How Much Corned Beef per Person

How Much Corned Beef Do You Need Per Person

Looking at a big raw Corned Beef can be a bit offputting. It’s a big-sized cut of meat for sure.

This post has a few tools to assist you to figure out how much Corned Beef to serve each person or group of people.

When preparing corned beef you should see how to best cook it, including corned beef in an instant pot.

Plus so that you do not waste any corned beef see how to cut it correctly.

Our corned beef tools are

  1. Corned Beef Per Person Calculator
  2. Table Of Exact Amounts Of Corned Beef For 4, 6, 10, 20, 50 or more than 100 people.
  3. Advice On Guest Demographics and Catering for a Crowd with Corned Beef

One of the other things you need to consider is how many side dishes to serve with the corned beef because this will alter the amount you need per guest.

Cutting Corned Beef Properly For A Big Group

How To Use our Corned Beef per person Calculator:

  1. Determine the guest makeup – how many teenagers, women, etc
  2. decide how many side dishes you’ll be serving with the Corned Beef and put that number in.
  3. decide if the Corned Beef is the only meat main dish or if you’ll also be serving other mains like
  4. Use the email the calculations to yourself if you wish.
  5. Our Corned Beef Calculator will also work out how much uncooked silverside etc you need to buy.

Jump to our online Corned Beef calculator here.

Table of Contents

How Much Corned Beef Do You Serve Each Person?

How much Corned Beef per person cooked – The answer is 1 lb of raw Corned Beef per person which yields around 1/2 lb.

How Much Corned Beef per Person for Dinner
How Much Corned Beef per Person for Dinner

How Much Corned Beef per Person for Dinner

For dinner serve just under half a pound of cooked corned beef per person.

How Much Corned Beef per Person Before Cooking

Before cooking you will need at least 14 oz, and I find it safer to go with 1lb per person before e cooking corned beef.

Guide To How Much is a Serving of Corned Beef

You can either look at our handy table below for the exact amount of Corned Beef to serve for 5,10,20,50 or 100 or use our Corned Beef calculator from 1 to 500 people including side dishes and guest make up.

Corned Beef Per Person Calculator

How Many pounds of Corned Beef for 4 people

If you’re cooking for a family gathering of 4 people you will need:

It is best to use a large serving size: 2 pounds of cooked Corned Beef or around 1/2 pound per person.

You will need to buy around 4 pounds of uncooked untrimmed Corned Beef.

2 pounds of cooked Corned Beef For 4 Men
2 pounds of cooked Corned Beef For 4 Men

How Many pounds of Corned Beef for 10 people

If you’re cooking for a family gathering of 10 people you will need:

It is best to use a large serving size: 5 pounds of cooked Corned Beef or around 1/2 pound per person.

You will need to buy around 10 pounds of uncooked untrimmed Corned Beef.

How Many pounds of Corned Beef for 20 people

If you’re cooking for a family gathering of 20 people you will need:

It is best to use a large serving size: 10 pounds of cooked Corned Beef

You will need to buy around 20 pounds of uncooked untrimmed Corned Beef.

How Many pounds of Corned Beef for 50 people

If you’re cooking for a family gathering of 50 people you will need 25 pounds of cooked Corned Beef

How Many pounds of Corned Beef for 100 people

If you are cooking Corned Beef for a big event of 100 people you will need 50 pounds of cooked meat.

How Much Corned Beef Do You Need for 200, 250, 300 or 500 Plus People

Now you are really catering for a huge event – see our Corned Beef per person calculator for exact answers.

How Much Corned Beef Do You Need to Feed 12 to 15 People?

Basically, the same rules apply when you’re feeding between 12 to 15 people Corned Beef. You will need to start with around 1 pound of raw Corned Beef per person, which will result in 1/2 pound per guest. So for 12-15 people, you will need approximately 24 pounds of raw Corned Beef.

Other Things to Consider When Serving Corned Beef to a Big Group or a Crowd

Is the Main Course Corned Beef?

You may want to alter the quantity of Corned Beef you serve for what is on the menu. 

If you’re also offering other meat mains or quite a few sides you can of course decrease the amount of Corned Beef you serve.

Use our Corned Beef Quantity Calculator to get the exact amounts when serving side dishes.

It’s key to get your corned beef portions correct so no money is wasted. 

This also runs true for other dishes like brisket, or fajita fillings like ground beef, of a big BBQ with Pulled pork or Ribs

Plan the Event Ahead of Time

Make sure you have enough time to prepare the food and that it doesn’t go off before everyone arrives. If you don’t have time to cook the Corned Beef then you won’t be able to serve it!

