How Much Fried Fish per person

How Much Fried Fish per person for a Big Group

Fish is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. (especially oily fish) It is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol. A Fish fillet is a healthy food choice that is often recommended for people who want to lose weight. However, there is a lot of confusion around how much fried fish should be served per person.

Does it amount per person change if the fish is deep-fried, or pan fried?

There are different types of fish, each with its own nutritional profile. Some fish contain high levels of mercury while others are safe to eat. The amount of fish that you should consume depends on your age, gender, and health status.

In this article, I will explain how to calculate the number of fried fish servings that you should serve per person.

 What is the Fish yield for Fried Fish?

How to calculate fish yield, or another way to ask the question is how much weight does fish lose when cooked? The answer is on average around 24% of weight loss on frying or cooking.

So if you have an 8oz fish fillet after you fry it the weight of the pan fried fish will be a little under 6 oz.

How Much Fried Fish per person for a Party?

How much fish to fry per person- You should serve 6 oz of fish per person at a party. If pan fried fish is your main dish only you may choose to increase it by 25% – to around 8oz per person.

How Much Fresh Fish Should I buy Per Person For a Party?

Because fish shrinks about 25% when frying then you should buy between8-10 oz of fish fillet per person. That will give you the correct amount of cooked fish.

How Much Crumbed Fish Per Person
How Much Crumbed Fish Per Person

A Handy Fried Fish Table With Exact Amounts for 2-100 people.

The best way to enjoy fried fish is simply by dipping pieces into tartar sauce and enjoying them with french fries.

How much fish do you need to fry per person?

How Much Fried Fish for 2 People

To feed 2 people you will need 12-16 oz of fish. You will need to buy just over a 1 lb of raw fish.

How Much Fried Fish for 7 People

Start with 14oz of fish per person for 7 people, and after cooking you will have the correct amount.

How Much Fried Fish for 20 People

You will need 40 fillets, allowing for 2 per person – and that will feed 20 people. Or 15lb of raw fish fillet.

You can make fried fish go further by coating it with a bater, cornmeal or breadcrumbs.

How Much Fried Fish for Big Group of 50 People

You will need 100 fillets, allowing for 2 per person – and that will feed 50 people. Or 42 lb of raw fish fillet.

How Much Fried Fish for a party of 100 People

You will need 200 fillets. This will allow you to serve 2 fried fish per person.

How Much Fried Fish for Company event of 100 People
How Much Fried Fish for Company event of 100 People

How long should I cook fish?

Fish cooks very quickly – for thin fish fillets – cook 2-3 minutes each side. For thicker fish steaks you can cook up to 5 minutes per side.

How do you know when fish is done?

The first way is using a probe thermometer – check the internal temperature and when it reaches 150F – take the fish out and let it rest for 5 minutes, It will continue cooking and the internal temperature should then reach 165F after 5 minutes.

Another way is to use a fork or knife and follow the fish grain is and check if the middle has lost its raw look and is white and ready to eat.

These fish tables work for frozen fish, catfish, and deep fried fish.

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What are some good sauces and sides to serve with my fried fish

  • lemon wedge
  • tomato sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • butter
  • tartar sauce
  • coleslaw

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