What Does Rambutan Taste Like

Rambutan Taste Test: How to Eat an Asian Fruit That Tastes Amazing

Rambutan has a special taste that is both a little sweet and a tiny bit sour, make sure you get a fresh one as canned rambutan do taste different.

A rambutan may not look that appealing that you’d be willing to try it, but it looks exquisite enough to at least get you curious about its taste.

Regardless of how it looks, rambutan is high in nutrients and may provide a variety of health advantages, ranging from weight loss and improved digestion to stronger immunity to infections.

It belongs to the same soapberry family of lychee, horse chestnut, and longan. When it’s peeled, it looks similar to them. Let’s find out more about the exotic fruit.

Where Is Rambutan Grown?

Rambutan is indigenous mainly to Southeast Asia. It’s exotic and colorful. You can mostly find it in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. However, you could see it in your grocery store in another scenario as many countries import rambutans.

So, what does rambutan taste like?

What Does Rambutan Taste like? Bitter or Sweet?

You’re probably wondering what a rambutan tastes like. The fruit inside a rambutan may look like a sizeable skinless grape. Taste is subjective, but it’s pretty sweet with a tang of sourness. 

Rambutan mixes the tastes of both grapes and dates (see 25 different date styles). Don’t be surprised. The part of the fruit near the seed resembles the sour taste the same part of the date has. At the same time, the fleshy part of the rambutan is soft and juicy like grapes. 

Can You Eat Rambutan Raw
Can You Eat Rambutan Raw? Yes, you can consume them raw and eat them straight from a can without cooking

A freshly peeled Rambutan tastes significantly different from a canned one or even one that’s been stored for a while. It has a flowery tropical flavor that fades with time. You probably can’t smell it with your nose, but your taste buds will feel the aromatic flavor it has to it when you eat its juicy flesh.

Rambutan could best be compared to lychee. They’re both juicy and luscious, yet they have distinct flavors. Each has a different level of sweetness. Rambutan is creamy and fragrant, similar to dragon fruit. Lychee flesh, on the other hand, is sharper and brighter, similar to watermelon.

How to Eat a Rambutan?

Rambutan looks like it needs a manual that tells you how to eat it, as it seems a little confusing. On the contrary, there are three easy steps that you need to follow to enjoy what the exotic fruit tastes like.

Flush it

A rambutan may look like it needs an effort to wash. You can rinse the fruit with water or place it in a bowl filled with water, scrub it well, and then put it in a strainer to drain.

Chop it

A rambutan may look challenging to devour. Remember, it’s similar to a lychee. Use your knife to cut the hairy skin delicately in a circular motion. And make sure not to pierce it too deeply, so you don’t end up cutting the fruit itself.

Eat it

Remove the hairy skin and enjoy the white, creamy flesh of the rambutan.

Is Rambutan Beneficial?

The rambutan fruit has impressive amounts of vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. It’s rich in vitamin C, vitamin B5, and copper. It also provides the body with moderate amounts of potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. 

Rambutan makes a good fiber source. Every 100 gram gives you an estimate of 1.3 to 2 grams of your daily fiber intake.

It has numerous benefits to our health. For instance, it may help with weight loss, reduce cancer risk, and protect from diabetes. It also aids our immune and digestive systems in multiple ways. 

Can You Eat Rambutan Seed Husk
Can You Eat Rambutan Seed Husk – It is best not to eat it.

What Are the Different Varieties of Rambutan

There are many different varieties of rambutan but do they taste similar or are some quite different. 

There are many types of rambutans, each with its own unique flavor profile. Some people say they prefer one type over another. 

There are four main types of rambutans:

White Rambutan – This variety is usually found in Southeast Asia. Its color is white and its texture is firm. It’s considered sweeter than most other varieties.

1) Si Nyonya

This is one of the most popular specialist fruits in Malaysia. It is characterized with a sour taste and less of the sweet side of some of the other varieties.

2) What is the Taste of the Binjai Rambutan

The taste of the Binjai is wet sweet palate-pleasing flavor. The size of the fruit is quite large. 

Like any fruit, there are literally tens of different varieties. Other rambutan variets include the Rapiah, Antalagi and the Bahrang. In Thailand, they are called Ngoh Phruan.

How to Choose a Rambutan

Choose a rambutan that looks heavy and firm. Also, choose ones that have skin that is bright red, Avoid those that feel light or mushy. Also, avoid any that have green spots or bruises. You can also tell a rambutan is overripe or has gone bad by looking at the hairs – it that have gone black then it is like the rambutan has gone bad.

What does Rambutan smell like?

Rambutan smells a little like a cross between jackfruit and pineapple. The uncut fruit however has a minimal smell.

How To Store Rambutan

Store rambutan in a plastic bag that has holes in it (perforated) and keep then in the fridge. If you leave them out at room temperature they may only last a few days.

What Does Rambutan Taste Like? 
What Does Rambutan Taste Like? 

How Long Do Rambutan Last in The Fridge?

When stored in a refrigerator and in an open style plastic bag the will last 2-3 weeks.

Lychee vs rambutan

Lychees are similar to rambutans in shape but smaller in size. They’re also quite similar in flavor. But lychees are sweeter than rambutans.

Is Rambutan a Fruit?

Can You Eat Rambutan Raw

Yes, rambutans are fruits. They belong to the mangosteen family (Garcinia mangostana). It’s a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia.

Does Rambutan Taste like Lychee?

Can You Eat Rambutan Seed Husk

Yes! It does taste like lychees but not as sweet. But not all rambutans taste alike. Some are sweeter than others. And some are less tart than others.

What is the best way to Eat Rambutan?

Eating a rambutan is simple. Just peel off the skin using a knife or a finger to start the peeling process. You can then split the fruit removing the center. Do not eat the center or the seed. 

You can then dice it into about 1/4 inch pieces and I love to mix it with some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.