How to Tell when Rice Is Cooked

How to Tell When Rice is Done?

Rice is one of those foods that we don’t really think about cooking because it seems like such a simple thing.

Plus, there are over 35,000 different rice cultivars; however, the method below is pretty universal in testing if rice is done.

But there are some things you should keep in mind while making rice. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you know when your rice is cooked.

Leave it to Rest

Rice cooks up quickly, but you need to let it rest for several minutes before serving.

This is because rice absorbs moisture during cooking. If you don’t give it enough time rest after simmering or cooking, even in an instant pot to absorb the liquid, the rice won’t cook properly. You can use this trick to make risotto, too.

If you cook it too long, you can get rice off a nonstick pan using these methods.

Should I Stir Rice To Cook It Properly

You might think stirring rice while it’s cooking makes it taste better, but it actually just turns it mushy.

Stirring rice doesn’t help it cook faster; it just mixes the uncooked parts together and may create lumps. When you’re done cooking, wait a few minutes before tasting the rice. See how to make stovetop rice in 3 different ways?

Then, if necessary, add some additional liquid, heat again, and stir then.

The Best Ways to Tell If Rice Is Done

Rice is one of the most important ingredients in many Asian dishes. Whether you’re making sushi rolls, fried rice, pad thai or even just plain old white rice for a crowd, there are some basic steps you must follow to make sure the rice turns out perfect every single time.

If you’ve ever cooked rice before, you know that it takes about 17-21 minutes to cook rice properly. But what happens during those 20-odd minutes?

Well, we’ll break down everything you need to know about knowing when rice is done so you can avoid burnt rice, overcooked rice and mushy rice.

Testing If Your Rice Is Cooked With A fork or Spoon
Testing If Your Rice Is Cooked With A fork or Spoon

Test By the Absorption Method

Rice cooking methods vary depending on how much water you want to absorb into the grain. In general, there are two types of rice: short-grain and long-grain. Short-grain rice cooks faster because it absorbs less water. Long-grain rice takes longer to cook because it absorbs more water.

The good thing about this rice testing method is that it works for short-grained, long-grained and brown rice. In fact, pretty much all types.

To test if the rice is done, check the amount of liquid left in the pot. If there is still moisture left, the rice isn’t fully cooked. Continue simmering a bit longer. To make sure the rice is completely dry, give it a quick stir and taste it. If it tastes slightly chewy, it needs more time.

Normally when the moisture or liquid is gone, the rice is ready to eat.

By the Texture

Rice is an important ingredient in many recipes. But how do you know when it’s done? There are several ways to tell whether the grains are cooked properly, including testing them with a fork. If the rice feels firm, it’s ready; if it sticks together, it needs a little longer.

When cooking rice, always test the grains before serving. They should be tender but still slightly al dente.

Don’t let them overcook, because they will become mushy.

How to Know When Rice is Done in Rice Cooker?

There are many kinds of rice cookers available today. Some models come with an automatic keep warm function and some do not. The most common way to check whether the rice is ready is through the indicator light. This method works well for those who use rice cooker every day.

However, there are times when you might want to check the rice without turning looking at the heat on light or rice ready light. 

Here is how to know when rice is cooked in a rice cooker.

The easiest way to tell when rice is done cooking is to listen to it. If you hear the “pipi pipi” sound, the rice is done.

You can also look at the indicator light. It will turn green once the rice is done.

How to Tell When Brown Rice is Done?

Brown rice is often touted as being better for you than white because it contains less starch. However, brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice and requires more liquid. If you want to know when brown rice is done, check the rice after about 20-25 minutes. Once the grains are tender, add some broth or water and stir well. Continue cooking until the liquid evaporates and the rice turns dry.

Do a final taste test.

Undercooked Rice

There are many ways to fix undercooked rice see our full article.

How To Prevent The Uneven Cooking Of Rice

Rice is one of those foods that we just love to eat. We like it plain, seasoned, or even fried. But there are some things you should know about how to cook it properly.

The most common mistake people make when cooking rice is letting the pot sit uncovered while it cooks. When you do this, moisture evaporates out of the rice and makes it stick together. This is called “curdling”, and results in uneven parts or areas of the rice that are at different cooking stages. Any in an extreme case, even areas of uncooked rice which you should not eat.

To prevent this, pour enough water into the pot to cover the rice completely. Then close the lid. You don’t want the steam to escape because it could cause the rice to burn, as there will then not be enough total water in the pot.