How to reheat Starbucks coffee

How to reheat Starbucks coffee

How to reheat Starbucks coffee – The Best Way

Can you Reheat Starbucks Coffee?

Starbucks coffee has become a staple in many people’s lives. It’s a quick pick me up at the office, a delicious treat after dinner, or even an afternoon pick me up before heading out for the day.

But did you know that you can reheat your Starbucks coffee?

I’ve been using this trick to reheat my Starbucks coffee for years now and it works every single time.

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The Best Way to Reheat Coffee

Before you reheat your favorite coffee like Starbucks, let’s look at how the coffee bean flavor is created.  Coffee bean flavor is mostly determined by how it’s roasted because the chemicals inside react to the roasting process and heat.

It is worth noting that most of the coffee flavor is created and in place before it is made.

Coffee beans are roasted before they’re ground up. When you reheat coffee again the chemical reactions in the roast process will start again not a lot but some. This can cause a slight change in taste.

For some folks, it’s really noticeable but some people can not drink reheated coffee. Maybe I am a bit of a “slob” here, but I like reheated coffee, especially Starbucks reheated coffee. The hickory taste, at least that’s what I call it, seems to intensify and I really enjoy it. So how do you reheat a Starbucks coffee so it tastes really good or even better than the original?

You’ll also see that the coffee smell goes away when reheating. This is because the aromatic compounds in coffee beans evaporate during the brewing and reheating process

I will leave it over to you – if you warm up your coffee?

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What is the best way to Reheat Starbucks Coffee?

The best or connoisseurs way to reheat your Starbucks coffee is using a stovetop because you can control the heat applied to the coffee.  For example, you can heat it very slowly to the correct temperature for coffee so that it does not burn.

The quickest way to reheat a Starbucks coffee is in the microwave of course.

How to Reheat Starbucks Coffee on your Stovetop

Using a stove to reheat coffee will allow you to protect the taste and flavor by reducing the heat on the stove so it warms slowly.

Separately – boil some water and pour the boiling water into your empty cup. This will preheat the cup back up to warm. When the coffee is reheated, tip out the water from the cup and put the warmed coffee straight into the cup.

How to Reheat a Starbucks Coffee in a Microwave

Depending on how cold your coffee is will determine how long you reheat it. 

If you are reheating it in a takeaway cup take off the sipping lid so you can watch the coffee reheat and not have the foam explode out of the drinking hole in the top.

For a stone-cold coffee I would start with 1 minute on high, but make sure you watch it and have your finger on the stop button in case it boils sooner than expected.

If you are not sure of the temperature of your Starbucks coffee, start with 15 seconds. Add another 20 seconds until it’s perfect again.

Use a microwave-safe mug.

Can You Reheat Coffee in a Convection Oven?

You can do it, but it takes ages and I really would not bother.

Is Reheating a Starbucks Coffee in a Coffee Maker Okay?

Reheating your Starbucks coffee in the coffee maker does not really work that well.

Many coffee makers are designed to make your coffee and keep it warm, but not to reheat it.

But if the coffee is returned to the glass bowl and the heating element turned on, you may scald the bottom of your coffee, possibly ruining your pot and definitely spoiling the flavor of your coffee!.

Reheating Coffee With Milk, Cream, Sugar and Other Additives

So if you’re adding them before reheating, just remember to stir them through gently. You need to reheat these even more slowly so they do not react with the coffee, but rather are warmed up slowly.

Do Not Over Heat Your Starbucks Latte!

Over heating your Starbucks coffee will ruin its flavor and aroma. It is important to note that the hotter the liquid gets, the more quickly the aromas escape. 

Can You Reheat Bulletproof Coffee?

Yes,  bulletproof coffee can be reheated really well. I would use the stove way because the added butter and MCT oil can change taste if warmed too much or quickly. Further, they may cause the coffee to splutter and mess up the microwave.

The best way ti to use a small but good quality pot. Use a which to keep all the ingredients mixed as you slowly reheat on the stove top. 

What is the Alternative Solution to Reheating Coffee

Put some ice cubes in and drink it cold.

Does reheating coffee destroy caffeine?

As long as you heat the coffee slowly and do not have it boiling for ages then reheating coffee does not destroy caffeine.

But there are heaps of coffee experts who would not agree.

Do coffee mug warmers work?

Yes, they do. They are designed to keep hot drinks hot for longer. They do not really reheat coffee but will keep coffee warmer

over time.   

What is the best Temperature For a Starbucks Coffee
What is the Best Temperature For a Starbucks Coffee?

What is the Ideal Temperature For a Starbucks Coffee

Coffee that is served too hot can often taste bitter and tart.

Coffee that is served below the ideal temperature will often see flat in taste.

Cafes or a coffee shop will typically serve coffee around 180F.

However, the normal coffee drinker will wait for it to cool to a temperate of 150F.

So for me, the ideal temperature is 160F – I have tested this time and time again with my trusty probe thermometer so I know I can have my coffee just right.

I suggest that you find the temperature that works for you. It is worth the investment in time as once you know your preferred temperature, you can develop your coffee-making methods around that so you enjoy it.

Or if you are going to reheat your Starbucks coffee then you know exactly the best temperature – for me it is 160F.

This article is mainly for reheating Starbucks coffee, like a latte. Not so much for iced coffee, cold brew coffee, or starbucks iced coffee.

Lastly, I would not reheat old coffee, old coffee that has been left out overnight, especially a milk coffee like a frappuccino.

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