How Much Cheese and Crackers for A Large Group

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How Much Cheese and Crackers Per Person?

How much cheese and crackers do you serve each person for a large group, reception, or company event.

The amount of cheese and crackers that you serve each person depends on how many people are eating. It also depends on the type of cheese and crackers. For example, if you have a party where everyone likes different types of cheese and crackers, you may want to make sure that everyone gets their own variety.

We will cover each part of this subject in a step by manner because each event is slightly different, other variables are cheese and cracker types served.

This resource is to be used as a basis in a general way of how many packs of crackers you should buy, what types of cheese to serve your guests and some relevant serving ideas for each party served.

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How Much Cheese, Crackers and Drinks Do You Need For A Party

1. How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Each Person

Below is a handy Table of exact amounts of cheese to serve with crackers for a crowd.

For each person, you should serve 2.5 ounces of cheese and 6-8 water crackers. This is for a general family get-together or a large group where the main food is crackers and cheese and not much else.

Possibly you may also have some fresh fruit or grapes on the cheese plate.

A Handy Table of How Much Cheese and Crackers Per Person?

For 10 People How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Each Person

For a crowd of 10 people, you would serve 25 oz of cheese and around 80 crackers.

If you are serving a charcuterie board with various cheeses and meats then you could decrease the cheese by 20%.

For 20 People How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Per Person

For a crowd of 20 people, you would serve 3 pounds of cheese and around 160 crackers.

If you are serving charcuterie meats with various cheeses and meats then you could decrease the cheese to 40 ounces, but still serve the same amount of crackers.

For 30 People How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Each Person

For a crowd of 30 guests, you would serve 5 pounds of cheese and around 240 crackers.

You could also have a variety of cheeses, like creamy cheeses and perhaps some grain mustards with your meat selections.

How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Each Person
How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Each Person

For 50 People How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Per Person

For a crowd of 50 people, you would serve 21.5 lbs of cheese and around 400 crackers.

If you are serving meat slices then allow 2 ounces of meat per person with soft cheese as part of your cheese selection. You probably also want to consider different types of crackers.

For 100 People How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Per Person

For a crowd of 100 people, you would serve 45 lbs of cheese and around 800 crackers.

If you are serving meat slices then allow 2 ounces of meat per person and perhaps some summer sausage.

2. For Cheese Dessert Platters How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Each Person

Because a cheese dessert board is served after the main then typically you need a little less cheese, so for a Cheese Dessert platter, you should serve 1.7 ounces of cheese per person accompanied by 4 crackers per guest.

This is a nice way to allow guests to enjoy the remainders of their wine in style and creates a great introduction to then serving a gourmet coffee or an Earl Grey Tea.

Do not forget to have some cheese knives available so people can cut their favorite-sized chunks of cheese. Put the cheese knives on a separate plate.

Learn more about what should be put with respect to each type of cheese platter and how to create the perfect crackers and cheese platter for your guests in our cheese review section below.

3. For Cheese Starters How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Each Person

 If providing cheese as a starter, then serve up to 2 ounces per person. The purpose of making an appetizer is to awaken the taste receptors and make people prepared for a meal.

Your cheese selections should be flavorful and light, not heavy or stinky cheese. Choose two or three different varieties of cheese to serve as an appetizer.

How Much Cheese as A Snack or Appetizer per Person
How Much Cheese as A Snack or Appetizer per Person

4. How Much Cheese for Lunch Per Person Should Be Served

Serving 3 ounces of cheese per person is a regular amount of Oz per person when working out how much cheese to buy for a cheese lunch event. You can serve less cheese per guest at lunch because other food is usually served.

However, adding some fresh fruit or charcuterie meats and grain mustards is a good idea. 

Also, consider a cheese selection or creamy cheeses, maybe an aged cheese plus a familiar cheese like cheddar is a good idea. Plus, adding your favorite crackers will also go well, along with other complementary foods.

5. How Much Cheese per Person Do I Serve for A Cheese Dessert Board

A single cheese serving for a cheese dessert is 2 oz per guest.

Serving cheese as a dessert platter after guests have eaten a number of courses means you should focus on a small range of high-quality favorite cheeses.  You can also have some sweet fruit plus cherry tomatoes to add some finishing touches to the cheeseboard. If you what to make an exceptions cheese dessert platter then also add some edible flowers and some fresh rosemary sprigs.  Cream crackers are often served with a cheese dessert platter.

