How to Freeze Poblano Peppers

Poblano Peppers are mild tasting and a good size. Typically that can be heart-shaped, and furthermore that full to the brim with nutrients plus dietary fiber.

How to Freeze Poblano Peppers is a great idea if you are going to be feeding a big group.

Poblano Peppers are very versatile and can be used in the summer flavor of BBQ meats or a winter roast of beef.  But if you have some leftovers you don’t want them to go to waste so let’s work out how we can freeze them.

Poblano Peppers Will last for 10 days if kept in a cool dry place out of the sun and even longer if put in the refrigerator but I like to freeze them after about one week.

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How to Freeze Fresh Poblano Peppers

Start by preparing the Poblano Pepper.

  • Remove the stem
  • Wash to get rid of any insects or dirt. Use a soft cloth to make sure that you are able to clean around the creases and ridges.
  • You can freeze the pepper whole but I find it better to cut it into the size of slices or cubes that I will use in my cooking.
  • Cut up the pepper however you like best. It doesn’t really matter if they’re not uniform shapes; just cut them any way you want.
  • I like to first cut the peppers into halves then take out the seeds. You can that the pepper seeds out with a dessert spoon or even an ice cream scoop.
  • Dry them thoroughly by patting them down with paper towels or a dry cloth. Get rid of all the water because having dry peppers to freeze significantly reduces the risk of freezer burn. Plus they will last longer when frozen.

If do you want the frozen pepper to be free-flowing first take a baking tray and cover it with parchment paper. Spread the Poblano Pepper that has been cut evenly on the paper and freeze it individually.

Once it has frozen you can then transfer it to zip lock freezer bags or airtight containers. Takeout as much air from the bags as you can before sealing. Doing this also reduces freezer burn.

Do not forget to stick on a label plus write the date they were frozen on.  

Can I Freeze Poblano Peppers without Roasting
Can I Freeze Poblano Peppers without Roasting

Can You Freeze Roasted Poblano Peppers

Yes, you can freeze roasted peppers again follow the procedure above and they will keep for approximately three months in the freezer.

When is it best to Freeze Poblano Peppers

You’ll get better results if you freeze them when they’re still fresh. The peppers need to be firm but not too hard. They should look like they just came out of their packaging nice and shiny.

Can You Freeze Poblano Peppers Whole

These will need to be washed and cleaned as above but whole peppers can be frozen.

How to Store Poblano Pepper

Fresh Poblanos kept in the vegetable crisper are still fresh and crunch up to 10 days.

Poblano peppers can usually last for at least six months if they’re wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or placed inside an airtight container. 

Can You Freeze Poblano Peppers Raw

Yes, they can freeze whole – but you should wash them well and then use a paper towel to remove and water.

Do Poblano Peppers Freeze Well

Poblano peppers freeze well. Cut each pepper in half length-wise. Remove the seeds from each side. Place halves skin-side up onto a baking sheet lined with paper towels. Freeze until solid. Once frozen, transfer the frozen peppers to freezer baggies.


Wrapping up

They’re stuffed poblanos peppers! You’ll never know what you’ve been missing until you get these bad boys into Spicy and savory but not too spicy. It’s perfect for both lunch and dinner!