KFC Original vs Extra Crispy

KFC Original vs. Extra Crispy: 7 Differences You Need To Know

KFC is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world. The company’s signature dish is fried chicken, which is usually served with various side dishes. While KFC is best known for its chicken, the restaurant also offers a number of other menu items, including sandwiches, wraps, salads, and desserts.

KFC popcorn chicken is another product that is served at parties.

When it comes to fried chicken, there are two main schools of thought: original or extra crispy. And while both have their merits, some key differences might sway your decision.

Here are seven key differences you need to know about original vs. extra crispy KFC chicken in 2024


Original KFC chicken is cooked in a pressure fryer, which results in moist, juicy meat with a slightly crispy skin. The flavor is fairly mild, making it a good option for those who don’t like their chicken to be too spicy or salty. And they pair well with fresh or reheated KFC biscuits.

While the flavor of extra crispy KFC chicken is also more pronounced, thanks to the extra seasoning in the breading, this is the perfect option for those who want a little more flavor in their chicken.

Why Is KFC Original Not As Crispy As Before
Why Is KFC Original Not As Crispy As Before


The texture of Original KFC chicken is softer and more tender than extra crispy chicken.

Extra crispy chicken is double breaded and deep fried, which gives it a much crispier texture. The Chicken is also less juicy, as the breading absorbs some of the moisture.


The spices used in Original KFC chicken are more subdued, while extra crispy chicken has a more robust flavor. This is due to the difference in the breading; Original KFC chicken is only lightly coated, while extra crispy chicken is double breaded.


Original KFC chicken is marinated for longer and then slow-cooked, while extra crispy chicken is marinated for a shorter time and fried at a higher temperature. This results in original KFC chicken being more moist and tender, while extra crispy chicken is crispier.


Original KFC chicken has a more natural appearance, while the extra crispy chicken is darker and has a crumb coating. Extra crispy chicken is also less likely to have any bare spots, as the double breading provides better coverage.

Reheats Better After Refrigerated

Extra crispy chicken reheats better after being refrigerated, as the coating helps to keep the chicken moist. Original KFC chicken can also be reheated, but it is more likely to dry out.

Which is better is you are serving fried chicken to a big group.

Col Sanders Original Chicken vs The new Crispy
Col Sanders Original Chicken vs The new Crispy

Will Make You Drink More Soda

The extra crispy coating on extra crispy chicken tends to make people drink more soda with their meals. This is because the coating absorbs more of the soda’s sweetness, making it more palatable. Original KFC chicken doesn’t have this effect to the same degree, as the coating is thinner and less absorbent.

What Dipping Sauces Go Best With Original KFC

When it comes to KFC, most people think of the original fried chicken. And while that is certainly a fan favorite, there are plenty of other menu items that are just as delicious. One of those items is the dipping sauce.

So, what kind of dipping sauces go best with original KFC? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Barbecue Sauce – This is a classic dipping sauce that goes well with just about anything. The smoky flavor of barbecue sauce pairs perfectly with the crispy fried chicken.
  2. Honey Mustard – Honey mustard is a great choice if you like a little sweetness with your savory. The mustard’s tanginess cuts through the chicken’s richness for a delicious contrast.
  3. Ranch – Ranch dressing is another versatile sauce that goes well with original KFC. The creamy, cool flavor of ranch pairs nicely with the spicy chicken.
  4. Blue cheese – A lot of people think that blue cheese is only for salads, but it actually makes a great dipping sauce as well. The sharp flavor of the cheese pairs nicely with the savory chicken.
  5. Buffalo Sauce – If you like your chicken with a little bit of heat, then buffalo sauce is a great choice. The spicy sauce goes well with the crispy chicken for a delicious flavor combination.

These are just a few of the many dipping sauces that go well with original KFC.

KFC Original vs. Extra Crispy
KFC Original vs. Extra Crispy

So, next time you order fried chicken, be sure to try one of these sauces. You might just find a new favorite.

What Dipping Sauces Go Best With Crispy KFC

KFC’s extra crispy chicken is a fan favorite for its juicy, succulent meat and crispy, golden skin. But what really makes it extra special is the dipping sauces! Here are some of our favorite sauces to pair with our extra crispy chicken.

  1. Soy Sauce: Soy sauce is an excellent dipping sauce for KFC’s extra crispy chicken if you want your dish to have a little bit of saltiness. The soy sauce’s umami taste complements this recipe’s crisp skin and juicy flesh.
  2. Hoisin sauce: If you prefer sweet and savory combinations, hoisin sauce is an ideal dipping sauce for KFC’s extra crispy chicken. The hoisin sauce flavors go excellently with the crispy skin and juicy meat.
  3. Sriracha: Those who love a little spice in their chicken will adore KFC’s Extra Crispy chicken with Sriracha sauce. The zesty flavor of the Sriracha enhances the meat’s crispy skin and juicy flavors.
  4. Ketchup: Ketchup not only dresses up your favorite KFC sides but also tastes great with the Extra Crispy chicken. The perfect balance of sweet and tangy, ketchup is a delicious way to add some flavor to your food.
  5. Mayo: Mayo is a great dipping sauce for KFC’s Extra Crispy chicken if you like a little bit of creaminess with your chicken. The rich and creamy flavor of the mayo pairs well with the crispy skin and juicy meat.

Final Thought

So, what’s the best option? It really depends on your personal preference. If you like your chicken moist and tender, go for the original recipe. If you prefer a crispy chicken, go for the Extra Crispy. And if you can’t decide, try both with different kinds of sauces and see for yourself! Whichever option you choose, you can’t go wrong with KFC.