What Does Octopus Taste Like

What Does Octopus Taste Like?

Octopus is an uncommon food with a lot of controversy around it. Some people think it’s a delicacy, while others believe it’s somewhat gross.

But, many are unaware that the taste differs depending on how it’s cooked. Some people even prefer to have it raw. So, what does octopus taste like?

Octopus tastes like sea salt with some sweetness in it. When it’s raw, it’s rubbery, slimy, chewy, and in need of seasoning to have some extra taste. Cooked octopus tastes and amplifies the sweetness flavor and removes the sea salt vibe.

Let’s see how different the octopus tastes in different scenarios.

Raw Octopus

We’d start by saying that raw octopus isn’t your everyday meal and that it’s not for everyone.

Some people think that it’s tasteless and bland while others believe that it tastes similar to whatever sauce you have dipped the octopus in.

Generally, raw octopus tastes like you’re chewing on a rubber band that’s covered with salt and a hint of sugar.

What Is The Flavor Profile Of Octopus
What Is The Flavor Profile Of Octopus

What Is The Texture Of Octopus Like?

It has a smooth and slimy texture that some people find appealing while others dislike.

Unlike fish, octopi don’t have the strong smell of the sea, especially if they’re well seasoned. Normally, They’re seasoned with sesame oil to cover up for the bland taste.

In Korea, there’s a dish called Sannakji. It’s a raw octopus that people chop right before they serve it. The tentacles keep moving even though the octopus is cut.

If you decide to try Sannakji, make sure to chew it very well because the tentacles contain suction cups that may lodge in your throat.

What Does Boiled Octopus Taste Like
What Does Boiled Octopus Taste Like

Boiled Octopus

It rarely happens, but sometimes octopus is boiled in water to reduce the discomfort people might have from its raw texture. On its own, boiled octopus tastes completely bland. It feels like you’d be chewing on an empty rubber tube.

However, you could get more taste if you add seasonings to the mix. The most taste you get from boiled octopus is from whatever you eat it with.

Here are some examples for seasonings that go great with boiled octopus:

  • Salt and pepper
  • Ginger
  • Rosemary
  • Basil

Additionally, having a dipping sauce like lemon cream or mint sauce with boiled octopus can add a great deal to the taste. Boiled octopus could also be used as a good filler in salads.

Roasted Octopus

This is when things start to get a lot more appealing to people. Roasted octopus tastes quite different from raw or boiled octopus.

The bland taste is replaced by a sweetened flavor. Plus, you get less rubbery and a drier texture, but you still have to chew quite a bit.

Does Fried Octopus taste Good
Does Fried Octopus Taste Good

Fried Octopus

Frying octopus gives it the same sweet and sour taste that boiling and roasting do. But, the caramelized texture and the crunchy taste can take it to a whole new level.

It’s widely believed that frying or grilling the octopus is the best way to eat it. Some people even said that it tastes like sweetened chicken breast.

It also does wonders if it’s served with a side of fries. You can see that a lot in fancy seafood restaurants. If you haven’t tried fried octopus, we strongly recommend it.

How To Make Eating Octopus Tasty?

The natural taste of octopus is often misunderstood to be powerful enough to support the whole meal. This is not the case, since octopus has a quite bland and unimpressive taste. That’s why octopus is frequently served with sauces or garnish to enhance and elevate the taste.

In Japan, for example, octopus is frequently prepared with thin ginger and cucumber slices prior to getting cooked in soy and vinegar sauce. In traditional Korean cooking, the octopus is dipped in sesame oil prior to being topped with red pepper and smashed garlic.

It’s vital to realize that octopus may not have the deep, fishy taste you’re seeking on its own. Always season the octopus with a variety of tasty seasonings to get the best results.

What Does Octopus Taste Like?
Does Octopus Taste Like Prawns – No Prawns are softer and sweeter.

What Does Octopus Taste Similar To

Octopuses taste similar to oysters, crabs, mussels, clams, and shrimp. They’re often found in the same waters as these shellfish.

There is Oyster Sauce, but no Octopus Sauce Though – Why?

They also share some similarities with squid. Squid and octopi are closely related, so you may find them at seafood restaurants together.

Is Octopus Tough to Eat

Octopus is a tough creature to eat because its tentacles are filled with muscles and with ink. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, octopus can be delicious.  It is all in the preparation and cooking method to get a tender dish.

Does Octopus Taste Like Crab

Octopus can be a bit tricky when it comes to taste. Some people say they don’t like it because it takes too long to cook. Others say they just don’t like the texture. But what if there was a way to get the benefits of eating octopus without having to deal with its challenges?

That’s where the magic ingredient comes in! There is no need to cook octopus if you add a little lemon juice and dill to it. In fact, this simple trick makes octopus taste like crab!

Can You Eat Whole Octopus

No, you need to remove eyes, beak etc.

To prepare octopus for eating, cut off the head and discard it. Then carefully pull out the eight long, thin arms. Next, remove the tough outer skin and rinse the inside of the body cavity. Finally, use a sharp knife to slice open the thick muscles along the length of each arm.

Once cleaned, place the arms in a bowl and cover them with cold water. Let the octopus soak for 5-10 minutes. This process removes any residual ink from the tentacles.

After soaking, drain the water from the arms and pat dry with paper towels. Remove the eyes, gills, and suckers (the small mouth parts). Cut the arms into bite-sized pieces.

Finally, season the octopus with salt and pepper. Serve with rice, pasta, potatoes, or another starch.