What Does Feta Cheese Taste Like

How would you describe feta cheese?

Feta cheese is one of Greece’s most iconic culinary discoveries. It’s been around for hundreds of years, celebrated for its unique flavor and distinct texture.

Most traditional Greek dishes have feta in them, and we’re not surprised; it’s creamy, tangy, and carries an incredibly appetizing scent! 

How To Freeze Feta Cheese

So, what does feta cheese taste like, exactly? 

The Flavor Profile of Feta Cheese

Since feta is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product, it must be produced exclusively in Greece.

The taste of feta cheese varies according to the fat content and moisture. Traditionally, feta cheese is creamy and moderately salty. This is because it’s matured in a semi-permeable or airtight container filled with brine.

According to the European Commission Geographical Indications (EU GI), the authentic feta cheese must have a peppery or gingery finish, giving it an almost spicy aftertaste. It should also have a hint of sweetness.

Does feta cheese have a sour taste?

No, Feta does not have a sour taste –  feta cheese has a tangy flavor, which makes it perfect for salads. However, feta cheese is also delicious when used in cooking.  It’s delicious and it goes well with just about everything. But did you know that feta cheese actually has a very mild flavor?. So if you’re looking for a great-tasting cheese, try feta instead of cheddar or mozzarella.

Feta Cheese May Vary in Taste

The more feta cheese is stored in brine, the tangier the taste. Some feta-style cheese is stored for 1-2 months, but this isn’t really considered feta. Feta cheese must be brined for at least two months to develop its characteristic sour taste.

The Greek usually keep feta in brine for longer periods, up to 12 months. This gives it an incredibly creamy flavor that tastes more like fresh cheese than brined cheese.

High-quality feta cheese has specific methods of production. For example, it’s usually kept in wooden barrels after maturation in brine. Other producers keep them in metal vessels. Barrel aging results in delicious feta that imparts an incredibly distinctive flavor. 

The texture of feta is soft, creamy, and extremely crumbly. There are a few holes and slits in its structure. The more it ages, the harder it gets. 

Must Be Stored Properly To Retain Flavor

Remember, feta cheese dries when refrigerated. To retain the original flavor, you have to keep in lightly salted milk or brine. Ideally, the solution should be a 7% salt in water solution to match the original brine aging.

Since feta is made from sheep milk or goat milk, the taste profile can vary. In a lot of countries, feta cheese is also made from cow milk.

Feta From Cow Milk

Feta made from cow milk has a springy texture and a unique, almost mushy, bite. The aftertaste is pleasant. However, feta made from cow milk can quickly sour if not stored properly, which will give it a sour, almost acidic aftertaste.

Feta From Sheep Milk

Feta made from sheep milk is richer in flavor. It’s not as springy as cow milk feta, but still incredibly soft. It also has a buttery aftertaste. 

Traditionally, feta cheese is made from 70% sheep milk and 30% goat milk.

Feta From Goat Milk

Feta made from goat milk is a little harder in texture. Just a little touch can crumble it to pieces. It has a milder taste compared to sheep milk and has a more “earthy” flavor, which is common for a goat cheese, but nowhere near as intense as blue cheese.

What cheese is similar to feta cheese

Feta cheese is a soft white cheese and cottage cheese is the most similar to feta. The best feta cheese comes from Greece and Turkey.

Which feta cheese is best for salad?
Which feta cheese is best for salad? – Greek Feta is the most popular.

How do you know if feta cheese has gone bad

Feta cheese should be stored at room temperature for no longer than two weeks. If you find that the cheese smells like ammonia, then it is probably spoiled. The best way to check if feta cheese has turned bad is to cut off a small piece and taste it. If it tastes sour, then it is likely spoiled. Why is my feta cheese sour – because it has likely gone bad.

What is the difference between feta and Persian feta

Feta cheese comes from sheep’s milk, while Persian feta is made from goat’s milk. Both types of feta cheese are white, salty, and crumbly. However, feta cheese has a stronger flavor than Persian feta.

What is the difference between Danish feta vs Greek feta

The main difference between Danish feta and Greek feta is that Danish feta is made from cow’s milk while Greek feta is made from sheep’s milk. Both fetas are salty cheeses that are usually eaten on bread as a crumbled feta. Overall the danish feta has a smoother texture.

 Should you rinse feta cheese

Yes, rinsing feta cheese is important because it removes excess salt from the surface of the cheese. The liquid prevents the cheese from drying out, which would cause the cheese to become rubbery.

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In Conclusion

The intense flavor of feta cheese makes it among the best cheeses you should try. It’s packed with calcium and B vitamins as well, making it incredibly nutritious.

If you’re feeling creative, try adding some feta to your greek salad, sandwich, or even pasta with some greek yogurt.