How Much Meat Per Person For BBQ

How Much Meat Per Person For BBQ Party?

How much meat per person for bbq party or a big crowd is one of the top or first factors to consider when running or playing host to a big group for a picnic, bbq or a Superbowl BBQ party especially if you have a big screen TV.

It can be difficult to plan a BBQ for a lot of people. It’s annoying when you run low of stuff. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on food either. It is not easy to balance. How much meat is needed for the ideal BBQ or grill?

Chefs foodies, and caterers have been undertaking this type of food calculations for many years. We are going to show you how to calculate your portions of beef, pork or any meat. You will have the correct pounds and quantities of meat for all guests, no matter how many people you host.

You need half-pound meat per person for a BBQ

Meal considerations include the role of meat.

Deciding on your plan or menu is the first thing to do when planning for a barbecue. BBQ’s usually feature a main course usually a protein – meat with lots side dishes. The correct portion size for all persons is easy to calculate out once you know what you are serving.

When you are planing your number 1 entree, make sure to add in all side dishes. Guests might not consume or eat as much of your main course if they eatup large up on deviled eggs and potato salad. They may eat more or larger portions of the chicken or meat entree if you serve many vegetable cups or sides.

You can begin or start to think about your grocery or shopping list now that you have planned your menu. Add your portion-sizes to the total number of people or guests with the guides following below. This will allow you see the amount of meat you need to buy and cook.

Adding in some more extra portions will make up for loss, spillage or accidents. If you drop a bun or burn meat or something your attendees will not miss it. Adding a few more extra portions for your guests and family will make you have some leftovers. I always like to have something left over because I love to eat it the next day.

There is a last or final thing to think about before you go shopping to the store. There is a reduction or loss of pounds or weight when cooking meat. There are also cuts that contain big or small inedible bones. To calculate or work out how much store fresh or raw meat you need to buy, purchase or produce, you have to factor in your own overall yield.

That’s all you really need and you are good to go. You can employ these guides and tips to work out and calculate the true amount of chicken or any meat you need to have at a indoor or outdoor grill or BBQ party.

How Much Meat For a BBQ Main Dish


If you are serving a meat style entree grill or bbq you will think about having big or quite generous portions.

At a BBQ or grill you are often having a drink, a beer, or even a cocktail, then people do tend to eat more.

The meat will be the big star of the party even with a nice mix of side dishes.

Normally, chef, home cooks and professional caters suggest or recommend serving around ½ pound (8 oz ounces) of meat per person. While this might sound quite a bit large – it is sensible to consider if BBQ is your main dish.

For example

How much BBQ Meat do you need to feed a party of 10 people?

You need at least 5 lbs -pounds of cooked meat.

Most people will take an equal portion of each type pork or BBQ Meat entree you produce or make. So if you are thinking or planning on Prime Rib, pork chops and Chicken Breast or Sausages ( a good cheap or economical choice for bbq), allow at least ¼ lb of each style or kind of bbq meat per person. 

How Much BBQ Meat when it is just one of many main dishes

An example might be when you have a style of buffet with a lot of different mains, or perhaps you have crawfish or shrimps to also serve with the meat.

There are times when your main dish is more than just meat. You could make a large amount of chili or stew. It’s not so necessary to have as much meat per guest or person. The side dishes and other ingredients will compensate for the meat.

For dishes that contain bbq meat as an overall ingredient, you should calculate or plan on about ¼ to ⅓ pound of bbq meat per person.

See how much chili for a party of 10 people.

 How Much BBQ meat do Kids, Children or Teens eat

Guests do not all have the same appetites.

You don’t need as much meat per person for a group of kids or children than if you are hosting a party for teenagers.

Unless they make up all or most of the guest list, I don’t calculate kids separately. I assume that I will likely have more leftover food. If you have a few lighter eaters at your party, an adult can easily make up the difference.

You may run out of food however if you ignore a group of hungry teenagers or starving ball-players after a game.

BBQ Meat For A Group
BBQ Meat For A Group

How Much BBQ Bone-in Meat

Use the guides to calculate or figure out how much meat you need. When planning a big BBQ, how do you factor in small or large bones and other parts, like fat caps of the meat?

 It might be a good idea if you want the meat to go further to have a bone in cut.

Increase your portions a bit when working out or calculating how much meat you need. I recommend using ¾ lb per guest or person as your starting or base portion size. You can adjust up a bit or down based on your guest appetite.

Here are some BBQ Steak quantities including main meats on their own detailed pages for the different meat varieties.

Also, some Key appetizer dishes for a BBQ and their quantities are.

Of course, you can cook many varieties of meat including mince, ground, lamb meat, pork loin, chicken breast and cover them with your favorite bbq sauce.

Let look at some more general quantities

How much bbq per person

Here we are working with how much meat for a bbq party. You can substitute in your own meats or look at our more detailed posts above.

When thinking about bbq catering portions per person, how much should you order?

How many pounds of meat do you need for 50 people?

You need 25 pounds of meat for BQQ to feed 50 people

How many kg of beef do you need to serve 70 people?

You will need 17kg of beef to serve 70 people at a BBQ

Plus following our guides above you will know the answer to the question as to how to portion the meat between different types.

But how do you factor in bones or other inedible parts of your meat when you are planning a bbq?

You add 25 percent extra

See our large list of how to serve a large group of people – top tips and tricks.

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