How Much Pecan Pie per Person

Pecan pies are delicious desserts made from ground nuts and spices. They are usually served warm, depending on preference. 

How many pieces does a pecan pie contain? – It contains approximately eight slices for a 9-inch round pie.

Americans love eating a dessert pie after a nice dinner. Cream, ice cream or custard pecan pie is one of the easiest food to serve with pecan pie as a dessert to your guests.  These are a little richer than a pumpkin pie, so a little less is needed.

Pecan is popular in the southern parts of the United States where it grows (as well as in northern Mexico).  It did not take long for the locals to start making a dish of it. The earliest record of a recipe for pecan custard pie comes from Harpers Bazaar around 1886.

However, the question is, what sized portions do you budget for each guest when you are feeding a crowd?

Also, people have different appetites for pie, me, I love Pecan Pie so I can eat a 3-inch slice no problem.  My wife, however, finds them a little sweet and only eats a slither.

How To Buy The Rice Amount of 9 Inch Pies Per Person
How To Buy The Rice Amount of 9 Inch Pies Per Person

From experiences over the years serving my family gatherings at thanksgiving (8-12 people), I find that making or buying 2 x 9-inch pies is enough.

I cut each pie into eight slices, and that feeds all. There is often one to four slices leftover which I store in the fridge and will serve with waffles to the group for breakfast.

What Is the Scientific Way to Calculate how Many Slices in A Pecan Pie of Any Size

The mathematical method involves measuring the diameter, then calculating the circumference (Oh!! I hate school maths).

Here is the formula – C = 2 x 3.14 x radius.  The Radius is calculated from the center to the outside. So a 9-inch pie has a radius of 4.5 inches.

So a 9-inch pecan pie all around the outside measures about 28 inches. So to cut it evenly, mark the center of the pie and then measure how many inches of pie per person are around the outside and start cutting carefully.

I find using a 6-inch sharp knife is the best for cutting pecan pie into guest slices because it is not too long, and therefore I can control the accuracy of my cutting.

How Much Pecan Pie Do You Serve Per Person Thanksgiving

For a Big Holiday Dinner like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc serve one 3-inch carefully cut slice of a 9-inch pumpkin pie per person.  This pie of pie typically weighs around 32 oz (See Edwards Pecan Pie which you get about 8 good servings – I like the taste of this pie). Also, it can be purchased frozen so you can buy it ahead of time). The result is each piece of pie you serve to your guest will be around 4oz.

4 oz of pie per person is a good way to budget how much pecan pie to serve by weight per guest. This helps if you have a slab or 12-inch pie – just get the weight and divide by four to see how many that particular dessert will serve.

But how much Pecan Pie should you serve per person? Serve a 3 inch slice of Pecan Pie per person. You can of course add a topping.

If you have a slab pie or a large-sized 12-inch pecan pie (or a deep dish) then calculate using ounces per person. For Pecan Pie a generous serving is 4 ounces per person.

So now you have your family dessert sorted, do not forget to use our online turkey calculator or see how many roast potatoes you need for Thanksgiving Dinner for each guest.

A Handy Table Of Exactly How Much Pecan Pie To Serve Per Person

 How Many 9 Inch Pumpkin Pies Per PersonHow Many 12 Inch Pumpkin Pies Per GuestHow Many Pounds Of Pumpkin Pie Per Person
6 People.75.51.4 pounds total
10 People1.250.8 2.5 lbs
12 People1.51 3 lbs
20 People2.51.6 5 lbs
50 Guests6.25412.5 lbs
100 Guests138 25 lbs
A Table of Exact Amounts of Pecan Buy To Buy and Serve At Thanksgiving

How Many People Does a Sams Club Pecan Pie Serve?

A Sams Club – Members Mark 56 oz Pecan Pie is large and will feed big and it will serve about 12-14 people.

If you are serving lots of other desserts, or lots of ice cream you can probably use it to feed up to 20 people.

A Pecan Pie Slice Serving Size Per Person
A Pecan Pie Slice Serving Size Per Person

How Much Pecan Pie For 14 People At A Thanksgiving Dinner?

You should buy two 9-inch pecan pies.

Lastly, for a simple pecan treat try having a few larabars on hand, kids will love them. Simple and decadent, the Larabar Pecan Bar Pie defies convention. With just three natural ingredients, this dish is unafraid to be both tasty and nutritious.