How TO Make A DIY Cheese Platter

6. How Much Cheese per Person for A Snack or Company Afternoon Event.

Serve 3 ounces of cheese per person for a company event along with cheesy crackers. Extra crackers like nutty crackers are often served also.

Are cheese boards healthy is a question that many professionals will ask, so adding some low-fat cheeses, fruit chutney plus extra fruit is a good idea. Cheese boards in moderation are healthy after all the french eat cheese and have very low cardiovascular issues as a population. 

7. Can I Make a Cheese Platter the Day Before

Can the cheese board be made in advance or ahead of time? Yes, making a charcuterie plus cheese platter up to 2 days ahead is possible.

The most important task when you make it the day before is to wrap it in plastic wrap very well then place it in a cool part of the fridge. You also want to make sure the cold cuts are stored well.

Before serving a make-ahead platter take it out up to 1-hour in advance of serving to your guests.

Lastly, leave the crackers in their original packaging till just before the event.

8. Do I serve Strong or Mild Cheese

When selecting varieties of cheese, keep your visitors in mind. Like any cheese board, including a range of mild, medium to strong cheeses is advisable, that way you cater to everyone.

If you know that guests are used to stronger cheeses, impress them with strong cheeses, but ensure you serve some acidic fruit to cleanse the mouth.  It is actually a good idea to have a fruit per person budget also.

How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Each Person
How Much Cheese And Crackers Do I Serve Each Person

9. How to Make a Cheese Platter for A Crowd

Reading the about sections will have given you a good idea of the quantities of both cheese and crackers that you will need when making a cheese platter for a crowd. 

Here Are the Top 6 Ways to Make a Cheese Platter for A Crowd in 2024

  1. Have a range of cheese types to cater to all guest’s taste
  2. Have a red and white wine or a dry larger as a drink.
  3. For a non-alcoholic drink – Kiwi fruit and raspberry punch will set you apart
  4. Do not buy the cheaper crackers – get the nice ones
  5. Have enough fruit for each person or fruit skewers per person.
  6. Garnishes and decorations like edible flowers will make your plater stand out

10. How to Keep Cheese Platter Cold

Keep a cheese platter cold is done by placing it in the coolest part of the fridge, also it must be completely airtight so that the cheese does not spoil.

11. What Meat for Cheese Platter

I’m not sure as many times as I’ve had people ask “What meat for cheese plate?” Everyone has their own ideas about what they want on their cheeses plates. Some people like chicken; some like steak; some like pork; others like lamb.  So, which meat should you choose?

Here are the top three choices for meats I’d recommend for making great cheese platters

  • Champagne Ham
  • Smoked Chicken Breast – sliced
  • Crispy Bacon ( a bit decadent – but people will love it.)

12. What Foods Pair Well with Cheese on A Platter

When presenting cheese as a focus item at your big event, it’s necessary to pair it with other foods that taste nice with the types of cheese served.  When serving cheese, be sure to provide some fancy crackers, fresh french baguette or some other loaves of artisan bread.

Here are the top 10 foods that pair with cheese on a platter for 2024

  1. Salami
  2. Dried Fruit
  3. Almonds
  4. Pickled Onions
  5. Pickles – (See How Many Pickles per Person For A Large Group)
  6. Shaved Ham
  7. Sliced Turkey Breast
  8. Olives
  9. Pull Apart Chicken
  10. Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

What Are the Best Fruits that Pair with Cheeses

Fresh fruit works very well with cheese. The acidity of the fruit (e.g kiwi fruit) cuts through the richness of the cheese and lets you taste correctly each different type of cheese served.

How Many Cheese Types and Flavors to Serve Per Person
How Many Cheese Types and Flavors to Serve Per Person

13. What Are the Best Cheese Varieties to Serve on A Cheese Platter

Cheese varieties, textures, and tastes of different cheeses certainly make the cheese board more interesting.

Cheese platters are a great way to start a party. They’ve got a lot going for them – they’re easy to prepare, they’re versatile, and they’re usually pretty inexpensive. The key to making a good cheese platter is to pick the right cheeses for each dish. Here are some of the cheeses we recommend serving with a cheese platter. We love these cheeses because they pair so well together.

