Substitute for Currants

The Top 11 Substitute for Currants 2024

We review, test, and recommend what are the best substitutes for dried currants and currant jelly substitute also.

What do you think about currants? Do you use them in baking? Or do you avoid them altogether?

I’ve tried using them in recipes, but I find that they’re too tart for my taste.

They’re okay in pies, though. What about the best red currant jelly substitute? We cover that also.

Currant Substitute Cheat sheet
Currant Substitute Cheatsheet

There are two main types of currants – currants black currants that are often used to make a vitamin c rich drink like Ribena which originates from Britain.

Red Currants are employed to make competes, jellies and to flavor some baked pies.

What are Currants?

The main thing to remember is that currants are not just dried berries. They are actually fruits. Small fruits or berries that are grown on bushes or small shrubs. 

Real currants are blooming shrubs belonging to the Ribes family that flourish in northern areas with hot summers. Then to set the fruit or berries cool fall and winter.

The small berries grow in bunches on stalks or stems. To eat or cook with them they are best left on the plant to mature.

Currants have been grown throughout Europe for centuries. Many types are also native to North America.

The color of currants ranges from black or purple to a beautiful intense red.  Less common is also an almost transparent current called white currants.  

What Do Currants Taste Like

Because we are going to give you the top 11 currant replacements it does help to understand a little of the currant’s taste and texture so you can make some good substitutions for your recipe.

Here are some ways to describe the taste of a Red Currant -they are like raisins but without all the sugar.

A black currant can be even more tart – this comes from the amount of tannins they have inside their skin.

The texture of red currants comes from the relatively thick skin for the size of the berry. They can also have small textures from seeds.

substitute for currants
substitute for currants

Top 11 Substitutes for Black and Red Currants

Some of the list below have good alternatives for currants for baking, others for jelly and we will call those out as we go through the list.

What Can I Substitute for Currants?

Red and black currants are both small berries, but they have different flavors. Black currants are sweeter than red ones, so if you want to substitute them for currants, you’ll need to add some sugar or use a sweet fruit.

1. Raisins

Raisins are the top substitute for currants when you are baking. Instead of a currant muffin or cake, you will often see a raisin cake or loaf.

There are many different types of raisins available. Some are dried and some are not. Dried raisins are often used in baked goods because they add moisture and sweetness.

They are also great oatmeal.

Currants look amazing on a summer salad, but you can also add raisins to salads.

Not all raisins are created equal though. Some are sweetened and others aren’t. The best way to know which ones are the best is by reading labels.

2. Prunes

If you want to try something different, you could try prunes instead. They are much larger and are sweeter also. To substitute a prune for a currant then diced to prune to a similar size to a currant.

Because the prunes are sweeter than even a red or white currant then you can reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe also.

Prunes have a similar taste but they contain less sugar than dried plums.

Currant Substitute - Best 11
Cranberries Are the Best Substitute for Red Currant Jelly

3. Cranberries

Cranberries are the best substitute for red currant jelly. There are many different types of cranberry products available.

Some people like to use fresh cranberries straight from the bush and replace them in currant baking methods.

Others prefer to use dried cranberries.

Cranberry jelly is the most natural and easy red currant jelly substitute.

Cranberry is also the go-to alternative for red currant jelly when making pies.

4. Dried Dates

Dates are another good currant alternative when used in baking.

Dates will absorb water and then swell up. So, if you soak them in hot water, they’ll expand and release some of their sweetness.

See 25 different date types to consider.

Rather than a tart. currant taste your dish will tend to have a Carmel flavor.

5. Jujube

The jujube fruit is native to China and Japan. It has a sweet taste and is used in many Asian dishes. It is the most popular currant substitute when making Asian recipes. 

They can also be used as a red currant jelly substitute. They are slightly sweeter in taste.

Jujube Is a Substitute for Red Currants
Jujube Is a Substitute for Red Currants

6. Dried Cherries

Cherries that have been dedicated or preserved by drying can be used in place of dried currants in a variety of savory or sweet recipes. They have a subtle sweetness and a fresh, rich scent, making them an excellent complement to your dishes.

Furthermore, dried cherries are brilliant red so they are a great red currant substitute.

They can be used to top yogurt, breakfast cereals, and homemade granola easily replacing both red and black currants.

You may also make roasts plus meatloaf and other baked ground meat dishes with a cherry jelly or sauce instead of red currant jelly.

Dried cherries can be used in muffins, pies, bread, and tart fillings.

If the sweetness of the cherries is too much for your dish, dilute them with vinegar or bring out their true flavor with spices like cinnamon.

There are many different types of dried cherries available, but they all contain similar amounts of sugar, so it’s important to read the labels carefully and adjust your recipes accordingly.

7. Dried Blueberries Are a Good Substitute for Dried Currants

The dried blueberry has a higher antioxidant content than fresh berries. It’s also rich in fiber, which helps keep your digestive system healthy. 

Blueberries also have a tannin or acid taste similar to black currant. 

They can be used as a red currant jelly replacement and well as a color and taste alternative on salads.

And of course who does not like blueberry pie, so they are an excellent alternative to currants for pie making.

8. Sultanas

The sultana is a dried grape variety that has a sweet taste. It’s often used in baked goods because it adds sweetness and can be used like raisins in currant substitution.

Dried Barberries - Can be made into a Red Currant jelly Substitute
Dried Barberries – Can be made into a Red Currant jelly Substitute

9. Dried Barberries

The distinctively sour flavor of these small red-colored fruits is revered not only in Central Asia but across the Middle East.

