Substitute for Mozzarella Cheese

Top 11 Mozzarella substitutes

Fresh Mozzarella cheese is a soft white cheese made from cow milk. It has a mild flavor and melts quickly. Its name comes from the Italian word “Mozza,” meaning “cheese.” The original mozzarella was created in Italy in the 19th century.

It contains less fat content than cheddar or parmesan cheese and is low in calories. It also contains calcium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin. This makes it a good source of protein and essential nutrients.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best substitute for mozzarella cheese, we listed the 11 best options for you to choose from!

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11 Best Substitutes for Mozzarella Cheese in 2024

1) Swiss Cheese

Unlike mozzarella, it does not contain a mild flavor. It is usually sold as a block of cheese with a rind. The rind can be removed before eating. Swiss cheese is often sliced into wedges or cubes.

What makes Swiss Cheese a good Mozzarella cheese alternative?

This is not a mild cheese like mozzarella. Instead, it has a rich and nutty taste. When melted, it has a delicate buttery texture. It isn’t as stringy or stretchy pull as mozzarella, but it melts quickly and adds a creamy touch to the food. If you don’t mind the cheese being stretchy, Swiss cheese is a tasty alternative to mozzarella.

2) Provolone

It is similar to mozzarella cheese because it is made from pasteurized milk. It is a perfect substitute with a nutty undertone. However, it does not have a strong smell like mozzarella cheese. It is also lower in fat content than mozzarella cheese. It also has a mild taste.

Provolone Is A good Alternative For String Cheese including Pizza Cheese
Provolone Is A Good Alternative For String Cheese including Pizza Cheese

What makes Provolone a good Mozzarella cheese alternative?

Provolone cheese is a great choice when making lasagna, pizza topping, sandwiches, and other dishes where its melting properties are desired. It is also used for cooking because it doesn’t melt easily.

3) White Cheddar

White cheddar is a type of American cheese made by adding salt and rennet (a natural enzyme found in milk). It is typically aged longer than regular cheddar cheese. This results in a stronger taste. White cheddar is sometimes called “cheddar” or “American.”

What makes White Cheddar a mozzarella cheese alternative?

White cheddar cheese is very similar to mozzarella. Both kinds of cheese contain high moisture content, which means they both melt well. They also have a slightly tangy flavor.

4) Mexican Cheese

Mexican cheese is a type of cheese that originates from Mexico. It is usually made from cow’s milk. It is available in different types, such as queso fresco, queso Blanco, and queso Oaxaca.

What makes Mexican Cheese an excellent Mozzarella cheese alternative

Mexican cheese is very similar to cheese made from buffalo milk. It has a smooth texture and a mild flavor. It can be utilized in place of mozzarella cheese, because it has the same flavor and texture. Mexican cheese has a mild flavor and melts readily. It’s stringy like mozzarella, which is one of the reasons people seek for when replacing mozzarella with it. It may also be used in a variety of ways, especially for Mexican cuisine.

5) Ricotta

Ricotta is a soft cheese that comes in various flavors. You can find ricotta cheese in tubs, blocks, and cans. It is commonly used in Italian dishes. When used on pizza or to top off lasagna, mozzarella isn’t renowned for melting. It doesn’t melt when heated, but it gets wonderfully soft and has a creamy texture, which is perfect in place of mozzarella in a chicken parmesan recipe.

Ricotta Is A Good Substitute for Mozzarella
Ricotta Is A Good Substitute for Mozzarella

What makes Ricotta suitable for use as a substitute for Mozzarella cheese?

When compared to mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese has higher water content. This allows it to melt more easily. It also has a milder flavor. In terms of taste, ricotta may be used in place of mozzarella. It has a mild flavor with undertones of sweetness and a smooth, creamy texture. But if you’re trying to tick all the boxes, you’ll miss out on something.

6) Mild Gouda

Gouda is another popular type of Semi-Hard Cheese cheese that originated in Holland. It is a hard cheese that is often used in baked goods. It is also used in salads, sandwiches, and as a pasta topping.  It has a nice subtle flavor

What makes Mild Gouda appropriate for use as a substitute for Mozzarella cheese?

