How To Prevent Pancakes From Sticking To Pan

Whether vegan or regular, perfect pancakes are an excellent breakfast and sweet treat. However, making a golden brown round-shaped pancake is not as easy. 

One of the most everyday problems that home cooks encounter when making pancakes is the issue with them sticking to the pan.

I’ll talk about some simple tricks and tips that will help you avoid this issue in this post.

How to Stop Pancakes Sticking to the Pan?

There are no “nonstick” pancake recipes, but a few steps can help prevent food from getting stuck in the pan.

Use a Nonstick Frying Pan

Nonstick frying pans are the best choice when it comes to cooking pancakes. They have a special coating that prevents food from sticking to the pan.

Heavy pans are better for pancakes that don’t stick. They can cook unevenly and cause them to adhere to their surfaces.

How To Stop Pancakes Sticking To A Pan

Use plastic utensils or wooden ones instead of metal ones to avoid scratching the surface of your pan’s coating.

Grease the Pan

Nonstick frying pans are not enough to make amazing pancakes since they can still stick to the pan. It is because the coating can get damaged during the cooking process.

Oil Or Grease The Pan To Stop Pancakes Sticking
Oil Or Grease The Pan To Stop Pancakes Sticking

A straightforward way to cover these scratches is by adding a bit of oil or butter to the pan. It will prevent the surface from getting sticky and protect it from high heat.

You can also use butter as a lubricant for your pancakes, as its rich taste and creamy texture can enhance the flavor of the batter. However, before using butter, make sure that it’s not burning.

Using a Conventional Pan – Add Some Butter

Add a tiny portion of butter to the pan and let it melt. It will provide a rich, buttery flavor while preventing the pancakes from getting stuck.

Depending on the pan’s dimensions, the amount of butter you need will vary. For instance, if you’re making a large batch of pancakes, add more butter to the pan.

According to the USDA, butter contains high saturated fats, contributing to heart disease. To lower the amount of grease in your diet, replace butter with a cooking spray.

Top Stop Pancakes Sticking Let The Pancake Batter Sit For 5 Minutes
Top Stop Pancakes Sticking Let The Pancake Batter Sit For 5 Minutes

Rest the Pancake Batter

When using baking soda or baking powder, add a little bit of lemon juice to the mixture to start its action. It will allow the baking soda to begin working. If you are using this in your pancake batter, it’s best to let it rest for a couple of hours.

After 30 minutes, just mix the ingredients thoroughly. It will ensure that the pancakes are very soft and will blend in properly.

Bake the Pancakes

It is a solution that will allow you to solve a problem without actually having to make a mess. Just follow a regular recipe and put the pancakes on a baking tray.

When you throw the pancakes in the oven, they will not stick to the tray. However, before cooking them, make sure that you grease the tray. You can make these healthy and quick pancakes in no time at all.

How To Stop Pancakes Sticking To A Stainless Steel Pan
How To Stop Pancakes Sticking To A Stainless Steel Pan

Why Do Pancakes Stick to Pans?

When preparing pancakes, it’s essential to use the proper tools and utensils. Also, a non-uniform batter can cause pancakes to stick.

One of the most widespread breakfast items is pancake. It’s straightforward to make and only takes a couple of ingredients to prepare. However, if something goes wrong during the cooking process, it can affect the quality of the pancakes.

Uneven Pancake Batter

The reason why pancakes stick to the pan is that the batter is not evenly mixed. The dry ingredients, such as all-purpose flour and baking powder, can’t be mixed thoroughly.

It takes longer for the flour to absorb water than it does for the water. When pouring pancake batter, the flour molecules will become sticky and dry.

How to Stop Pancakes Sticking to Ceramic Pan
How to Stop Pancakes Sticking to Ceramic Pan

Dry Surface

One of the most standard issues people have when cooking pancakes is that the pan is too dry. It can cause the pancakes to get stuck. Some people also suggest adding water to the pan to absorb the moisture.

Nonstick frying pans and those with dry surfaces are very common. Use metallic pans to avoid this.

Not Using a Nonstick Pan

Adding a layer of Teflon coating to your pans is essential to maintain their non-stickiness. This protective barrier prevents the thick batter from binding to the metallic surface.

The nonstick layer on your pan prevents the molecules of your food from getting stuck. However, if the coating gets dislodged, it can cause harmful effects on one’s health.

Do You Cook Pancakes on High or Low Heat?

You need to cook the pancakes on low to medium heat – cook them with minimum heat necessary on your appliance.

Another factor that affects the quality of pancakes is the heat. When you are preparing them, it is easy to get impatient. I decided to put them on high heat to see how they turned out.

Due to the uneven heat, the pancakes became too brown at the edges while the inside stayed raw. It is why I always make them on low heat. Also, it’s easier to have an even temperature throughout the pan when in low heat.