How Do You Plan to Serve the Corned Beef?

Will the Corned beef be sliced, cubed or even shredded?

This will alter the portion sizes.

For example when making Corned Beef sliders people do not eat as much protein or meat in because they will fill up with bread or other slider fillings.

The Hour of the Day To Serve Corned Beef

People usually will eat less at events held early in the day.

If the celebration or company event is in the early afternoon, I would reduce the portion size to between 1/4 to 1.3 lb

The Type of Event

The same logic applies to weddings, birthdays, Superbowl parties, etc.

Expect your guests to eat up more food during a formal sit-down meal than they would at a casual meet and great standup event.

You will not require as much Corned Beef per person since folks aren’t as focused on the food while moving around and chatting.

What Is a Serving Size of Corned Beef

How Much Corned Beef per Person with a calculator

For Corned Beef a serving size is half a pound.

How much Corned Beef For Sandwiches (including Rueben Sandwiches)

How Much Deli Corned Beef Per Person

What is Corned Beef?

Corned beef is a type of cured meat that originated in Ireland and England. A traditional recipe calls for saltpeter, nitrates, sugar, and spices such as cloves, mace, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, bay leaves, juniper berries, and coriander seeds. This is usually referred to as a spice packet. It was a way of preserving this cut of meat before refrigeration.

The meat is traditionally cooked slowly over low heat without water, resulting in a dry texture and strong taste, over a long cooking time. This method produces a long shelf life; however, some modern recipes call for cooking the meat in water to produce a softer consistency.

An Interesting statistic is that in the early 19th century 25% of households started cooking Corned beef on March 17, Of course, this was Saint Patrick’s day beginning in America.  This is refererred to a lot like the Columbus Dispatch outlines just why we eat corned beef on St Patricks Day and three easy recipes.

Corned Beef On St Pats Day
Corned Beef On St Pats Day

Why Is It Called Corned Beef?

Firstly and strangely is not named after corn as we know it today.  Corned, was a word used in the 1800’s to refer to bigger particle sizes or grains of rock salt which was used to preserve the beef. It is also thought the “corned may refer to the corns of saltpeter (potassium nitrate) which was also used in the preserving of the piece of meat.

So, technically speaking, there is no such thing as Corned Beef. But we’re sure you know what we mean.

How Is It Corned?

Curing is one of those things you don’t think about until you’ve actually done it. You just know that something needs to happen to make sure that whatever you’re making doesn’t end up tasting like cardboard.

But what exactly does “cured” or “corned” mean? And why do we care?

In the case of beef, curing starts with the seasoned brine solution. This involves soaking meat in a solution of water (cooking liquid) and salt for anywhere from 24 hours to several days, depending on the recipe.

How Is It Corned
How Is It Corned

Once the meat is cured, it’s ready to cook. The muscle fibers and connective tissue  are broken down in this an the 

Flat or point cut? What Cuts Of Beef – What’s the difference?

Curing Corned Beef at Home

Brining is an easy way of adding flavor to meats, it also helps to make them tender.

Brisket for corned beef is traditionally used because it contains enough fat to keep the meat moist during smoking. However, any lean meat can be used, including pork shoulder, lamb neck, chicken breast, turkey thigh, etc.

The Curing Process: To cure corned beef, place the meat in a large container with sufficient water to cover the meat completely and add the kosher salt. Let it sit for serval days. You can also add spices like juniper berries or cloves for extra flavor in the contents of seasoning packet.

Finally, rinse off the salt and pat the meat dry.

Buying Ready-to-Cook Corned Beef

Ready-to-cook corned beef is already prepared and come in a sealed package typically in sizes from 2 to 6 pounds.

There are different types of ready-to-cook cornered beef. Some are vacuum packaged while others are airtight packages.  These types of corned beef are usually sold in large quantities. They are often used for catering events. 

You cook it in the same way that you would cook homemade.

While not for events, there is also pre-cooked and tinned corned beef.

What’s the Best Way to Cook Corned Beef?

Corned beef is one of those foods that everyone loves, but few people know how to make it well. 

How to Cook Corned Beef Brisket in a Slow Cooker

Corned beef brisket is one of those dishes that you either love or hate. If you’re looking for something different, try making it in a slow cooker.  Cook For serval hours of cooking with 2 cups of water per pound for the perfect corned beef.

