Swiss Roll vs Hoho

Do you love Swiss Cake Rolls and HoHos? Who doesn’t? These two classic treats have been around for decades, but have you ever stopped considering their differences?

From their appearance to their taste and nutrition content, Swiss Roll and HoHos are surprisingly different.

In this blog post, we’ll explore these differences so that the next time you reach for a snack, you can decide which is best for your needs. So let’s dive in and compare Swiss Roll vs. HoHos!

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What is Swiss Roll?

Swiss Roll is a sponge cake rolled into a cylindrical shape from Liddle Debbie, perfect for chocolate lovers.

It typically has a white and brown design, with the white part on the outside and the brown on the inside. It is made with flour, sugar, butter or margarine, eggs, baking powder, milk, and food coloring.

Diagram Of Swiss Roll
Diagram Of Swiss Roll

What is Hoho?

HoHos is a childhood classic snack cake manufactured by Hostess. It is made of chocolate cake, filled with whipped cream filling, and rolled up into an oblong shape.

To have a homemade HOHO – try using a little clotted cream – fresh or even frozen.

The outside is covered in chocolate or fudge icing of varying flavors. HoHos also contain vegetable oil, skim milk, enriched bleached flour, sugar, cocoa powder, eggs, and other ingredients.

HoHos have been around for decades, and their popularity continues to grow—they are now available in grocery stores across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia!

What are the Differences Between Swiss Roll and Hoho?

Swiss Roll and HoHos are classic pastries that have been around for decades. They are log-shaped cakes with a creamy spiral center and a brown-white layering.

While they may look similar, some key differences between Swiss Roll and HoHos set them apart in appearance, taste, texture, and nutrition.


Regarding appearance, Swiss Roll and HoHos share the same iconic log shape, with its telltale spiral on the inside and alternating brown-white layers.

Though they are quite similar in appearance, some slight nuances differentiate them.

Compared to a HoHo, the symmetry of a Swiss Roll is far more attractive. Its spiral-shaped design looks sleek and crisp while its surface is even with no ribs or bumps – ideal for those who prefer neatness in their treats!

Additionally, it distinguishes between where the white part ends and the chocolatey portion begins, making this pastry visually pleasing.


When it comes to taste, Swiss Roll and HoHos have a lot of differences.

The most obvious difference is the chocolate flavor; Swiss Roll has a more intense and pronounced chocolate flavor, while HoHos offers a milder, less expressive taste.

This is because the accent in HoHos is placed on the creamy filling and cake layer, which are thicker than in Swiss Roll.

Furthermore, Swiss Roll also has aider range of flavors, such as strawberry and vanilla, while HoHos is usually limited to the classic chocolate flavor.


When it comes to texture, Swiss Roll and HoHos have some differences. Swiss Roll has a smoother and more symmetrical exterior, with no bumps or ribs on the surface.

Its spiral interior is tighter and more stable than HoHos, making it appear neater.

The layers of white and brown are also clearly distinguished by Swiss Roll, while they are slightly mashed in HoHos.

HoHos has a ribbed surface, but it is still smooth overall, and its interior spiral is looser than Swiss Rolls. Its filling and cake layers are also thicker compared to the thinner layers of Swiss Roll.


Regarding nutrition, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and Hostess HoHos are both based on a similar recipe, so many of their nutritional values are quite similar. However, a few key differences between the two treats can help you determine which is best.

First, each product’s fat and calories can differ depending on the size. Swiss Roll generally contains slightly more fat and calories due to their larger size.

In addition, HoHos contain more carbohydrates than Swiss Roll, and Swiss Roll contains more cholesterol than HoHos. However, both treats provide small amounts of iron and protein. Finally, HoHos contain a bit of calcium, whereas Swiss Roll does not.