them brown nicely when roasted.

Yukon Gold is also good for roasting they have a slightly less starch content and a little bit more sugar. This tends to give more flavor to the roast potato and lightly dark color. 

Top 10 Best Potatoes For Roasting

  1. Desiree potatoes
  2. Russet Burbank
  3. Yukon Gold
  4. Red Bliss, Idaho
  5. Purple Peruvian
  6. Yellow Finn
  7. Kipfler Potatoes
  8. Agria Potatoes
  9. Sebago Potatoes from Maine
  10. Sweet Red Potato

These potatoes are all great for baking, boiling, and mashing. They also hold up well when roasted.

How to Add Flavoring Rubs to Roast Potatoes

You know how much we love our roasted potatoes. But if you’ve never tried adding flavorings to them before, you might be surprised by what happens when you do.

It’s true that most potato recipes call for salt and pepper, but why stop there? Add a dash of garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, or any number of other spices to give your potatoes a kick.

And if you really want to go wild, try adding a little butter or olive oil to the rosemary and garlic mix and gently rub on the potatoes before roasting.

How Many Pounds of New or Baby Potatoes per Person

Baby Potatoes Are Usually Boiled, but Can Also Be Roasted
Baby Potatoes Are Usually Boiled, but Can Also Be Roasted

New potatoes, also called baby potatoes, are harvested potatoes before they reach their full potential size.

They are normally boiled and served with some butter, salt, and pepper – in the season they are really nice in salads also, however they are not used in mashed potatoes and a not usually roasted

These mini spuds can be used as a star ingredient in main dishes but also works wonderfully as side dishes to meat, chicken, and vegetable-based recipes for your special occasions. They are smaller, softer, have higher moisture, and lower starch levels than regular, mature potatoes. 

So, how Many Baby Potatoes Do You Actually Need per Person?

The rule of thumb for serving baby potatoes is half a pound per person makes up a single serving.

Exact Table of Servings of Baby New Potatoes for 1-50 people.

For party needs or celebrations with family and relatives or friends, refer to the table below:

PeopleAmount of Baby Potatoes in Pounds
10.5 lb
21 lb
52.5 lbs
105 lbs
157.5 lbs
2010 lbs
5020 lbs
Chart Of Baby Potato Serving Amounts for 1-50 people

Will People Need Seconds

It depends on your guests but the answer will most likely be yes! Everyone loves a good potato and if you’re lucky enough to create a recipe that your guests will surely enjoy—such as mashed potatoes, potato fondants, fries, or potato salads—they’d definitely be asking for second servings.

This Plate Is 2 servings Of Baby  or New Potato
This Plate Is 2 servings Of Baby or New Potato

Just make sure you don’t go over one whole pound per person as a single serving only requires a half-pound. Remember to also stock up on other awesome side dishes and level up your main recipes for the celebration. 

How To Cook Baby Potatoes On The Stove

You can prepare baby potatoes in any way you want but make sure you always have salt and pepper seasoning as well as a mixture of herbs for the best results. 

  1. Select your baby potatoes then slice them in half lengthwise before placing them all in a bowl. Mix some olive oil (half only), kosher salt, onion powder, thyme, garlic, rosemary, salt, and pepper, and make sure the potatoes are well-coated in them. 
  2. Heat your pan or skillet on medium heat.
  3. Place the potatoes onto the pan and add half a cup of water.
  4. Cook until the baby potatoes are tender enough for about 20 to 30 minutes. If necessary, add more water.
  5. Add the remaining olive oil and increase the fire to medium-high. Cook for another 6 to 8 minutes until they reach a golden brown color.
  6. Sprinkle some parsley and bon appétit! 

Boiling Baby Potatoes

When boiling baby potatoes, boil salted water inside a pot on medium heat before adding the potatoes, then boil them together until they’re tender for about 7 to 8 minutes. Drain the salted water then put butter inside the same pot then sauté for about 3 minutes. 

After making sure the potatoes are evenly coated in butter, add some garlic and cook for another minute. Turn off the heat, toss some dill inside, mix it all up again, then serve. You can use your favorite sauces such as a cream sauce or butter sauce while garnishing some finely chopped parsley. 

How Long Do You Boil Potatoes With Skin On?

Boiling new potatoes with their skin intact will take you about 20 minutes or less if they’re already tender before that time period. Use a fork to check the softness of the potatoes. 

The proper way to boil potatoes with skin on is to slice through the potato peel around each potato but without making any deep cuts since you want to use as much skin as you can when cooking. Afterward, you place the potatoes in a saucepan with salted water and then boil in low heat. 

Should You Salt Water When Boiling Potatoes?

Yes, adding when boiling potatoes seasons them and allows them to boil at higher temperatures so you could cook any of the starch in the potatoes and achieve the ideal tenderness. Adding one teaspoon of salt for every pound of potatoes used is highly recommended. 

If you don’t season the water, it may result in a dull and thick potato finish and you definitely wouldn’t want that to happen. Make sure to sprinkle some herbs and spices to give that extra flare to your otherwise bland potatoes. The best ones to use are the classic salt and pepper, thyme, and bay leaf. 

Steamed Baby Potatoes

Place baby potatoes in a steamer basket and make sure they’re already washed clean prior. All relatively larger-sized baby potatoes should go on the bottom while the smaller ones are on top. In a pot, add about one inch of water then bring to a boil before placing the steamer basket on top. 

Close the steamer using a lid and cook on medium heat for about 20 minutes then check tenderness using a fork or knife then place the potatoes in a separate clean container. Afterward, coat the baby potatoes with some melted butter, kosher salt, herbs, and spices of your choice. 

For best results, sprinkle some salt, pepper, basil, chives, and dill. 

What To Serve With Baby Potato Dishes

Baby potatoes are best used as side dishes for meat recipes such as steak, beef casseroles, and stews or chicken recipes such as pot pies, grilled barbecue chicken, and creamy mushroom chicken. You can also use it as a companion for lamb, turkey, fish-based dishes, and vegetarian dishes.