How Much Wagyu Steak Per Person

How Much Wagyu Steak per Person For A Big Group

Wagyu steaks are extremely tasty, and they are also costly. It is considered one of the most expensive cuts of meat around the world because of its very high quality.

Wagyu is a type of Japanese beef cattle that has been developed in Japan and is renowned for producing meat with a lot of beef marbling. The degree of marbling is largely determined by the breed’s DNA, which keeps the beef fat in its muscles.

This Japanese A5 Wagyu beef is served in high-end restaurants and during gatherings at home. If you wonder how much wagyu steak to serve per person for a family gathering of 4 or 40 then see our handy table below.

How Much Wagyu Steak Per Person For A Large Group

Let’s start by answering the question, For one person it is common to serve 3 ounces of Wagyu per person. This is because Wagyu is commonly used in fine dining recipes which typically do not call for the traditional 6 or even 8oz often served with other steaks. 

There is nothing stopping you from serving more, but we have decided to use this food catering amount in our table. If you want to serve your guests more, you can prepare extra portions. For example, you can cook two pounds of wagyu beef for four people. In this case, you will need to cut it into eight pieces. You can then divide them among your guests. This way, you will be able to give everyone their own portion and possibly have a small amount leftover for seconds.

Is Costco Wagyu Beef Real
Is Costco Wagyu Beef Real – Costco Beef is Real it is imported from Japan

You should know that different types of Japanese beef are available on the market. Some of these include:

  • Kobe Beef – This type of wagyu beef cuts originates from Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. Kobe beef is known for having a rich flavor and tender texture.
  • Matsusaka Beef – This type of beef comes from the city of Matsusaka in Mie prefecture. It is famous for being leaner than other types of Wagyu.
  • Shizuoka Beef – This Japanese Wagyu is known for its special taste. It is produced in the city of Shizuoka.
  • Akita Beef – This type of meat is popularly used in dishes such as sukiyaki. It is produced in Akita prefecture.

A Handy Table For How Much Wagyu Steak You Per Person for between 10 – 100 People

How Much Wagyu Steak for 10 Guests

A gathering of 10 guests should have at least 30 ounces of wagyu meat per person.  You will need to buy around 45 oz of raw wagyu to allow for any trimming and shrinkage while cooking.

How Much Wagyu Steak for 20 Guests

A gathering of 20 guests should have at least 60 ounces of wagyu meat per person. 

You will need to purchase 90 oz of raw wagyu to allow for any trimming and shrinkage while cooking.

How Much Wagyu Steak Per Person
How Much Wagyu Steak Per Person For 30 People

How Much Wagyu Steak for 30 Guests

A gathering of 30 guests should have at least 5.6 lbs of wagyu meat total

You will need to purchase around 8 lbs of raw wagyu to allow for any trimming and shrinkage while cooking.

How Much Wagyu Steak for 50 Guests

A gathering of 50 guests should have at least 10 lbs of wagyu meat for your party.

How Much Wagyu Steak for 100 Guests

A gathering of 100 guests should have at least 20 lbs ounces of wagyu beef.

What is the Difference Between American Kobe Beef vs Japanese Wagyu Beef

American steaks, such as Kobe Beef, are generally leaner than Japanese Wagyu Beef. It is also less fatty. American Kobe Beef contains about 15 percent beef fat, while Japanese Wagyu Beef has around 25 percent fat content. The higher fat content makes Japanese Wagyu Beef tastier.

American Style Kobe Beef and Japanese Wagyu Beef are both highly prized meats. They are both made from beef cows that are raised in American cattle and Japan. Both types of beef are usually sold under the same name. However, some consumers may confuse them since they look similar.

What does American Beef Wagyu Taste like?

American Beef has a milder flavor compared to Japanese Wagyu Beef. Its flavor is often described as sweet with hints of caramelized sugar. Meanwhile, Japanese Wagyu Beef is considered to be one of the best-tasting meats in the world. It is known for its rich aroma and intense flavor. It is also one of the most tender beef in the world. 

Wagyu Steak Cooking Tips
Wagyu Steak Cooking Tips

What are the Top Easy Tips in Cooking Wagyu Steak

The following tips will help you ensure that your Wagyu steak tastes great.

  • To ensure that your wagyu steaks turn out delicious every time, you must use a good-quality meat thermometer. A good quality thermometer ensures that your meat is cooked perfectly and then can be take off the heat when it reaches your desired temperature. 
  • The ideal cooking temperature for wagyu beef is between 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Always check the temperature by using a meat thermometer. When you first put your Wagyu steak into the pan, make sure you seal in the juices.  As the meat heats up, it will start to cook faster.
  • When you remove the wagyu steak from the oven or grill, let it rest for 3-5 minutes before slicing. This allows the juices inside the steak to settle back down. After resting, slice your Wagyu steak thinly or to your desired thickeness
  • You can add other flavors to your Wagyu steaks such as onions, and herbs.
  • Add Garlic to your Wagyu Steak. Garlic adds more flavor to your wagyu steak. To do this, simply cut off the root end of a clove of garlic and place it directly onto the surface of your Wagyu steak when you are grilling.
  • For stovetop cooking, it is best to use cast iron skillets or pans. It holds the heat well, which ensures even cooking, for all steaks. 
  • Wagyu steak is traditionally served with vegetables. For example, if you serve your wagyu steak with potatoes, carrots, and green beans, you will get a complete meal.

What is the Best Way to Cook Wagyu Steak at Home

There are three ways to cook Japanese steaks at home. You can either grill, roast, or pan fry it. If you want to serve your Wagyu steak on top of rice, you should choose brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice absorbs the sauce better than white rice. Moreover, here are different cooking methods for a wagyu steak:


Grilling a steak is never a bad idea, but you will want to watch and handle steaks with care to avoid fire due to the high amounts of marbling and juice. When grilling, make sure to season with salt and pepper several hours before cooking. Also, cook over medium heat for 2-3 minutes on each side. 


This method is usually used for thicker cuts of beef. The key to roasting a steak is to allow the meat to rest after being roasted. This will allow the juices to settle back into the meat. Then, slice the meat and serve.


To ensure maximum flavor and to sear when cooking steak, use a cast iron pan and follow these tips:

  • Season steak lightly with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Butter the pan lightly so that the marbling of Wagyu produces lots of juices.
  • Sear for 3-5 minutes per side depending on desired doneness (about 145 degrees F for medium-rare and 160 degrees F for medium)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is an Average Wagyu Steak in 2024?

The price of a single wagyu steak varies greatly depending on where you buy it. A good quality steak can cost anywhere between $100-$300 per pound. However, some popular brands sell their wagyu steaks online for lower prices.

How Long to Cook Wagyu Steak?

Cooking time depends on how thick your steak is. Most wagyu steaks are around 1 inch thick. Cooking times vary widely depending on whether you are using a gas or electric stove. Gas stoves tend to be hotter, while electric ones tend to be cooler. In general, you’ll need about 10-15 minutes per side for a 1″ thick steak.

What Is the Best Salt for Wagyu Steak?

The best salt for Wagu Steak is Himalayan Pink Salt.

Salt helps bring out the maximum flavor of any dish. Salt also makes food taste better. So, if you are going to eat wagyu steak, you should definitely add salt to it. There are many types of salts available. Some people like sea salt, which has a sweet and mild flavor. Others prefer table salt or Kosher salt, which is more intense and salty. Both work well. Just remember not to put too much salt on your Japanese beef because it may cause the steak to dry out.