What Cheese to Choose For a Cheese Platter? The are many opinions on the best cheese types for a platter and it largely comes down to personal taste. However, you must consider what the taste of your guests will be, and therefore it is best to serve a wide range of cheese types when choosing which cheese for your cheese platter.

Here are the most popular variety of cheeses to serve on a cheese platter or tray in 2024

  • Blue Cheese Wedges
  • Brie
  • Monterey Jack
  • Smoked Cheese
  • Mozzarella
  • Tasty Cheese
  • Mild Cheese

14. What Are the Best Crackers to Serve with A Cheese Platter

When it comes to cheese platters, there are many different types of crackers that go well with cheese. There are thin and thick crackers, whole grain and gluten free crackers, and more. One type of cracker that is often overlooked is the pretzel. Pretzels are great because they are soft and chewy, and they pair perfectly with cheese. They also make a great snack or appetizer at any party.

  • Original Water Crackers.
  • Sonora Crackers
  • Sea Salt Crackers
  • Nut Thins Crackers
  • Sesame & Sea Salt Thins

15. What’s the Best Way to Serve Cheese and Crackers at A Party?

The best way to serve cheese and crackers at a party is by using a cheese board. It makes serving easier for everyone and keeps the food is easy to reach.

The best way to make sure that people are enjoying themselves at a party is by offering them snacks. Snacks can include anything from cheese and crackers to finger foods like mini-pizzas.

How Much Cheese as A Snack or Appetizer per Person
Nice Browns and Autumn Colors on This Cheese Board

15.1 What Is the Best Way to Serve a Cheese Platter for Thanksgiving

Other than the reality that there probably wasn’t much cheese in 17th century Plymouth, why isn’t cheese a major part of the Thanksgiving meal? 

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, then you will want to serve cheese platters at your table. This is one of my favorite things to do for Thanksgiving and it’s easy too!

Cheese does not require an oven and if displayed correctly it can provide a professional caterer’s touch to your family’s thanksgiving experience.

Yes, cheese is simple in many respects; that is the purpose.  Between taking it out of the fridge and arranging it on a dish, there is very little prep work.  There will be no trussing, marinating, or julienning.

Furthermore, if you have been invited to a thanksgiving event it is a perfect gift or food contribution to take – nobody will turn down a cheese platter with fruits.  A cheese Platter with grapes is a convenient last-minute choice.

Since Thanksgiving is really a North American celebration, another way to serve a stunning cheese platter is to use local cheeses from your area.

Or you could go all out and serve cheese that comes from around the Plymouth region. 

The best way to get cheeses from your local region is to go to an Artisan food market where you will be able to get unique and special cheeses that nobody else can buy in the supermarket. It will make your cheeseboard stand out.

With a lot of cheeses to pick from, how do you decide which ones to include on your platter? While some purists recommend serving say three or four on a board, it would not be out of line to serve more than a handful. It is, after all, it is Thanksgiving.

Given that this is an appetizer dish and there will be plenty of food, I’d offer each guest half an ounce of each cheese. For eight individuals, for example, 4 ounces of cheese total is plenty.

Many specialty kinds of cheese cost between over $25 per pound, but as you won’t be serving a lot, you won’t need to spend much. I’d serve three and maybe six items from the following groups.

An aside on how to plate cheeses on a platter: normally position, the mildest to the strongest or the youngest to the oldest are served in ascending order, beginning at the 6 o’clock position and going clockwise.

Here are some cheese platter ideas for thanksgiving

  • Buffalo Mozzarella
  • Soft Cheese Like Brie – these are always popular
  • Taleggio – which is a washed rind cheese
  • Also, try a vegan cheese like one made from cashews.

Now to some accouterments that are sweeter. See if you can have autumnal shades or colors it will add a flair.

Here are my suggestions for additions to a Thanksgiving cheese platter that has colors of autumn.

  • Cranberries
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Apricots
  • Dried Figs
  • Almonds
  • Sprig of Rosemary or Thyme

If you decorate it right using all of these colors you get some lovely oranges yellows browns and greens and your festive cheese basket will become the talking point of Thanksgiving.

