What Do Ostrich Eggs Taste Like

What Do Ostrich Eggs Taste Like?

Ostriches are part of a bird group known as the ratites. Since ostriches are one of the biggest birds in the world, they also have the biggest eggs. Each egg is about six inches long and five inches wide. Their enormous shiny eggs vary from a tan to a bone-white color. 

Ostriches produce up to two eggs a week for around 30 years! These eggs contain about two pounds of protein each. Ostrich eggs have a myriad of health benefits. 

Many people may never try an ostrich egg out of fear of what it might taste like. This begs the question, what do ostrich eggs taste like? 

The Taste

Ostrich eggs have a similar taste to chicken eggs. They’re slightly sweeter and gamier, though. Because of the difference in their nutritional value, ostrich eggs have a very different and unique texture than chicken eggs. 

Ostrich eggs get mixed reviews. Some people think that the buttery sweetness of the eggs is delicious. Others describe them as being too intense with a gross taste and texture. 

It’s a similar experience to cheese; while some people adore cheese, others find it disgusting. 

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Cooking The Eggs

The way the eggs are cooked can have a large impact on their taste and texture. 

Ostrich eggs can be cooked in all the traditional ways used for chicken eggs. However, it might take much longer because of their size. Boiling an ostrich egg takes over thirty minutes!

Their large size also means that ostrich eggs are much more expensive than chicken eggs! The price of a single egg can go over $100. Luckily, one scrambled ostrich egg can feed up to 8-10 people. 

The main difference between cooking an ostrich egg and a chicken egg is the tools needed. Cooking an ostrich egg will require much larger pots and pans. Further, due to its extremely hard and thick shell, cracking an ostrich egg may require a hammer and small saw tool.

The Health Benefits

Ostrich eggs have similar nutrients to chicken eggs; however, the nutritional compositions of the eggs are what differ. Chicken eggs have more vitamin A and E. Ostrich eggs, on the other hand, have more iron, magnesium, choline, vitamin B12, folic acid, and riboflavin. 

Ostrich eggs also contain 45% fat, 47% protein, and 2,000 calories

Ostrich eggs are a superb diet choice. They’re high in fiber, Omega-3, and minerals including manganese, calcium, and zinc. And unlike chicken eggs, ostrich eggs have very low levels of sodium.

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In Conclusion

Ostrich eggs have many health benefits and are loaded with several essential nutrients. The lower levels of sodium in comparison to chicken eggs make ostrich eggs an ideal diet option. These eggs may be more expensive, but a single egg can feed a lot of people!

They have a very similar taste to chicken eggs but are slightly sweeter and gamier. Ostrich eggs also have a more buttery texture. 

While some people love the taste of ostrich eggs, others might find it too intense. 

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