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October 11, 2020
Rendang Beef Instant Pot

Times Top 50 Meals to Eat - Rendang is My Favorite.

October 9, 2020
Sun-Dried Tomato Chorizo Tortilla

We also have a great Chicken meatball recipe for the instant pot.

October 4, 2020
BBQ Beef Bourbon Brisket

beef bourbon brisket cooked in an instant pot or pressure ooker

September 30, 2020
Italian Beef and Herb Meatballs Instant Pot

These classic Italian-American style meatballs are juicy snd soft! They're mixed with ground beef, loaded with herbs and cheese, and served with a traditional tomato sauce.

September 28, 2020
Irish Beef Stew Instant Pot

Irish beef stew is an adaptation of the original Irish stew but with beef and vegetables.

September 25, 2020
Italian Suasage Risotto Instant Pot

The normal way of cooking risotto requires lots of care but with an Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker, making Risotto is really easy.


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