How To Enjoy Cooking

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

How To Have Fun When Cooking

The Answer Is – Invite your family or friends into the kitchen – if not to help cook, then at least to talk while you cook.

How often do you invite family or friends over and everyone ends up in the kitchen?  Hey if you are cooking alone and have a pet – invite them in – to talk to while you are cooking – it will make you enjoy it more.

 It happens to us all the time and we like it. The chef of the evening can easily join the party! It is usually also a time to share a few recipes, which is always a win! (yes, our friends also still inspire us with their cooking ideas)!

family in the kitchen will help you enjoy cooking
Invite your family or friends into the kitchen

Top Tips To Make Your Cooking Stress Free:

The first and most important decision to know is obvious but not always easy for many; decide what you would like to cook! Don’t wait until the last minute to choose and don’t make last-minute changes either.

 If you are experienced, you probably have a recipe in mind and will sort all the necessities in no time. If you are a beginner or you rather rely on a recipe… keep reading.

Make a shopping list.

Write your shopping list down – or have it in your phone – if you can not find something in the supermarket – look online for a suitable alternative.

Read The Recipe

Read the recipe all the way through. The prepare your ingredients first – you will se that in our cooking recipes we always measure our everything first – and Rosie actually counts off to make sure she has not missed anything. 

Before starting to cook, read the recipe again. 

Better still – if there is a video on it – watch it again – you will pick up some key points you did not see the first time, – e.g how runny or wet the mizx is for example if you are baking a cake.

Understand Culinary Terms of Cooking Jargon 

Make sure you understand all the culinary terms – see our article on culinary terms here.

 As for the culinary terms, calling a friend could be fun, you could use Google.

Get Creative

Creating something that visually looks nice is a great way for you to get a great sense of satisfaction from your cooking.

get creative in the kitchen
Being creative is a great way to enjoy your time in the kitchen

Lastly Timing and equipment

 Allocate the time you need for the preparation and the cooking as well as how many portions you can make with the recipe.  

You will need to get your head around the timings.  Organise your ingredients and equipment and have everything within reach. It will always make your cooking less stressful.

Clock or timer in hand

For those who have a habit of running late in general… add 15 minutes or more to the preparation times indicated.  You do not want to feel rushed.

Final Tips on stress free and enjoyable cooking

Is your kitchen ready and clean? Make your kitchen organized and then it will be where you get a good feeling.  Making it cosy and fashionable just some simple decorations, even photos of previous cooking or dinner party successes make a big difference. Most importantly make it yours! 

Be certain to follow the instructions to the letter when cooking for the first time.

 If something is not working the way you expected, just start that section again and keep smiling. You will learn from your mistakes, all great chefs started where you are now!

Enjoy the experience and share your dishes!