Reheat Bacon Panini Press

Can You Reheat Bacon in a Panini Press

Using a panini press to reheat bacon is great for 3-6 bacon strips.

See over how to reheat bacon top methods of 2024 reviewed here.

It is not necessary to turn on early or preheat the Panini Press

Did you know bacon was invented in 1500 BC!

Bacon That Has Been Reheated In a Panini Press For 2 Minutes
Bacon That Has Been Reheated In a Panini Press For 2 Minutes

How To Reheat Bacon in a Panini Press

Put the bacon strips evenly on the non-stick press surface. Do not have them touching or overlapping.

For a bigger number of people we suggest using an oven to reheat bacon.

Reheat the bacon strips for 2 minutes open up the press lid and check if it is ready. You will be surprised how fast the reheating process takes.

If the bacon is not ready – close the press lid for another 60 seconds.

Pat the warmed-up bacon to remove any excess bacon grease with a paper towel.

For bacon that you are taking straight from the fridge, it may take an extra minute.

How Long To Reheat Bacon In Panini Press

Most cuts and strips of bacon will be reheated within 2-4 minutes.

An alternative to the panini grill is to use a Toaster Oven For Serving Up Leftover Bacon that is crispy.

 See our handy table of reheating times for different types of bacon in a Panini Press.

Panini Press Length Of Reheat Time
Strip Bacon2-3 minutes
Canadian Bacon3-5 minutes
Irish Bacon3 minutes
English Bacon2-3 minutes
Australian Bacon3-4 minutes

How Crispy Is Reheated Bacon in a Panini Press 

The result is not over crispy as you are squeezing out the bacon fat and moisture and if you try to reheat the bacon too long it results in dry and tough bacon.

Using an air fryer to reheat bacon is one of the best ways.

Can bacon be cooked in a panini press?

Canadian Bacon Reheated in a Panini Press
Canadian Bacon Reheated in a Panini Press

Can You Use a Panini Press to Keep Bacon Warm for A Party

If your panini grill has a thermostat to turn down the heat, then keeping bacon warm is certainly possible.  The main drawback is you can not keep much bacon warm, maybe only enough for 3-4 people maximum.

This is similar to a re-cooking bacon on a skillet, it will handle about 3 to for people per cooking.

Can You Reheat Canadian Bacon Using a Panini Press

Canadian bacon can easily be reheated in a panini press.

Panini Presses are great for cooking food like sandwiches. But they have two elements on each plate.

Having the bacon in between two hot elements results in an even and fairly rapid reheating that would normally take longer on the stove or oven. 

Can You Reheat Irish Bacon Using a Panini Press

Irish bacon is delicious, especially when reheated. So how can you rewarm your favorite breakfast treat?

Close the lid and warm for between 2-4 minutes. Open, the bacon should be hot and crispy.

What to Look for When Choosing a Panini Press to Reheat Bacon

Look for the following

  • Temperature control when reheating bacon
  • Grease tray for catching the fat from the bacon
  • No Stick to easily clean off the bacon grease


A Panini Press is a great tool for reheating food quickly and easily, and the process is simple. 

However, it is not a kitchen utensil that makes very crisp bacon.