How Much Corn On The Cob Per Person

How Many Ears of Corn Per Person For A Large Group

More than 9000 years ago, people started to harvest maize and used it in many dishes. Even today, corn is the main ingredient in several tasty recipes. 

But if you’re trying to prepare dinner for your family, you’re probably asking yourself about how much corn to serve. So, how many ears of corn per person? How many ears of corn are in a bushel? We’ll answer these questions in this article, so keep on reading. 

How Many Ears of Corn per Person?

Corn is a delicious ingredient that can be incorporated into several dishes or eaten directly from the cob. If you’re serving corn that’s directly cooked and eaten, you need one ear of corn per person. 

The ear is the top part of the corn that contains the kernels. On average, one ear of corn has about 800 kernels. 

When the corn kernels aren’t eaten right from the cob, they’re usually removed and canned into cans. Corn is also crushed to make corn flour, tortillas, cereals, and even soft drinks. 

But what if you are serving a big crowd? 

Handy Table Of How Many Corn Cobs Per Person To Serve For A Big Group

How much corn should you serve at a party? That depends on the size of your guests and the number of people who attend. If you’re serving corn at a large gathering, it’s a good idea to make sure there is enough corn for everyone. This ensures that no one goes hungry while enjoying this delicious side dish.

How Many Corn Cobs For 6 People
How Many Corn Cobs For 6 People

How Many Ears Of Corn To Serve At A Family BBQ of 6 People

For 6 People Serve 10 Corn Ears or Cobs. This will allow at least half your guests to have a second serving.

How Many Corn Cobs Per Person For 10 People

For 10 People Serve 16 Corn Ears or Cobs. This will allow at least half of the folks to have a second helping.

How To Plate Corn on the Cob for a large Group
How To Plate Corn on the Cob for a large Group

How Many Corn Cobs Per Person For 20 People

For 20 People Serve 32-34 Cobs of Corn This will allow at least half of the people to have seconds.

How Many Corn Cobs Per Person For 50 People

For 50 People Serve 84 Cobs of Corn This will allow at least half of the people to have seconds.

How Many Corn Cobs Per Person For 100 People At a Big Event

For 100 People Serve 170 Corn on the cob This will allow more than half of the guests to have seconds.

Why Are They Called Ears of Corn?

An ear of corn isn’t related to human ears. The word “ear” is actually related to the ancient word “ahs,” which refers to the pointed part of the corn. It means husk of corn, and it’s also called cob or pole. 

How Much Is a single Corn On the Cob Serving
How Much Is a single Corn On the Cob Serving – 1 cob is a single serving

On the ear of corn, you’ll find the same number of corn kernels on each row. Corn ears are grown in every continent of the world, except in Antarctica. 

There are two different types of corn – sweet corn and field corn. Sweet corn has been picked early in its growth cycle, whereas field corn is harvested later. Both types of corn are used in cooking, but field corn tends to be sweeter than sweet corn.

How Are Ears of Corn Cooked?

Each ear of corn is wrapped in the green husk, which should be peeled and discarded before the ear is cooked. You should also clean the ear of the silky white strands that are present between the kernels. 

Get some water to boil and put the corn ears in the water until they’re golden and tender. Keep the pot uncovered, so the corn can cook thoroughly. 

Corn kernels take about 5 minutes to cook, and you shouldn’t overcook them because they might become too tough and chewy. If the corn ears are cooked before the rest of the meal, you can leave them in hot water until it’s time to serve your dinner. 

Corn ears can be served with butter, seasoning, dressing, or sauce. They can also be served with a plate of summer vegetables, burgers, steak, chicken, or fish. 

How Many Ears of Corn Are in A Bushel?

A bushel is a unit to measure crops like corn. One ear of corn weighs about 0.5 pounds, and each bushel of corn weighs about 56 pounds. 

This means that if there’s an average ear of corn that measures 8 inches, you’ll need 112 ears of corn to make one bushel. That would be enough for a big event like a wedding or a buffet that serves more than 100 guests. 

In most cases, corn bushels are counted to feed livestock. In most cases, you’ll need between 50 and 80 bushels to feed a steer

How To Save Money When Feeding A Crowd Corn Cobs

 The most common way is to break the corn into half-sized portions. This will make your corn go twenty percent further, or to put it another way save you money.

What Is the Simplest Way to Feed a Large Group Corn on The Cob

The simplest or easiest way to serve an ear of crowd corn on the cob is to have salt and pepper dispensers that will not get clogged easily. Else you will have a line of guests waiting for the people to unclog the salt holes with toothpicks and your party will grind to a halt.

The next best thing to do is have melted butter in a ramekin with a brush and this lets people quickly and effectively cover the cob of corn in butter.

You can also create a butter bath which is a very quick way to feed corn to guests.

How Much Corn Can a Person Eat

A normal person or guest can eat 2 corn cobs

How Many Corn Cobs Do You Need to Prepare for A Family of 4

For a family of four, I would prepare 5-6 corn cobs.

Can You Prepare Corn Cobs Ahead of Time

Yes, you can prepare them up to 3 days in advance, and then warm them up in the oven or on a grill or BBQ with the hood down.