How Many Wedges in an Orange

Most of the time, there are actually 10 or more wedges in an orange. As a great source of vitamin C, many people love this citrus fruit and wonder about its elements, flavor, and benefits.

Today, this article is intended to give you details about how many orange wedges are, as well as how to cut them properly and more.

If you love eating oranges, this article is for you!


How Many Wedges in Orange

Do you know that you can cut six perfect orange wedges? It’s true! However, the number of wedges in an orange varies according to the size of the fruit.

The average size of an orange is between 2-4 inches long. So, if you want to have a perfect wedge in your mouth, then it should be around 3/4 inch wide or lesser.

Now, are you wondering how to perfectly cut the orange? Read below!

How to Cut an Orange
How to Cut an Orange

How to Perfectly Cut Orange Wedge

The most common way to cut an orange is by slicing through its center with a sharp knife. But before doing so, remember to remove all the seeds from the fruit.

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You may also use a sharp paring knife to make sure that you get rid of any white pith inside the fruit. Follow these steps:

1. Slice the orange in half

Never forget to wash the orange before you slice it. Slice the orange in half from the stem end to the “blossom” end on a cutting board with a solid grip on the orange so it doesn’t roll away under the pressure of your knife. With a sharp blade, cut through the fruit from the stem end to just above where it meets the blossom. Place the orange halves, cut

2. Cut each half into a perfect orange wedge

Turn the two half-spheres into wedges by angling your knife in the fruit’s center and cutting three uniform wedges from each orange half. You should have six nice wedges after this.

3. How to Cut Orange Wedges

Before you begin slicing orange into slices, make sure you wash the fruit and the sharp knife first. You also want to slice it as if you were going to be making slices. Here’s how you should slice orange supreme or orange segments:

1. Start at the top and follow the curve all the way down until you reach the bottom.

2. Once you have done that, you should be left with the orange and no more skin or white.

3. Remove the pith from the orange in sections, starting at the top and working your way down.

4. Once you have removed all of the pith, hold the orange in your hand and look for where the segments are. Thin white lines will be visible. 

5. Cut at an angle slightly between those lines to get great juicy pieces on both sides. These orange slices would be great in adding a citrus flavor to fruit salads, a glass of ice water, a vodka tonic, and other cocktails. You can remove the orange peel and grate them into orange zest.

Orange Wedges Fruit or Segments
Orange Wedges Fruit or Segments – Which Is Better for Drinks – Orange Wedges Are. Because The Orange Skin Is Broken and More of The Juices and Get Into the Drink

How to Cut Orange Wedges For Drinks

A Simple Way to Add Flavor to Your Beverages is to slice and orange.

Cutting orange wedges is tricky. There are so many different ways to do it, but they all have pros and cons. Here’s how to do it right!

1. First, wash the oranges thoroughly. Then, using a sharp knife, cut off the ends. Next, place the oranges on a cutting board. Using a sharp knife, slice the oranges in half lengthwise. Now, turn the orange halves over and cut them crosswise into thin slices.

2. If you want to add some juice to your drink, simply squeeze the orange halves over the glass. Or, you can also cut the orange halves into smaller pieces.

How to Cut Orange Wedges For Soccer

When cutting oranges for soccer, you need to follow certain steps.

First, wash the oranges under running water. Then, slice off the peel using a sharp knife. Next, remove the white pithy part of the fruit. Finally, cut the fruit into sections. It is a little messy this way but there are no skins – the team will eat more if there are no skins.

Take Away

You should always keep in mind that the best way to eat an orange is by biting off one piece at a time. This allows you to enjoy the juice and pulp along with the aroma of the fruit. The orange wedges are best for garnishing drinks, but they can also be used in place of lime wedges.  If you like this post, please share it with your friends. Thank you for reading!