When made into jam or jelly these are a good substitute for red currant jelly.

The dried berries are used to provide bursts of vivid taste and dazzling color to rice, couscous or other grains.

They work well as a currant substitute when cooking meats. They create rich meat braises and vegetable dishes.

Barberries have a taste similar to unsweetened dried cranberries, but because of their smaller size (similar to currants), they spread well in recipes.

You can find them at most health food stores and also on amazon.

10. Apple Jelly

There are many different recipes for apple jelly and this can be used as a binder in baking or as a substitute for white currant jelly.

You can buy it from the supermarket easily.

11. Mixed Dried fruit

The advantage of mixed dried fruit as a currant substitute is the range of flavors you get, and you can easily buy a packet of it at the supermarket. 

Texture Substitutes for Currants

There are many different types of dried fruit available. Some are sweetened, some are not. Some are quite small, others are large. Some are soft, others are hard.

You may want to try barberries, cranberries, or cherries if you find yourself reaching for currants often.

How Much Of Each Ingredient should I Use Other Ingredients In Place of Currants?

Most of the substitutes from a filling and recipe requirement can be used in a one-to-one ratio. The key difference is in the amount of sweetness you desire in your overall recipe. So do not forget to reduce the amount of sugar.

Some substitutes like dried fruit need to be chopped up before use.

You should never add water to dried fruits as this will change the texture – particularly for biscuits, cakes and muffins.

Can I Substitute Raisins for Currants in A Recipe

Raisins are delicious, but currants are better if you want a tart taste. 

Currants add flavor to baked goods, but raisins do too. They’re similar in taste and texture, so you can substitute one for the other without much trouble.

Here’s what you need to know about substituting currants for raisins:

Both raisins and currants contain natural sugars.

Currants have a tart flavor Raisins are sweet

They both are used in baking.

They both have similar nutritional value.

They both are rich in antioxidants.

They both are high in fiber.

They both are gluten free.

So, if you don’t have any currants, try using raisins instead.

 Substitute 1 cup raisins for 1 cup currants in recipes.

Top 11 Easy Currant Substitution Tips and Ideas 

1. Use currants in place of chocolate chips in cookies.

2. Sprinkle currants over pancakes.

3. Use currants in oatmeal.

4. Bake muffins with currants.

5. Top ice cream sundaes with currants.

6. Use currants in salads.

7. Add currants to pasta dishes.

8. Use currants in breads.

9. Serve currants with cheese.

10. Use currants in cakes.

11. Stuff chicken

Substitute For Red Currants
Substitute For Red Currants

What Is the Difference Between a Currant and A Raisin

A currant is its own berry, and a raisin is a dried grape. They are similar, but there are differences between the two.

Currants are smaller than raisins, and they are often used in baking.

Raisins are larger than currants, and they are usually eaten out of hand.

Raisins come in many different sizes, colors, shapes, and flavors.

They are commonly found in snack foods, such as trail mix, candy bars, and cereals.

Currants are small, round fruits that grow on bushes or even some vines.

They are most commonly found in jams, jellies, and pies.

There are different types of currants: red, black, and white.

There are also different types of raisins: golden, dark, and light.

Golden raisins are plump and moist.

Dark raisins are firm and dry.

Light raisins are soft and moist.

Red currants are tart and sour.

Black currants are sweet and juicy.

White currants are sweet and tart.

Today, raisins are still grown in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, and other states.

Raisins can be made into wine, jelly, jam, candies, cookies, cakes, breads, muffins, pastries, and more.

So in summary  The main difference between a currant and a raisin is their size.

A currant is much smaller than a raisin.

Red Currant Substitute

Red currants are one of my favorite fruits. I eat them fresh out of the oven with butter and sugar, or I use them in baked goods.

But sometimes I run out of red currants and don’t feel like baking. That’s why I’m excited about this recipe – it uses red currants instead of cranberries. This recipe makes a delicious and festive dessert that is perfect for fall and winter holidays.

This recipe uses red currants instead red cranberries.

I love using red currants in place of cranberries because they’re sweeter than cranberries, plus they’re easier to find. The flavor profile of red currants is similar to that of cranberries, so you won’t miss the cranberry flavor at all.

I used red currants in place red cranberries because they’re easier to find and cheaper.

What Does Red Currant Jelly Taste Like?

The flavor of red currant jelly is complex, with notes from a lot of fruits like cranberry, raspberry, and even a high of both taste and texture of rhubarb.

In addition, the color of red currant jelly ranges from deep purple to pinkish-orange, depending on how long it cooks.

What Is The Difference Between Zante Currants And The Fruit Currant?

Another widespread misunderstanding in the culinary world is that the same term might be used for distinct but related products. Some members of the Ribes genus or family, like white, black, or red currants, are also known as “currants.

But the Difference Between Zante Currants And The Fruit Currant Although dried black currants resemble Zante currants in appearance, they are a bit smaller and have a unique tart berry flavor.

What Can I Use Instead of Black Currant

Blackcurrants are a delicious fruit that are full of health benefits. But if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to blackcurrants, try using cranberries instead. Cranberries are similar in size and shape to blackcurrants.

You can find fresh cranberries at most grocery stores during the fall and winter months. Look for cranberries that are firm and bright red. For dried cranberries, look for bags labeled “dried cranberries.” Dried cranberries are often sold in bulk bins, but you may want to check the expiration date before buying.

For a tart flavor, add a teaspoon of lemon zest to the cranberry sauce. Try serving this with a dish of roasted turkey breast or pork loin.