That is one of the most popular cooking methods, especially when making corned beef for a big family gathering.

Slow Cooker

Our slow cooker version is easy to make and requires no special equipment. We use a 5-quart slow cooker, which works well for us.

Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot – see our recipe for the Cooking Process for making Corned Beef in an instant pot.

Cooking Corned Beef on the Stovetop:

Rinse the brisket, place in a stockpot (or any large pot) and add water to cover. You can also add some beer. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 2½ to 3 hours or until meat is fork-tender.

How do you slice it?

The answer depends on how you want the meat to cook. If you’re cooking the corned beef without slicing, then the slices don’t matter. But if you are planning to slice the corned brisket ahead of time, then make sure to cut the meat against the grain.

If you’re making the corned beef for sandwiches, then slice the meat into thin strips across the grain. This will allow each strip to cook quickly while keeping the rest of the meat moist.

What Caterers and Restaurants Say

The served portion should weigh about half of a pound per person, and restaurants like the Irish Cottage Pub in Massachusetts serves similar-sized servings, and customers say “Very good corned beef big portion” so we agree with them.

How Much Corned Beef Per Person?

A pound of raw corned meat yields about 14 ounces of corned beef. Leftover corned beef (reheated also) is good for sandwiches and wraps. Corned beef is delicious cold or warm.

How do you figure out how much meat to serve each person?

The Food and Drug Administration says that serving children under age 4 just one ounce of beef per day could put them at risk for iron deficiency. For kids ages four to eight, it recommends three ounces of red meat daily. And for those nine and older, the agency suggests six ounces. But what about adults? How much meat do we really need?

In general, experts say that most people don’t need to worry about eating too much protein. “There are some people who might have trouble absorbing enough protein,” explains Dr. Michael Fisch, director of nutrition research at Harvard University. “But I think most people can absorb plenty.”

That being said, there are certain conditions where consuming excess protein can cause harm. People with kidney disease, liver disease, inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s Disease, celiac disease, and ulcerative colitis, and anyone taking medications that affect digestion can experience gastrointestinal distress if they consume large amounts of protein.

And while it’s true that many Americans aren’t getting enough protein, a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that most people are actually meeting the recommended amount. In fact, researchers found that nearly half of American adults consumed more than the recommended daily allowance of protein.

So if you’re worried about whether you’re getting enough protein, here are some tips to help you determine exactly how much you need.

1. Start small. If you’re looking to cut down on your intake of red meat, try starting with smaller portions. A single burger patty contains around 20 grams of protein. So if you want to reduce your consumption of red meat, start with half a hamburger. Or skip the bun altogether and opt for a lettuce wrap.

2. Look at the label. When buying packaged foods, look for labels that indicate the product contains no added sugar or salt. This way you know you’re avoiding processed ingredients that can increase your sodium intake. Also, check the ingredient list; make sure the food doesn’t contain high levels of saturated fat, trans fats, cholesterol, or hydrogenated oils.

How to Make Your Corned Beef Go a Long Way

Corned beef is one of those foods that you either love or hate. If it’s something you don’t like, there are plenty of recipes online to help you make it taste better. But if you do enjoy it, here are some tips to ensure you never run out of it again.

Start with a good quality meat. You want to start with a piece of corned beef that is about 2 pounds. This will give you enough meat for 3 meals.

Next, rinse the corned beef under cold water. Then pat dry with paper towels. Place the meat into a large pot. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover the pot with a lid and let sit overnight at room temperature.

The next morning, place the pot over medium heat. Cook the corned beef slowly for 4 hours. After 4 hours, turn off the heat and allow the corned beef to cool completely. Once cooled, refrigerate overnight.

When ready to serve, slice the corned beef thinly across the grain. Serve with rye bread, sauerkraut, mustard, and horseradish.

How to Keep Corned Beef Warm

A cool container is essential for keeping corned beef hot. If you don’t want to use a refrigerator, here are some options:

1. Use a large plastic bag. Put the corned beef inside and wrap tightly. Place the bag in a larger ziploc bag and put that in another larger ziploc bag. This method works best if you’re planning to eat the corned beef within 24 hours.

2. Use a ceramic crockpot. Fill the pot about half full with water. Add enough salt to cover the bottom of the pot. Wrap the corned beef in aluminum foil and place it in the pot. Cover the pot with a lid and set it on low. Check the temperature every hour and add additional salt if necessary.