How To Make A Christmas Themed Cheese Platter
How To Make A Christmas Themed Cheese Platter

15.2  Cheese Platter Ideas for Christmas

To make the cheese platter have a Christmas look and feel top it with fresh mint leaves or sprigs of rosemary and some cherry tomatoes. This will give you the red and green theme which matches Christmas. Also, serving some white buffalo mozzarella cheese will give a look and feel of snow if you break it up randomly.

Make lots of different shapes of biscuits, crackers, and breadstick doughs. Use smaller dishes for dips, sauces, jams, etc. Don’t cut cheese that is soft (e.g brie)  into slices; leave them whole. Place fresh grapes, apples, and cut figs on top of each plate.

You can also present it as a Christmas cheese basket and people will be amazed at your creativity.

If you want to make it into a gift then you can also have a Christmas cheese basket and add a knife set to it.

Hopefully, this has given you some great cheese platter board ideas even including knife sets it will become a great Christmas gift.

How much Wine and Cheese Per Person
How much Wine and Cheese Per Person

How Much Wine and Cheese per Person For A Crowd

Typical Wine Serving and Bottle Size

A typical wine bottle is around 25 fl oz (750 ml) or will serve 5 average glasses of wine.

How Many Glasses of Wine for 1 Person for 1 Hour?

A glass of 5 ounces of wine is best for one person every hour. It will keep them engaged in conversions but not to the point that it will drive them to ruin the party’s mood because of drunkenness.

The size of your glass may affect how much wine you should put in your glass. Unlike a water glass, you fill all the way. A wine glass has a space at the top that allows the wine to breathe. To determine how much space you should leave, use a measuring cup to pour the wine into your glasses.

How Much Cheese Per Person

Dinner Party

For a Dinner Party, You Will Need

The main course is usually the focus of the dinner party, but it’s also essential to consider the wine pairings. Before you serve the main course, choose an excellent wine to pair with the food. 

You can also choose a dessert wine or a wine to serve before dinner. Having two types of wine for dinner will allow guests to select the type they want.

How Much Wine and Cheese For a Company Evening Event
How Much Wine and Cheese For a Company Evening Event

For A Dinner Party How Many Glasses of Wine?

You can serve five to six glasses of wine at a dinner party. But remember that wine glasses do not fill like regular glasses. You only need to pour four or five ounces into it.

For a dinner party, you’ll need to set aside a couple of wines for each person. These include white wine, a red wine, and a dessert wine.

Even though some people may prefer to drink only white or red, you’ll need to have both on hand in case everyone else gets attracted to one or the other.

For A Dinner Party How Many Ounces of Cheese?

At a dinner party, one ounce of cheese is enough per person not to suppress appetite. Before you can start planning a party, you’ll need to determine how many cheese products you want to buy. 

Generally, one great cheese is enough for a conversation starter. However, if cheese is the party’s main course, you’ll want to serve several. Having multiple cheese products is a good idea to avoid overserving.

Do You need cheese At A wine Tasting Party
Do You need cheese At A wine Tasting Party – Yes it makes the event more interesting.

Wine Tasting Party

How Many Glasses of Wine?

While the wine tasting party is about the wine, the serving sizes are much smaller. For instance, you can serve two ounces of wine, allowing guests to try different types. You will pour a mixture of wine; each bottle will contain over two-ounce portions.

A typical wine tasting party will typically feature around five to seven different types of wine. Depending on the occasion and your budget, you may choose to have more or fewer selections.

How Much Cheese to serve at a Wine Tasting Party

A serving size for cheese is typically around 2 ounces. Ideally, each piece of cheese eaten at a wine tasting should be close to that amount. But the exact amount of cheese served may vary depending on the type and host of the event. For instance, if you’re planning on having a particular cheese, your serving may be smaller than average.

The size of your cheese serving will vary depending on the person cutting it. If you’re planning on attending a wine and cheese tasting, then the serving sizes will likely be accurate since the cheese was prepared by a professional.

Nonalcoholic Alternatives

When hosting events, even if it’s a wine tasting event but especially at dinner parties, you need to ensure that there are nonalcoholic alternatives for the non-drinkers.

Here are some drinks you can serve on the side: iced tea, mocktails, fruit punch, sparkling water, lemonade, grape juice, cranberry juice, and agua fresca.