How Many Sausages Per Person

When you are planning a big party or BQQ for a big crowd – How many sausages per person do you need.

Do you love sausages? Most people do whether it is on the BBQ or in a sausage casserole we love eating sausages or even as breakfast sausages.

How Many Sausages Per Person for a Big Group

The number of sausages required for a large group will depend upon how many guests but more importantly what type of guests you have at your barbecue. Men for example eat more than women and teenagers can eat a lot of sausages. So factor that in and scale up or down from our table below which is based on averages.

The other catering decision is are you serving sausages as the main protein or will you have another choice like burgers, pulled pork, or Tacos. So if you’re having 20 to 30 friends over for a barbecue and you want to serve some sausages with your burgers, then obviously you’ll need fewer sausages than if you were preparing sausages only.

In the table below we are assuming sausages are your main dish.

How Many Sausages Do You Need per Person for a big Group?

For a large crowd, you will need 3 sausages of average size per person. If you are using thin sausages. like a chipolata then budget of using 4 thin sausage links per person.

So to summarize the sausage link service size per guest for a party is 3 sausages. Which is 2 oz per cooked sausage. So you can see if a guest eats 3 sausages that is 6 oz of protein which is plenty. Especially when you consider there will be sides like coleslaw or potato salad. Or perhaps they are wrapped in bread with mustard and ketchup.

If you are serving sausages as an appetizer then you may want to use 1 sausage per person. This would give you about 2 oz per sausage.

How do you tell if your sausage link is cooked?

An Exact Table of How Many Sausages Per person for a Big Group

How To Tell If Sausage Is Cooked
How many Sausages Links To Serve Per person
  • Serve 30 sausages for 10 people
  • For thin sausages cook 40 links for 10 guests
  • Serve 60 sausages for 20 people
  • For thin sausages cook 80 links for 20 guests
  • Serve 150 sausages for 50 people
  • For thin sausages cook 200 links for 50 guests
  • Serve 300 sausages for 100 people
  • For thin sausages cook 400 links for 100 guests

How Many Pounds of Sausage per Person Should I Buy?

For 1 person you should buy half a pound of sausages. This applies to thin or thick sausage links also.

Other Questions People Ask

  • How many sausages in a  pound – There are about 6.6 average sausages in a lb
  • How many sausages in a kilo – There are about 16 sausages in a kilo
  • how many thin sausages in a kilo – there are about 30 thin sausages in a kilo.
  • How many sausages do men eat for dinner? men will eat 3 sausages for a dinner.
  • How many servings of Sausage does 5 lbs make? – 5 lbs makes servings for 14 people.

How much weight does sausage lose when cooked

A sausage will lose approximately 25% of its weight when it is cooked. On a BBQ a sausage link may lose more because the casing may split and the fat and moisture may run out. You have all heard the BBQ flame out from sausage fat! 

How many Sausage for Different Events and Occasions

  • Serving Sausages at a Buffet increase by up to 20%
  • Serving Sausages at an all-day large family gathering increase by 20%
  • Memorial Day BBQ increase the sausage link quantities by 10%

What are the different types of Sausage

  • – Bratwurst
  • – Bockwurst
  • – Frankfurter
  • – Knackwurst
  • – Hotdog
  • – Italian Sausage
  • – Polish Sausage
  • – Chorizo
  • – Corned Beef Sausage
  • – Andouille – pork sausage

There are many pros and cons to buying ground vs. links. A link is usually sold whole, while ground sausage comes in patties. The biggest pro to links is the flavor. You get the full flavor kept in by the casing. 

What seasoning ingredients can you put with Sausages to enhance their flavor?

– Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayenne.

– Mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, brown sugar.

– Mayonnaise, mustard, relish, honey, butter, vinegar, salsa.

How long do leftover sausages last?

Leftover cooked sausages last for 4 days in the fridge when stored in an airtight container. Food safe best practice is to place them in the fridge within 2 hours of cooking.

Similarly, cooked sausages can be frozen for 3 months.

How many pounds of Italian sausage do you buy for 10 people?

Buy 4 lbs of Italian sausage to feed 10 guests.