3. Use a slow cooker. Follow steps 2 and 3 above, except fill the slow cooker almost completely with cold water. Set the slow cooker on high and let it cook for 4 to 5 hours.

4. Use an electric oven. Follow steps 2 and 4 above, except preheat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook the corned beef for 10 minutes per pound. Remove the meat from the oven and allow it to rest for 20 minutes before slicing.

5. Use a microwave. Follow steps 2 and 5 above, except place the corned beef in a glass bowl and cover it with a paper towel. Microwave on medium power for 30 minutes. Allow the meat to sit uncovered for 15 minutes before slicing.

6. Use a stovetop grill pan. Follow steps 2 and 6 above, except place the meat directly on the burner. Turn the heat up to high and sear the corned beef for 8 to 10 minutes per side. Reduce the heat to medium and continue grilling for an additional 25 minutes. Let the meat stand covered for 10 minutes before slicing.

What Sides to Serve with Corned Beef

There are a lot of different types of sides you can serve with corned beef, so there’s no reason to feel like you have to stick to potatoes. Here are some suggestions for what else you might want to consider serving alongside your favorite holiday dish.


A traditional accompaniment to corned beef is mashed potatoes. They’re easy to make ahead of time and reheat easily. You can use leftover mashed potatoes to make potato salad or even French fries. Another favorite is boiled baby potatoes.

Corned Beef Hash

If you prefer a lighter option, try making corned beef hash. This recipe calls for cubing the meat and cooking it in butter with onions, garlic, and thyme. Once cooked, add eggs, milk, salt, and pepper to taste. Then, stir everything together and bake it in a greased pan.

Green Beans

You could also pair corned beef with green beans. Simply boil the beans and toss them with butter and salt. Add chopped parsley and chives to garnish.

Cabbage Wedges

Another classic side dish is cabbage wedges. Slice off the core of each wedge and then slice the outer layer into thin strips. Toss the cabbage with olive oil and seasonings. Bake at 400 degrees F until tender. Do not forget to add some grainy mustard or brown mustard.

 What to Do With Leftover Corned Beef

Corned beef is one of those ingredients you just don’t throw away. You know it’s good because you’ve had it before, but what do you do with leftover corned beef? Here are some ideas:

1. Make a corned beef sandwich with rye bread, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing.

2. Make corned beef hash.

3. Add chopped cooked corned beef to mashed potatoes.

4. Serve corned beef salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and celery.

5. Make corned beef soup.

6. Put corned beef strips into cabbage rolls.

Is It Better to Boil Corned Beef or Bake It?

Corned beef is one of those foods that everyone loves, but no one really knows how to cook it properly.

Some people like to boil it, some prefer baking, and others just eat it straight out of the pre-cooked tinned can.

So what’s the best way to prepare corned beef? 

The answer depends on whether you are boiling, broiling, or baking the corned beef.

If you are cooking it for a long period of time, say overnight, then you might want to go ahead and use a slow cooking process in a crockpot.

But if you are planning to serve it quickly, such as for lunch, then baking or cooking it with dark beer in an Instant Pot is probably the best option.

Boiling Corned Beef

If you plan to boil corned beef for a long time — say, overnight — then you should use the traditional boiled method. This involves simmering the meat slowly over low heat for several hours. You can add vegetables, like medium carrots and stout beer along with herbs, spices, and even wine to flavor the dish.

You can either buy the pre-boiled corned beef from the store or ask your butcher to do it for you. Either way, it’s important to drain off excess liquid before serving. To do this, place the corned beef in a colander set inside a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and let stand for 30 minutes. Then rinse under cold running water.

When you are ready to serve, slice the meat into thin slices and arrange on a platter. Serve with pickles, rye bread, mustard, and horseradish sauce.

What Is Corned Beef & Cabbage?

From buying the ingredients to choosing a cooking method, here is everything you need to know about making this Irish-American classic.

How do I make a successful corned beef plus cabbage supper?

A successful corned beef plus cabbage supper starts at the grocery store by selecting a good cut of meat. See our Tafflespitz recipe.

How do I make a slow cooker recipe?

Set on low and cook for 8 hours.

What is Slow Cooker Corned Beef – Cabbage?

Slow Cooker Corned Beef including Cabbage is the ideal hands-off Irish-American recipe.

What are the best vegetables to use?

Carrots and Cabbage I love to use whole carrots, but baby carrots work as well.

What is the best way to cut fat off corned beef brisket?

You always want to slice the corned beef brisket against the grain.