It is similar to mozzarella cheese because it contains a high amount of excess moisture content. The difference between these two kinds of cheese is that gouda cheese is harder and denser. It is also firmer than mozzarella cheese. Its strong flavor gives it a unique taste that is not found in mozzarella cheese. These should be young cheeses and should not be smoked. This method ensures that the taste of the cheese does not overpower the other components in the meal.

7) Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a Greek cheese with a salt taste that is made from sheep’s milk. It is often used in dips, salads, and appetizers. 

What makes Feta a good substitute for Mozzarella cheese?

Feta cheese is a healthier option than mozzarella, which may be substituted for feta in dishes like lasagna. However, it’s worth noting that feta and mozzarella have distinct tastes. When compared to light mozzarella, feta is quite robust.

8) Pepper jack

Pepper jack (Monterey Jack Cheese) is a semi-soft cheese that is made by combining shredded cheddar cheese with pepper. It is typically used in burgers and hot dogs because of its peppery taste. It is also used to make macaroni and cheese.

Monterey Jack Cheese Can be Used Instead of Mozzarella
Monterey Jack Cheese Can be Used Instead of Mozzarella

What makes it an excellent replacement for Mozzarella cheese?

Pepper jack cheese is an excellent alternative to mozzarella cheese because it is similar in appearance and consistency. It has a mild, tangy flavor that is reminiscent of mozzarella cheese. It is also easy to slice and spread. 

9) Jarlsberg Cheese

Jarlsberg cheese is a mild-flavored white cheese (with a slight nutty flavor in some varieties) with a sweeter and buttery taste. It may be served at a lower temperature, resulting in a more compact and creamy texture.

What makes Jarlsberg Cheese an ideal substitute for Mozzarella cheese?

It is less strong than the flavor of white cheddar, making it almost identical to mozzarella cheese. You can even serve it at room temperature. Jarlsberg is a Scandinavian cheese that is often used for cooking purposes. It is usually served with meat dishes. It is also used as a topping for pieces of bread and pastries.

10) Fontina Cheese

Fontina is a soft Italian cheese that is made from cow’s milk. It is a favorite among cheese connoisseurs due to its complex flavor profile and rich aroma. It is produced from cow’s milk and has a similar texture to mozzarella cheese.

11) Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese is a good substitute because is partially soft (semi-hard cheese) and as a cow’s milk product it also is not too strong in flavor, while being stringy in texture.

Other honorable mentions for cheeses that can also be used in a pinch are

  • paneer
  • brick cheese
  • Gruyere cheese
  • Edam cheese
  • Colby cheese
  • Goats Cheese
  • Look for some Vegan Cheese if you want an alternative
  • Mix a hard cheese with cream cheese for extra taste, especially in pasta dishes

What makes it suitable for replacing Mozzarella cheese?

The melting properties of fontina are similar to those of mozzarella cheese, but it has a stronger flavor profile. It is best when paired with fresh vegetables or fruit. Like Cheddar, Fontina also has a delicate yet distinct flavor. It has a sweet and nutty flavor, and it complements a variety of meals. It softens rapidly but doesn’t have a stretchy texture. It becomes a creamy consistency and has a gooey texture when melted. If you don’t have any other kinds of cheese and fontina is the only choice, it’s best to use it as a last resort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Substitute for Mozzarella Cheese in Lasagna?

Mozzarella cheese is a popular ingredient in lasagna because it melts easily and produces a smooth sauce. Although many different types of cheese can exactly replace mozzarella cheese, an alternative would be a combination of ricotta cheese and Parmesan cheese. This mixture provides the perfect balance between moisture and richness of flavor.

What Is the Best Healthier Substitute for Mozzarella Cheese?

Cheese is one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Several kinds of cheese are available that contain fewer calories and fat than mozzarella cheese. For example, low-fat cottage cheese contains about half the amount of cholesterol found in regular cottage cheese. Low-fat feta cheese is another option. The nutritional content of these cheeses is slightly higher than that of mozzarella cheese because they contain some added ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. 

What Is the Best Substitute for Fresh Mozzarella on Pizza Topping?

Cheddar cheese can be a good alternative for mozzarella on pizza. Gouda cheese can also be a good option because it melts just the same as for mozzarella.