Tamari Substitute

Searching for the Best Substitute for Tamari? Here Are The Top 11 Options for 2024 when substituting for Tamri sauce.

Tamari is often confused with soy sauce. They’re both made from soybeans. However, soy sauce is from China, while tamari’s country of origin is Japan. Japanese tamari is commonly used with chicken, fish, and vegetables.

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Tamari has a more mild taste than soy, yet it’s very rich in flavor. It’s super easy to find in Asian countries and Asian markets. In the States, you’ll usually find it at the grocery store in the sauce aisle. Like hoisin and ponzu, tamari is one of the most popular Asian sauces in the world.

But, what if you’re craving this mild-tasting sauce but can’t seem to find it? Here are some substitutes for tamari sauce.

1. Fish Sauce is a Top Tarmari Alternative

Fish sauce is an incredibly good substitute for tamari. It gives a similar taste, but it’s a little more mellow and less pungent. If you’re bothered by tamari’s strong smell, fish sauce can be a terrific alternative. Yet, it’s saltier than tamari and not as rich in terms of umami flavor.

Fish sauce will provide the same caramel-like taste that you’re looking for. Conversely, it will make your meal as mouth-watering as you’re expecting. When cooking, you can add the same amount of fish sauce to your dish as you would add tamari.

2. Can I use Soy Sauce as a Tarmari Substitute?

Don’t want to compromise the umami flavor you’re used to, but you’re out of tamari? Go for soy sauce instead. It will give you the same level of saltiness you know and like. Most people say that soy sauce has the closest flavor to tamari, which makes it the best replacement. You can also consider the thicker dark soy sauce as an alternative.

It’s an especially good substitute to consider for stir-fried dishes and for dipping your dumplings. Of course, it won’t have an identical taste, but you’ll barely feel the difference.

Oyster Sauce as a Tarmari Replacement
Oyster Sauce as a Tarmari Replacement

3. Can I use Oyster Sauce as a Tarmari Substitute?

While oyster sauce makes a good fill-in for tamari, it has a thicker consistency. It also has a sweeter flavor, which some people prefer in their food. It still brings the umami taste to the table, which is a staple in stir-fried dishes. It also goes well with both meat and seafood.

However, if you’re looking for a vegan option, oyster sauce wouldn’t be the right choice for you. It would be better if you opt for soy sauce instead.

4. How To Use Balsamic Vinegar as a Tarmari Substitute

Looking for a substitute with the same salty taste found in tamari sauce? Then, consider replacing it with some balsamic vinegar! It’s rich in both saltiness and sourness, which makes it a flawless addition to your salad. It also goes great with meat and vegetables.

In addition, balsamic vinegar is known for its strong taste. It’s very rich in flavor. It brings the same richness you’re looking for in tamari, but with an added zing.

5. How To Use Miso Paste as a Tarmari Substitute

Here’s another Japanese favorite that can stand in for tamari. However, this one comes in paste form. It’s not an exact substitute for tamari in terms of taste. Yet, it offers the same umami flavor when you add it to different foods. It’s perfect for making soup, especially miso soup.

Miso paste is a lot thicker in consistency than tamari. So, it’s better if you use it in smaller amounts. 

6. How To use Worcestershire sauce as a Tamari substitute

Worcestershire sauce is a staple ingredient in many recipes. However, did you know that you can use it as a Tamari replacement? Worcestershire Sauce has a unique flavor that makes it perfect for adding depth to dishes. The best way is to use a ½ substitution ratio as Worcestershire sauce has a very distinctive taste- if you are not a fan of this sauce decrease that even further to begin with.

 Fish Sauce is a Very Good Tarmari Alternative
Fish Sauce is a Very Good Tarmari Alternative

7. How To use Sake as a part substitute for Tarmai 

Sake has been used as a cooking ingredient for centuries. In Japan, it was traditionally made from rice, but now it’s often made from wheat. Today, sake is mostly used as a drink, but it’ll also be used as a cooking ingredient.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of sake you want to use. There are two main kinds of sake: Japanese and American. Both will work but use less of the Japanese Variation. You can substitute for a 1:1 ratio. You can also add a little fish sauce to enhance the flavor slightly. Remember in all substitutions it is part experiment to suit your tastes. So start by adding small amounts and tasting the dish.

8. Apple cider vinegar & Soy Sauce

We are now getting into the expert area and using Apple Cider vinegar you can also experiment by adding some further exiting herbs and spices. For example, Cloves, Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Chives, Fennel, Dill, and Turmeric can pair well – but this is going to take some trial and error. But the end result will be a very unique dish and in the process, you will have developed your own secret blend of herbs and spices that could make you generate a signature dish from this.

9. Chutney

Some Chutneys will also be able to act as a partial substitute for tamari sauce.

10. Hoisin sauce

Hoisin sauce is used for cooking and dipping foods such as fried chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, and noodles. It can also be used sparingly as an alternative for Tamari.

11. Tamarind Paste

The tamarind paste is another choice as a substitute – you can mix it with a little olive oil.

Can I Use Worcestershire Sauce Instead of Tamari

Yes, you can use Worcestershire Sauce for cooking. However, it is important to note that Worcestershire sauce is quite strong and salty – If you want to use Worcestershire, then try using less salt when cooking.

Are tamari and soy sauce interchangeable?

They are not quite interchangeable. Tamari and soy sauce are both types of Japanese sauces made from fermented soybeans. They are similar in flavor, but also different Tamari has a thicker consistency than soy sauce, which makes it perfect for use in Asian dishes like stir-fries and soups.

Can I substitute tamari for hoisin sauce?

Yes, you can use tamari instead of hoisin sauce.

The Secret Ingredient In Japanese Food.

Have you ever wondered why Japanese food tastes so good? Or maybe you just love sushi. Well, it is often a high-quality tamari sauce.  It makes Japanese food taste so good.